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  1. If you try to sit I'll tax your seat If you get too cold I'll tax the heat If you take a walk I'll tax your feet Taxman! Only a poorly managed outfit would resort to a walking tax as a revenue capture, pretty weird, will need to bite my tongue on the rest, does McCartney sit on the board...
  2. If I was an active buyer I wouldn't second guess any of the older woods by Jesse Ortiz-Bobby Jones. You can find them real cheap on Ebay, a friend grabbed up quite of few of them, I've hit several of his, terribly easy to use, lower profile, almost pear shaped, fun to smack.
  3. My instruments of battle are never subjected to walking a plank, but they know 60 days isolation in a storage closet is their reward for any instance of misbehaving. No light, no food, no water.
  4. Excellent. Can't go wrong walking whether it be a downtown stroll, scouring the links, or when serving others. I love the feel of game turf under my feet.
  5. Cold, very cold around here, stay indoors cold except for a late afternoon grub hunt to Jersey Mike's yesterday. 3 seasoned gents were in line in front of me each wearing a Bill blue hoodie and a blue game overshirt inscribed with Allen. I knew the Bills were coming to town for our Thanksgiving game and thought these guys are way overboard coming to town so early for the turkey game and wearing game gear to boot, but I didn't know the Bills were at Ford Field yesterday playing the Brownies due to snow in the Buffalo area. They said their area got about 70 inches of snow and they came through Canada to see their team play. Nice fans, easy to chat with, and still can't wrap my head around a 70-inch snow assault, never seen it before.
  6. Lots to like here, sounds like you're getting onto the ball solidly from where you are with equally good motion freedom which is a quality many have a hard time with so I would tread somewhat lightly if considering wandering afar from where your current action resides.
  7. Don't play the snowshoe tour anymore but when I did Champion Duofold 2-layer Union Suit was a non-negotiable item.
  8. Had a quick glance, the charts and diagrams are over my head, but what stood out to me focused on a trail hand grip-thumb adjustment, pelvis shifting sideways on the move away from the ball instead of pelvis turning inward and up after triggering back swing, this can cause issues with momentum building- one being you are backing out of the strike some with arms disconnecting a little from the power source- your body. Would suggest whatever you work on includes practicing from a downhill lie, ball below feet, it will help staying down in the strike pocket when on a level lie. Good luck, stay warm.
  9. Love seeing projects like this, a win-win across the board.
  10. I hate to be blunt but no bogarts, hand it over, I like this. Once the locking pieces were dried to the plywood and you then put adhesive on the top side of the locking pieces could you have then turned the entire assembly upside down and lay the assembly on the carpet backing, which was also turned upside down so the carpet backing faced the ceiling, then stretch and staple from there? Might try making a small version.
  11. Wasn't recommending just curious because I couldn't see too well what you were using. Probably a good golf mat would be the best overall option but I don't know anything about exercise interlock mats so that sounds like it might be doable too, so you're on the right road. I've been out of the loop for a while so had to look up Sub70, I thought it might be a new sandwich shoppe. Cheers.
  12. Camera is sufficient for a decent look but need a front view look too. The curtailment could be, and quite often is, caused by getting the clubhead in front of the hands too early on the return swing which will, as a byproduct, inhibit the trail arm from fully extending and finishing higher versus wrapping around you instead, the clubhead needs to be last in the queue, not first. Regardless, moving the ball a foot or so closer to the wall in front of you might put the door opener out of play no matter how you swing? What surface you using plywood and carpet over concrete? Nice!
  13. Playing the game without driver is like drinking fine wine from a Dixie cup, it's just plain wrong. Work it out, keep it simple.
  14. Staying in the pocket and not running away in the middle of a fight.
  15. Instead of waiting until the end I fill divots as I go along as needed coinciding with breaks in the action, and since finding digger-slob remains on a range is not difficult I always end up filling more than my own, but I fix other pitch marks on a green too, it's just a habit I reckon.
  16. You've been peeking into my bag, but Hanes socks have better elastic snap for staying power.
  17. I know a couple guys that if you judge by what you see in their bag you are in for a long afternoon.
  18. Pretty good overall summary by RB, but I would prioritize getting hands-on lessons first as there are several pre-swing issues that should be addressed like posture, weight distribution, walk in, grip, ball placement, etc. For instance, and something many overlook, when your feet were together you moved the trail foot and weight backward and unless you know what you're doing that's usually a mistake because the hands-shaft-face went along for the ride and changed everything about its set up orientation. Pre-swing is so important it frees up most everything else so eventually you'll find and sense speed is something that comes from within the system, not something to put into the system. By the way, it looks like you sliced the tee too.
  19. No dogs, no hunting. Half size larger usually works.
  20. Tips are $29.95 per paragraph, add an extra $5.00 for proper punctuation.
  21. Would like to do that venue in person as well after seeing this, the first game back from lockdown, the place was nuts.
  22. Well played, several great points in your recap, and sounded like fun too. Welcome to the club!
  23. Looks like it could be a second enchilada on the same plate.
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