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  1. Wasn’t great, a windy and wet 88. Irons still my weak link and did not putt well at all. Probably had 7-8 putts either rim out, burn the edge or stop on the edge. Might go see the coach for a tune up on the irons soon. A fun walk though with some good drives and chipped much better than last time.
  2. Been streaming The Chosen, it is very good. Also watching Andor for any Star Wars fans out there, it gets better per episode.
  3. Sounds like a great idea! As a former college athlete myself, kudos to you guys for working to keeping the friendships alive with your teammates. For the golf, I have not been to Myrtle Beach to golf but have been for work and was not impressed with the town at all. On the other hand, I have been to Hilton Head twice, once for family vacation and once for work. It is a great place in general with some dynamite courses that can range from cheaper to PGA stops (Harbortown). I played Old South in Bluffton (right across the bay) and it was great and not expensive at all. I believe you can play all 3 Harbortown courses with stay for around $1k but can definitely do cheaper than that as well. The food there is really good as are the beaches and overall vibe. We do an annual golf trip and might be going there next year, so if you go there let me know how you enjoy it!
  4. I purchased the KS1 Putter for $160 a couple of years ago. I love it.
  5. I have used it I believe six times total. The sensors seem to be doing great. It is also fun to look at stats and where it is saying I could see the most improvement, which is one of my main focuses in testing. I do need to figure out a better way to get more accurate on the putting, as I think those stats are skewed. The issues I have had with the Link are documented, but the last round I had only one missed shot, so I think the charge the night before inside may have fixed the issue. I have not been able to play in over a month due to weather/work. I am hoping to have some days in January where I might be able to play and just fool around with it, as it is somewhat tough to learn on the fly without staring at my phone during a round.
  6. Great to hear, glad you had a good time. Excited to play there in April.
  7. Only one I have played there is Kelly Plantation, right on the bay as you come in. Nice course with great (albeit tough) greens, but is a bit pricey in my opinion. I have a friend that goes down there every year and says Indian Bayou is a great value. I am doing a golf trip there in April and am playing Raven, Regatta Bay and Windswept Dunes. I have heard Raven is the best course down there, and Windswept Dunes is very first timer friendly. Regatta Bay is right besides Kelly. Let me know where you play and how it goes. Hopefully it is not too cold, as a cold front is coming in around Xmas.
  8. Tried the link one more time, and it worked the best it has thus far for me. Missed a couple of drives but overall did well. Not sure what the difference was, but hopefully it sticks.
  9. Shot a 45/41 86 at Bent Brook. Not a great round but have definitely been worse. Weather was wet and cool and it definitely affected ball flight and distance, so I probably played a little better. Short game was great, approaches were not generally speaking. Probably hit 5-6 shots fat, almost all of them with my 52* or 56* wedge, which makes it even worse. Had 1 birdie on a gettable par 5, made about a 20 foot downhill putt.
  10. Used it again Friday, app worked fine, but I am about to give up on the Link. Had it being charged for days before my round, and it picked up the first shot and then disconnected and would not connect. And it’s too much to fool with when I’m playing with buddies. I may go play a cheap course one day by myself and just see if I can get it working or figure out the kinks. I just can’t bring myself to fiddle with my phone and the Link when I am playing with others. Thankfully the phone works just fine when in my pocket. Although I do have to adjust putts most holes. I see something for “footsteps” on putting but cannot figure out what that is. Will do more research.
  11. This thread is showing me I play way too little golf!!
  12. I was fortunate enough to play 13 different courses this year! Payne’s Valley (Hollister, MO) Ozarks National (Hollister, MO) Buffalo Ridge (Hollister, MO) Top of the Rock (Hollister, MO) Mountain Top (Hollister, MO) Old South Golf Links (Bluffton, SC) Greystone CC (Birmingham, AL) Farmlinks (Sylacauga, AL) Hoover CC (Hoover, AL) Ballantrae (Pelham, AL) Timberline (Calera, AL) Mirimichi GC (Memphis, TN) Oak Mountain GC (Birmingham, AL) Played 23 rounds total thus far. Hoping to get in 1-2 more before the year is out with good weather.
  13. Used it again yesterday for a quick 9. Did not try the Link again as I did not really have time to fool with it. The phone worked fine, but it did miss a couple of drives, which after the fact can be a bit annoying, as you basically have to guess where you hit it from on the map (although it seems to get fairly close based on my other distances). I also need to figure out how to work the putting portion better. Overall with my 1st 3 rounds it’s been fun to use and cool to see the data.
  14. I saw that email as well. Seems to be a cool feature as I do have a GHIN handicap. From what I read, I am assuming that I would just enter the round into Arccos and it automatically adds to my handicap?
  15. Thank you guys! I’m definitely not consistent with it, but I do feel like I am improving. To answer your question, that was slightly past the hole, so if the tee box is 6 o’clock from the pin, the ball is about 2 o’clock, if that makes sense.
  16. Used the Arccos system for the second time today. I did not post after the first time because I did not have my putter attachment. A few thoughts: I like the way the app is set up and it gives you 3 distances into the green (back, middle and front) as well as how it is playing with current wind and a recommended club. However, many times the recommended club would be one longer than I need, but I am thinking that is more a lack of data for me versus a system error thing. Both times I have used it, the Link portion of the system has not worked well at all. The first time, it missed about 80% of my approach shots. Yesterday, it would not stay connected to the app at all, so I had to use my phone. The phone actually did well and only missed one shot (a putt). I just saw here that clipping it on your pocket vs belt has worked better so I will try that next time. The SG aspect is really cool, but seemed to be off on putting and driving. I did not drive well at all directionally (I tend to hit it pretty far either way) and my irons might have been the best I’ve ever hit them and my SG were almost identical on both. It’s possible that the app cannot tell if my drive is the reason I could not get a good shot at the green. I also putted pretty well but my putting was the worst. Since the app doesn’t always know pin location, you do have to move the putts around sometimes so it knows how close (approximately) to the hole you were for your putt. Excited to try this out again and work the kinks out. It was definitely helpful that I knew the app from the first time I played, since you can’t really “practice” the app without playing a round.
  17. #13 at Timberline in Calera, AL (near Birmingham). 191 yards, back pin location. Also came inches from an eagle on another hole. Maybe next time!
  18. Oh thank you! I was looking for that but could not find it!
  19. Came *this* close to a hole in one today. 191 slightly uphill. 6 iron. Within the leather. Timberline in Calera, AL hole 13.
  20. Played Timberline today, shot a 44/34 78 (par 71). First time I have ever been under par on a 9!! Had 3 birdies. Just changed out my driver head so I am getting used to it, and I was not hitting it well, lot of spin on it. However my irons were very good along with my short game. Even came oh so close to an ace!
  21. Smoked a brisket for the Bama game yesterday, paired it with my wife’s home made Mac n cheese. Home grown beef too.
  22. Played Friday at Ballantrae. Had a rough front 9 46 but made up for it somewhat with a great 39 on the back for an 85. One birdie, on the shorter par 5 18th. A crisp 71* and beautiful day. Starting to hit my drives well, had a couple I pulled but other than that I hit a few over 290 so I’m happy with that. Excited to get my Arccos installed for my upcoming rounds.
  23. Thank you! I’m not 100% sure on the scoring or tie breaks, but it has me listed 1st now (could just be alphabetical) and there is still 1 match going. Fun to be in the hunt!
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