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  1. + 6 wins this week. yea, the rough is nasty.
  2. Grew up in the 90's....Metal, Grunge, etc...... Current Playlist Deftones, Tool, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Sevendust, Perfect Circle, Pearl Jam, Alice n Chains, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Fugazi.......and a little Joe Satriani, Steve Vai and Beastie Boys thrown in
  3. I’ll take 299 and no 3 putts..ever Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. 4 1/2 to Torrey Pines. Actually have done that several times since I moved to Vegas.
  5. Wolf Creek Mesquite NV, was like playing golf inside the Grand Canyon....300 ft drops on most holes. http://www.golfwolfcreek.com/
  6. Are you getting distance to the Pin with finder? GPS is typically front back center, as well as all the yardage markers on the course.
  7. Been playing about 25 years, didn't start until my early 20's Broke 100 - 2 years Broke 90 - 6 years Broke 80 - just 3 months ago(25years)....then broke it 3 times in my next 7 rounds....have played 15 rounds since my last and been close once
  8. Carlos/Las Vegas/USA Scotty Select Roundback Piper Armlock or C, currently a mid-mallet user, what I am comfortable with, would be interesting to compare the center shaft
  9. They currently have a buy 2 get one free promotion on the website....although that is still pretty expensive for a test.
  10. Thinking of going and focusing on just irons and wedges @ CC....The woods and Driver I will likely switch out more often, I'll get fitted with the specs....and get the closest stock version .
  11. I also love Travis Matthew, their polo's are great on and off. I would never have spent $90 for a polo (unless I was in a pro shop on a Golf Trip)...but I happened to find them at Nordstrom's Rack for like $25 shopping with the wife, now it is all I get.....
  12. Thanks, never heard of Club Champion or Tru Spec....There is a Club Champion in town...will check them up.
  13. Just tried these as well last month, I think I would have stuck with them if they had better durability...they flew off the face. They seemed to start getting cuts in them after like 3 or 4 holes, so back to V1's
  14. Yep, my coach gave me 2 things to work on. That was it, and said call me in a month or so and we will see what to work on next. It was an hour of explaining why he was making those changes.....
  15. Well, my teacher told me if it doesn't feel unnatural...then you are doing the same thing you were doing before. I can tell you my biggest issue was standing too close to the ball....was causing me to get stuck. He video'd my first couple of swings....made the change, I told him I felt like I looked like Bryson Dechambeu and I was going to hammer down a tree... He told me to trust it and take several swings and don't worry about the ball flight...when he showed me the second video with the adjustment, it was amazing...all of the angles where were they were supposed to be, I looked like a real golfer...that made me trust the unnatural feeling. Also, read the book "The Practice Manual" by Adam Young, I picked this up recently and it talks alot about changes to your swing, the unnatural feeling and how to practice....not super technical about the swing, but more the best learning process. It has been a full month for me and I have been going to the range twice a week and forcing myself not to go back to what "feels comfortable", it is absolutly working
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