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myrtle beach golf courses

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I have an Instagram page (LETS_PLAY_ANOTHER_18) where I post about golf courses along the Myrtle Beach area. I also post pics of courses that my followers send me from different areas of the US and the world. Check it out and hopefully you guys like it.

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Quit Myrtle Beach back in the late 90’s as they quit caring about players and only cared about the money you give them . I hope they have  changed but when I first went there (76) they treated you like guests not turnstile money givers 

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I still enjoy a Myrtle Beach trip every year. Love the plethora of courses to choose from. But there are quite a few that just want your money. But I have been pretty lucky and only ran into a couple of them over the years.

:titleist-small: Driver, TSi 1 S Flex

:cobra-small: 3 wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex

:cobra-small: 5 wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 7 Wood, Aerojet Max UST Helium Nanocore R Flex 

:cobra-small: 5 Hybrid King Tec MMT R Flex

:cobra-small: Irons, Tour UST Recoil 95 R Flex (6 - Gap)

:cobra-small: Wedges, Snakebite KBS Hi- Rev2.0 54* & 60*

:cobra-small: Agera 35"

image.png Ultralight 14-way Cart Bag

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Over the last few years, I've made a couple trips to Myrtle Beach and played Grande Dunes, TPC Myrtle Beach, King's North, Wild Wing, and 3/4 of the Barefoot courses (have not played the Norman course). I would say you can't go wrong with any of them - I enjoyed all of them and they are either in North Myrtle Beach or within a 20-ish minute drive.

Driver:  :callaway-small:Epic Speed 9* (set -1) MMT 70X
3W:bridgestone-small: Tour B JGR Recoil 760ES
3H, 4H: :bridgestone-small: Tour B JGR 19*, 23* Recoil 780ES
4-AW:bridgestone-small: Tour B JGR HF2 Modus3 Tour 105
SW: :cleveland-small: RTX Zipcore Black Satin 54*
LW:Sub70: TAIII Black 58*
Putter:ping-small: Scottsdale TR Senita
Bag: BigMax Dri Active Lite
Ball:taylormade-small: TP5x or :titleist-small: AVX (yellow)
Pushcart: BigMax iQ+

Testing Complete, Final Review PostedSub70 TAIII Forged Wedges

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