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  1. Timothy Eakin La Habra, CA Evnroll ER8 No 3 is the putter I would like to test
  2. Looks like tour edge is making up to 11 wood and ping is making up to a 9 wood I found both on globalgolf.com
  3. I am struggling with a similar fit vs ball flight problem. My wrist to floor is much higher than what standard loft/lie clubs "fit" but I have been able to adjust my swing with most standard clubs or 2° upright. Flat lie angles, no matter how I adjust, come into the turf toe down. This can cause the toe to dig first and open during the swing. Then to make ball first contact I would purposely hit thinner which developed a flinch. All this to say that fitted to my specs of 2° upright allowed the sole of the club to enter the turf squarely. This allowed me to swing more freely and more accurate. One of my missed is getting stuck on my back foot and swiping the club across my body resulting in a pull. When I can keep my balance then I am able to swing out to the ball better which starts the ball online for me. Even with standard loft and lie clubs, with an in to out balanced swing I can get great turf interaction but my setup is a bit more squatted by a lil bit. I am going to try and get fit with longer clubs to see if that might help me not have to crouch so much. I feel fine with my mid irons but my shory irons and wedges feel too short. I don't like the feeling of standing really upright with the clubs more up and down so a longer club might help me get what I want. Time will tell with the help of fitter.
  4. See my answers above inline with the questions
  5. I saw online the "putterlounge" website has a refinish service but the cost seems like you could buy a mint used putter for about the same money. My TM putter is white and had some bag chatter like yours. I found some fingernail polish at the 99¢ store hid the bare metal from a distance at a glance. Close inspection reveals the chips are filled but it isn't a pricey putter or collectible. Yours is red so finding a closer color match might look to car touchup paint, mixing fingernail polish colors if you are only looking to cover up the bare metal as an easy fix. The right way to do it would be to take it apart, remove the paint, repaint it, repaint the white lettering and lines, reassemble. It is very difficult to refinish like new without taking it fully apart. The cost to have it refinished by putterlounge is $129 plus $40 to repaint the line... Seems like about the cost of a used one.
  6. My personal experience with more and less offset is that I got used to whatever I game consistently with practice. My Ping G2 irons have lots of offset and it didn't make me hit super left. My Titleist 735.CM irons have way less offset and they didn't go right. Hitting my friends Callaway Apex Forged had little offset and no issues. I would assume people who actively rotate the face would be more susceptible to offset. If the club is neutral and not being manipulated then it would seem offset would have less impact on face angle because of less face closure rate in a passive swing. Additionally, club path and offset may interact if the path is extremely angular instead of more neutral
  7. Thank you. Received it and delivered to my veteran and golf buddy - he is ecstatic! Ok to close.
  8. First, same loft with different head weights and shaft lengths and shaft material will produce different results = they are not the same because of the same loft. Generally, 4h loft replaces a 3i, but in your case the 4i loft is a 3i loft. My 4i is 24° and 3i is 21° but the point isn't the number on the bottom of the club for me. The graphite shaft that is longer than the equivalent lofted iron with a shorter steel shaft produces a faster clubhead speed for me with the hybrid. The COG of the hybrid also produces a much different flight. I guess the bigger question for you is if you pull the 4i then what would you add to lower your scores? If you can answer that question then do it. If you can't then keep the 4i.
  9. Yes, I can think of two reasons of using an iron instead of a wedge for a lob style swing: Very fluffy lies where the ball is sitting up and a wedge played open would go right under the ball. A less lofted club played open may actually have more effective bounce to prevent going completely under the ball. Longer bunker shots around 30-70 yards made easy by using an iron and similar swing to sand wedge with an open face. Opening the face adds loft and bounce, and with less loft to begin with the ball will launch lower and farther without having to swing harder. As with any specialty shot, without practice the likelihood of pulling it off is low. So, practice it when you can. If your stuck behind a slow group then hit a couple extra approach shots from terrible lies, bunkers, and/or with different clubs to develop that feel. One of my favorite time to get course practice is about 90 mins before dusk getting a super twilight tee time where I know I wouldn't even finish 9 holes. Trying a shot you never practice is what I call a "Hero Shot" but practicing a shot you might need one day is part of what makes golf imaginative. I use my range time to hit recovery shots like low punch shots, 20 yard curling shots with an open face 8 iron to 90 yards, and hooks to help me undo some messes I find myself in regularly.
  10. Some training Aids are cheaper than others: Arm sleeve trainer $12 Arm wrist angle $10 Reflector Stick from Home Depot is a perfect alignment stick for $2 Also, Smash Bag $25 Orange Whip Clone $37 (yellow version) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NVQFG1T/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_fabc_EcM7FbCWTJZX0?tag=mochaglobal-20&ascsubtag=srctok-aba1768b9dd1aa2a&btn_ref=srctok-aba1768b9dd1aa2a https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08FH5M9N4/ref=sspa_mw_detail_0?ie=UTF8&psc=1&th=1 https://www.homedepot.com/p/Everbilt-48-in-Reflective-Rod-in-Orange-31474/304685319
  11. Updates: I had a chance to hit the Cleveland CG Gold - wow! The difference is substantial without being in another world. The Cleveland offset is less, the bounce is less, and the shaft seems heavier than my Ping G2 irons. I was surprised how it seems more effortless to swing faster and make better contact with the Cleveland clubs. I can't read the label on the shaft for flex which makes me wonder if it is S300 or X100 or DG SL... Time will tell.
  12. My buddy bought the ER7 and we have tried them side by side - very similar. I second the ER7 or even the ER5 if you don't need the longer sight line of the 7/8. Used is also a good shout! I bought my ER8 used for $200 around 2 years ago - glad I did.
  13. I would recommend the milled face Mizuno if you want the feedback from the putter head. If you prefer the soft insert feel then it is a personal preference. The soft insert masks mishits more than a solid face. I would not say distance control is better with the softer face because it is hard to feel the impact as much. Swing consistency is more important than face material for distance control. I would ask what about the Cleveland makes it easier for you to control the distance like weight, shaft, or loft?
  14. I'm curious why you aren't looking at Mizuno clubs if you have been playing them for 20+ years? I'm all for buying used clubs to save money. However, it is good to get fit for flex, lie, length, and etc to make sure the used set is in the right ballpark.
  15. I have been gaming Ping G2 irons with the Ping steel stiff shafts. I have also happened to come upon a set of Cleveland CG Gold MCT irons with DG shafts. Does anyone have any insight on what is different, better, or worse between them? From what I gather they are both game improvement, over sized, cavity back with wide soles. So, is there a significant difference in bounce, offset, or COG? I enjoy the forgiveness of the G2 with my only complaint being launching a bit too high, and less feedback on mishits. I haven't had a chance to hit the Cleveland clubs yet. Just looking for some help on what I might expect.
  16. I agree. The Warrior stuff I have tried is on par with Walmart store clubs. Anything from the big 3 and little 3 is way better. Big 3 - Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway Lil 3 - Ping, Cobra, Srixon Honorable Mention: Adams, Cleveland, Wilson, Tour Edge Muira and Mizuno are no brainers
  17. Less, way less. Two big contributing factors: 1. Funds ran extremely low for a 6+mo stretch. I didn't want to interact with the public for the off chance of passing Covid to loved ones. 2. The cost to golf went up dramatically in my area due to the new found popularity of golf because it was the only activity available which also made tee times tougher to get. I'm my region of Orange County CA there is a golf management company called American Golf that manages quite a few municipal courses within a 30 mile radius. They had a very attractive membership to my local course which included 100 practice balls a day in the range and no cart fee for golf with a free beverage with the round. Additionally, they had a feature allowing you to get the same discounted rate at their sister courses for a $1 extra reservation fee online and you pay the green fee at the course. But, Covid eliminated the use of sister courses, green fees went up, and carts are now extra. Before Covid: weekday twilight round after 1pm was $10 with a cart and an adult beverage at my home course. Similar rates in the $13-20 range at sister courses with the same deal and a $1 reservation fee. After Covid: no sister course discounts, $15 to walk, $28 to ride and no beverage The membership was $34 per month with is still with it for the range balls. I will probably sign up next month again. I miss the cheap greens fees with options.
  18. It's about a 45 min drive for me to their door... Makes returns that much easier. I might just have to go down and visit. If the other thread is correct that their fairways compete with TM M6 then I might have to give it a go.
  19. Looks like another thread does exist but the offer and clubs look very different now?
  20. I received a marketing email from Patriot Golf with an offer for free wedges when I participate in their test play program. I was intrigued so I called. Basically, if you buy a wood or hybrid with a 45 day return guaranty then you get to keep the 3 wedges regardless if you keep the wood/hybrid or not. I passed on the deal, but it made me think. Has anyone heard of or tried their stuff?
  21. Maltby PTM, DBM Forged to name a couple found on Golfworks.com (I'm a customer) When you say game improvement I hear it as: slightly larger head, wider sole, a little more offset. When you say Forged Cavity Back I think of something almost the same as a blade with a small head, little offset, similar to a blade sole and a tiny bit of perimeter weighting. A lot of the manufacturing techniques are hybrids now with Forged faces welded to cast bodies and polymer/foam inserts for the smooth feel and sound. This category is the players distance iron that actually has a lot of the game improvement characteristics in a hot head. I would check them out too. A true Forged from one piece of steel iron head is limited to smooshing its shape into being, so it's usually limited to more traditional head styles.
  22. I'd rather see Bubba win. I like the guy and his attitude during the charity practice rounds. Spieth has a real swing problem which seems to be a little too much trying to manufacture shots than having a pure swing. It could be the extra strength that comes with age/working out since his wins? He won more when he was less strong. Bubba is a flipper of the club which is a speed generator. However, it takes perfect timing to pull it off. He has done it before and hopefully he will again. The shot tracers are fun to watch when he's on the tee.
  23. @viking Finau if he unlocks his potential. I believe Tony Finau is only swinging at about 70% of his full swing. I'd like to see him get comfortable pressing a bit more to the 85-90% effort. He would be in the top 3 for distance, his confidence would increase, and he would be even more geared to win. My opinion is that his mindset of not having to swing nearer to full also leaves him less hungry/competitive for the win. Look at how much effort Justin Thomas puts in his swing and the wins he has racked up. I want to see Tony tee it up with some balls.
  24. All the negativity could be because he looks similar to the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters?
  25. Haha, that made me smile. My bags are: My Gamers Loaners for when friends come around: Callaway XR Driver, Taylormade hybrids and Supersteel BubbleShaft irons Ladies set - for the off chance: Maltby Logic Irons, lady 3 wood, white bag Vintage-ish set of Wood woods Ping EYE2 Driver, ISI Tour 3w, 5w and Hogan Irons, Bullseye Putter or Ping Anser Blades/Players Bag: Titleist 735.cm irons or Cleveland TA3 Form Forged, with Xstiff woods and utilities - one can dream I also have a Sunday bag with random Antique hickory clubs that I take out a couple times a year I have another 2-3 full sets coming Friday... Not sure if this is a problem yet.
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