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  1. I’m not opposed to playing and not being able to win. I need to call my local club and talk to them about getting a GHIN setup. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. non-members can play but can't win. LOL
  3. I looked and I don't qualify for any of them. I don't hold an active GHIN. Something i need to do anyhow this year.
  4. I don't see an issue with it because they already have the information in their books. We arent going to see every pro out there shooting a laser at the flag before every shot, it will be on mishits IMO. I don't see it helping or hurting "pace of play"
  5. Oh I completely agree with this!! I would even venture to say that the afore mentioned group are also the group that give us play by play of their day on Social Media. It all scream narcissistic behavior.
  6. This is where I was going to go but with baseball. They talk about the contracts they sign but that is about it. You don't hear anyone saying oh "insert pitcher here" just got rocked and pulled by the 1 2/3 inning that is going to effect his paycheck. Or as @Getoffmylawn mentioned we all know that baseball players get bonus and contractual money for playoff and world series/super bowl wins but we don't know how much. IMO like @BadgerGolfer said I don't think its any of my business. I am just here to watch people plays sports in a way I only dream about doing it.
  7. Southern Maryland got snow last Sunday and again yesterday. In good old county fashion we had a 2 hour delay on Monday and Tuesday of last week, but we get more snow yesterday and nothing LOL. Forecast is calling for more snow this weekend. Was really cool though I haven't seen snow flakes that big since I was a kid.
  8. The thing I don't get with this stuff is it isn't just the young crowd. I see people my age "generation" lets just say the 80s doing this stuff too. I always kinda give them that look. I know your mom raised you better than this. The stuff people do in public now was not acceptable behavior when I was coming up. As for the Cars, sorry but that is a tale as old as time. Got to show off those wheels for the ladies. I will admit though as I get older I find it annoying LOL.
  9. Hey Spys, sorry I haven't posted anything new for the UiHi recently. The weather here has been super crappy!!!!! But on the bright side my buddy just finished his garage hitting area, some of you may have seen it on here. I have been wanting to get some swings on it anyhow to give me some more ammo for the boss lady to let me build one as well. So hopefully in the next week or so I should be able to get up there and get so swings in.
  10. I came to read about Bifurcation and instead just witnessed one person argue with everyone in here. I am no longer interested in this topic.
  11. My garage is next!! I will be up soon @Urbs_Valhalla to help you break her in. LOL
  12. Dang it!!!!!! Why am I just now seeing this I have been waiting for this to drop and I swear the only one I saw was the 2020. I guess I will try next year
  13. Thank you both!! Hopefully I will see you on the course in 2021 [mention]STUDque [/mention] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I was just looking at these!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Silly me, I thought everyone on tour used a line on their ball or the logo to line their putts up. Great article @RollingGreens. While reading the comments here made me think about a few things. I have always line up my putts with something on the ball, unless I am having a bad round and just a little heated. I also tend to not "line" the putts up when its my third putt no matter how close or far it is away from the hole. Want me to make a 10 footer for birder, pff probably not. You want me to drain a 15 footer for double bogie and it be my third putt, oh yeah middle of cup baby. I never thoug
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