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  1. yeah me and you need to get out at a min in Sept when I get back since we are so close.
  2. Yeah I hear it being crazy!!! I went from playing once a week to maybe once a month. About to go to Cali for 3 weeks for work. I am down for something in Sept.
  3. I have actually been getting out every week for the last month... FINALLY!! I still stand on my first takes from the range and course play, love the low ball flight but not a fan of the length. I am really thinking about changing the shaft but I will be changing the grip, needs to be larger for my liking. The only frustrating part is I really don't have many course that force me to play a 3 iron very much. I have been in some trouble and had to use it to stay down or punch it out and get some roll out of it. One hole I always use it off the tee and one it depends on the wind for the day, its ether 3 wood or the UiHi. My hybrid is loads easier to hit, but just not a fan of the ball flight. On a clear day with no wind I would probably pick the hybrid over the UiHi cause I wouldn't be worried about the wind effecting my distance. Windy day I am going to loose it anyhow so the UiHi is coming to play. I will update y'all with pictures when I get the new shaft in and let you know if I see any changes worth noting.
  4. Got my round in, boy oh boy was Saturday crazy. Drove an hour and half to go play with a buddy. Was almost 10* cooler up there. Rained sideways for about 10 mins, we sat through that one, then God open the clouds on 16 with big cool rain, hail rushed through the last two holes and then ended up being better holes for me. SMH maybe I need to stop over thinking my shots.
  5. Back in the MIX!! I know I was one of the only UiHi reviews that gave a positive review. Just got out finally (freaking work) and used it three time in my 9 hole league. Needless to say I lost yesterday seeing it was my first time out LOL. Anyways, that is a different subject. I was able to hit a low stinger into the wind on the first hole off the deck that put me in a good place to chip on. The next time I used it was on hole 4 off the tee felt ok, was a little off the toe but left me in a playable spot. I then used it again off the next tee and put it in the woods lol. I am still struggling to find the middle of the club so I don't blame the club for this. Now when I got home and pulled up the stats I was really shocked about the distance. IT WAS SHORT average of 203 yesterday and my 4i average is 210. So it for now is still in the bag I love love love the low trajectory just need to hit it better.
  6. MGS never fails to impress! This is going to be a cool thread to follow! Congrats to those selected can't wait to see how this unfolds!
  7. ooooh i have been in the market for new belts. I too am currently on the ratchet belts but I really like these branded ones!! thanks for the share.
  8. I agree that I too underestimated the amount of elbow geese this needed, lol. But it did help with extending the life of my wedges.
  9. When are you trying to get out maybe we can get @Urbs_Valhalla and/or @STUDque to join us.
  10. sorry work has had me swamped for almost a month. I have plans this week, but might be able to get out next week. Can you golf on base?
  11. I am not ready for Tiger to stop playing. I know with what just happen it might be a long shot, but I am hoping and praying he can come back.
  12. The old Eisenhower course is about to open back up again. I am blessed enough that my buddy got a tee time for the week after it opens and invited me along. That wouldn't be a horrible place to go in is sorta central MD. Have we ever done like a MGS scramble to keep it light?
  13. LOL no worries, that is what happens when you disappear for almost a year. Really cool to come back and see that everyone is still chill and just loving Golf. There are a few more knuckleheads then before but not like other places. I still feel safe to ask stupid question LOL
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