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  1. I don't think there is a set point that you need to transition. I've known really good players that used game improvement clubs. I think you should play the clubs that fit your game the best. Your skill level doesn't necessarily translate to which club you "should" play. How you play, weather you need forgiveness or workability, your misses, etc., etc., should play more into what type of clubs your playing than your handicap level.
  2. I use a traditional grip, though I have flirted with the idea of a "claw" grip and a reverse grip but I cant do the reverse grip at all, the "claw" grip is something I may try at some point on the course.
  3. This might help... TXG did a video on which matters more, the head or the shaft... A lot comes into play on what the answer is, if the R11 was fitted to you in the first place then maybe a new shaft could be helpful, but if you purchased it off the rack and neither the head or the shaft were fitted to you then its really a crap shoot as to weather or not one is going to make more difference than the other.
  4. I swapped my three wood out for a five wood years ago. I cant hit a three wood off the fairway to save my life, and I'm not long enough with the driver that I'd need a three wood for shorter distances. I just find the five wood more useful all around.
  5. My current favorite is the Scotty Cameron Phantom X12. I must have tried 20 putters when I settled on it, it lines up well and gives me a lot of confidence. I've always wanted to like the classic blade putters like the Newport but I can never line them up well...
  6. 6'2" 35" putter. I've used both 34" and 35" putters through the years, but 35" seems to give me the best eye line.
  7. Jonathan, Bettendorf, Iowa. How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? In the winter, I really just occasionally put on carpet in my basement, I've always wanted a way to put inside the house but I've never found anything that stood out to me which would facilitate me practicing inside. Current/Past Experience with putting mats. I've only used putting mats in big box stores when trying out putters. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test. I would like to test the Medium 10-11 stimpmeter private course model.
  8. Thanks, I've been looking into the equipment threads for a long time, its one reason I joined.
  9. I devote money to clubs and shoes, for clothes I usually get the Grand Slam brand from Khols. I feel they are every bit a comfortable and good looking as way bore expensive options.
  10. I’m a watch guy! I’ve had Omega, and Breitling in the past. Currently have a Rolex Submariner Date and an Apple Watch 5. I wear them both a lot, today I wore both at the same time! I’d rather look at my Sub for the time and use the Apple Watch for tracking everything and notifications when I don’t want or have my phone.
  11. My feeling has always been, your belt needs to match your shoes. If your wearing black shoes, wear a black belt, brown shoes, brown belt, and so on. The more classic saddle style golf shoes that are white with black or brown leather could go either way but I usually match my belt to the saddle color. All white, or predominantly white shoes, wear a white belt. That said, golf is the only occasion that I would ever wear a white belt, in fact I only own one white belt and it is exclusively for golf when I’m wearing white shoes.
  12. Hello all! Long time lurker, first time poster. I’ve been looking at MGS for a while off and on, mainly checking out equipment reviews, I’m an equipment addict... I decided to join as I kept seeing posts I wanted to comment on, and figured what the heck. Ive been playing (and I use the term “playing” loosely) golf for 13 years off and on. I’m coming back to the game after a long hiatus. I hadn’t played in about 6 years until recently when some guys I work with kept asking me to play. I finally gave in and now I’m hooked again! Went out and got fitted for new clubs, got some new clothes an
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