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  1. As a Shot Scope user and having been lucky enough to be chosen as a tester for Shot Scope here at MGS. I can say with certainty, I love it. The interface is really nicely setup for either use on a computer or your phone. The ability to use the watch without any thought of what's ahead (water, bunker, etc.) is really settling. Golf is hard enough sometimes. The GPS is really very good for shot dispersion and shot location. I've seen the ARCCOS stuff and yes the analytics are a little better but for the initial cost of a watch or new rangefinder that tracks your golf, it just seems so much better. And no monthly or yearly fees to use Shot Scope.
  2. Played possibly my last round last night. Supposed to be in the mid-teens for the next couple weeks but everybody closed up shop. It's been a grinder type of year. A couple of injuries set me back almost a month but I played quite a bit. Broke 80 for the first time in my life straight up par. no handicap taken into account. Looking forward to working on my game this winter and add some new clubs for next year!!
  3. I totally agree. As long as we all work together and support the bigger picture, we'll be fine!!
  4. Ive never purchased TM irons at all. I played with a friend the other day that has the new P-790's and they were so nice to hit. That said, I keep seeing a set of P-760's on the Global Golf Canada website and keep saying to myself if I could afford them, I'd definitely play them. They are just so pricey.
  5. Trees started turning here in the last couple days!! Had a good frost last night.
  6. Im going International side.....16-14 Gotta cheer on the Canadian and English boys!!
  7. @Golfspy_TCBI'd just love a day with the guy. Golf course or not. He seems like such an interesting person. Yes I'd love to play golf with him. I'd honestly get my ass kicked but just to chat and chase a ball would be be a dream round.
  8. As a kid, I loved his swing. I wanted to have that fluidity and ease of power. But he also had a calmness about him. He never seemed to be out of control of his emotions. If I had to pick 2 guys, Id also pick Wiersy. I'm Canadian and he changed the landscape of golf for the better here in Canada
  9. JerBooth


    That looks so peaceful to golf at. The view is amazing. How are the new clubs Jamie?
  10. Those are purdy bro. Wow!!! I was debating on a set because they have a fitting outlet in Toronto.
  11. I played it last year and did my own testing compared to this years ball and the spin is distinctly lower. It also doesn't feel as nice as last years. Not sure if that's just me.
  12. You almost think they have to. They can't let that get ahead of them. Ive never swung one of their clubs but some of the price points put them in line with DTC's
  13. Hello fellow Spiers!! Been playing some really good golf and have kind of hit a point where I wonder if I'd benefit from playing an Iron that will "feel" better. I'm currently playing Callaway Steelhead XR's with KBS Tour V-90 shafts. Im finding they are sometimes taking off like rockets but I have no idea if I've hit a decent shot or if it's just jumped out and flown a green. I know my distances pretty well but I tried a set of P-790's my friend has and that instant feedback is amazing with those. Currently playing off 6.8 hcp I wonder if anyone of you have experienced this and whether you made a changed to something forged? If you made the change, what was your next evolution in your golf game? Thank for any insight in advance!!
  14. There's a couple guys on the 2 courses I play that does the same thing. Guy also plays pure blade. Blueprints I believe. Its OK to say you don't have a swing speed over 105. It just makes you miserable on the golf course if you're lagging behind your shot because you have an X-stiff shaft is not releasing at impact and hitting bad shots. You're just turning yourself off of golf and making yourself miserable.
  15. Being a musically inclined person and one who listens to music, all day long, I am seriously jealous and impressed by your setup. That is impressive
  16. Last Wednesday was my first 9 holes since last year. October 2021. Why so late some may ask? I suffered a significant rotator cuff injury. Inflammation of my supraspinitus and infraspinitus were the culprits and super painful. I thought my golf season was done for. Lots of physio and strength training and a go ahead to try and play. Take it easy at first and see how the shoulder reacts to ground interaction. It all went well. 3 holes only my first time out 3 weeks ago, hurt a little and the swing was a little stiff. Ramped up to trying 5 a couple weeks. Shoulder was a little tired after 5 so I thought, that's it. Last Wednesday rolled around, shoulder felt good, so I told my wife I'm going to play 9 holes. No driver or 3-wood, both have X-Still shafts, Irons and hybrid only. I went out and shot a 40 on a par 36. Recorded a bunch of my round for my instagram and youtube channels and feeling pretty good about the future.
  17. You can add me to the list. @jeremyboothgolf
  18. Id be curious what the OEM club makers are going to do with them all. DJ being a Taylormade staffer for so long makes you wonder if they drop them too and they become free agents to the club market. Be interesting to see how this plays out
  19. Thank you brother!!
  20. I'll speak to the beer. The same thing happens at the Canadian Open especially if its at Glen Abbey or St. Georges. If the people pay for the beer, they'll sell it for 18 bucks. I wouldn't tho.
  21. I'm wondering if anyone has tried either one of these balls? I got a dozen of the Tour Speed last year to try them. (traded a club) They have a nice feel and not quite as much spin as a ProV1 or Srixon Z-star. What are your thoughts if you have? Anyone play either one consistently?
  22. Oh ya. I totally forgot about that to be honest.
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