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  1. I had the privilege to play Leopard Creek Country Club on Friday 28 October. Handicap: 5.1 Course Handicap: 8 Gross Score: 78 Net Score: 70 Net to Par: -2 Net Birdies: 5 Longest Drive: 295m or 322 Yards My handicap got cut down to a 4.8 after the round.
  2. Played Malelane Golf Club on 15 October, Handicap: 5.1 Course handicap: 6 Gross: 75 Net: 69 Net to Par: -3 Net Birdies: 5 Longest Drive: 305m or 333 Yards (I was outdriven by another player by about 50 yards. )
  3. Yesterday my self and a fried went to play a quick 9 holes for preparation for the Church competition we are sponsoring on Saturday. I tried to play very conservatively and make sure I restrict my backswing. I sure hope I get it to work the same come tomorrow morning as I played really solid golf, even with the couple of branches that got in the way of the ball. I played a one under par 35 with 3 birdies and 2 bogies, of which the one bogie was definitely stupid, I went into the 9th at 2 under. The only downside of that is my handicap got gut to a 5.1 after that round, one day before a Stableford competition.
  4. Thank you, the problem with hitting it long is that errant shots end up deep in the bush, sometimes as far as 100yards off line which then make holes very interesting and usually very long.
  5. I'm playing in a competition on Saturday so will get my round in for week 3. I actually hit a longer drive on the one hole but was about 20yards left so didn't count that as the longest drive, the fairways here are nice and firm on some of the holes. But the layout on the course only allow me to hit driver on 6 of the 18 holes, the rest I use a long iron or 3 wood to stay out of the trees, or short of the trees in the middle of the fairway. I am really working hard on getting the driver to work better and more consistent. Have a nasty fade when I don't rotate properly on my backswing with the driver.
  6. I played again on Friday 7 October at Malelane Golf Club par 72, Handicap: 5.5 Course handicap: 6 Gross: 80 Net Score: 74 Net to par: +2 Longest Drive in the fairway: 292m or 319yards Net birdies: 2 Sorry for the late submission but I dont think that round will move the leaderboard.
  7. I played on Friday 30 September with my son. at Malelane Golf Club Handicap: 5.5 Course handicap: 6 Gross: 78 Net Score: 72 Net to Par: 0 Net Birdies: 3 Longest Drive: 310 meters or 339 yards
  8. On Friday afternoon myself and a friend decided to play a quick 18 holes. With our home course being a 9 hole setup we each played with two balls, one from each tee box to get 18 holes done in just under 2 hours. The last time I played I had some real issues with a very flat backswing and wanted to work on that to get my swing back on plane, so focused mainly on that and didn't hit any of the shots at 100%. Surprisingly it really worked for me, even though I putted like a clown, I carded a 4 over par 76. Equaling my best round for the last 2 years. On a side note, a bright orange Srixon really flies of a driver and 3 wood. I didn't play over the weekend as it was super hot (107 degrees F), so decided to rather go and drive in the Kruger park looking for the big 5 in an dual airconditioned minibus.
  9. I play on a 9 hole course so it is really not a problem for me. Some courses here in South Africa has 27 holes so you cannot really commit yourself mentally to go off a certain tee for the 1st hole, as the starter decide which combination of 9 holes you will play for the day.
  10. I played 9 holes on Friday to prepare for a competition our company sponsored on Saturday. Shot a 38 with really good putting for the round. Only 1.3 puts per hole averaged for the round. Then on Saturday I went out in 38 again but the puts were just not falling like the day before. The greens were rolled the Friday evening and cut the Saturday morning and I struggled to get my pace right. On the second 9 holes I started well and then my tee shots start to go left when the pace of play slowed down to where we were on the same tee box as the group in front on the last 6 holes. I made 5 bogies in a row for a 41 on the nine with a total Gross score of 79, with an average of 1.9 puts per hole. Really felt that if the pace of play didn't slow down as much, I could have carded a really good score.
  11. When I used to live in a part of the country where winters are very wet and there are basically no roll in fairways and any ball sit on the soft greens, my preferred winter ball was a Pinnacle Soft Feel. Back then I used to play of a 4 handicap, but the courses were definitely more forgiving on stray shots than the courses I currently play on. When course conditions are better with firmer greens and fairways I prefer a premium ball. I do think my friends who always used to play Pro V balls no matter the course conditions of much higher handicaps (14-24) could have done just as well playing 2 piece balls in those super wet conditions.
  12. I played 9 holes with the kids on Sunday, was hitting the ball well, just slightly spraying the tee shots, missed a lot of fairways by a meter or 2. Only had 14 puts on the 9 holes for a solid 39, considering I made a double drop on the 3rd hole stroke 1. I just cannot get my head around that tee shot. If you cannot hit a controlled fade the fairway is not in play from the tee. And I cannot hit a fade on demand with my driver....or 3 wood.... or pretty much any club in my bag. I can hit it straight, but that still ends up in the bush if I miss the Tamboti Tree 30m infront of the teebox and hit it far enough to reach the 475 yard par 4 in 2. It is strange that a Tamboti tree or any part of it in a camp or cooking fire will terribly upset ones stomach, just the thought of that one on the golf course upsets me....
  13. Those are some seriously long putts. First time I read your post I thought you made those 3 putts and 3 putted from shorter range. Do those greens have a lot of slope on them?
  14. Philip_R


  15. I am not that brand loyal, I have just been playing with the same set of irons for 15 years and haven't even considered others since I bought them. I do think aesthetics on a golf club is very important and I for some reason like a slim looking iron with little to no offset. I go by "if it works, don't change it". If I decide to get new Irons I might even consider Ping.... they have improved the look of their clubs a lot over the last few years.
  16. Always choose the Mizuno set. If you haven't tested one, go back and hit them until you like them enough to choose them. I would go with Brand Y based on your data. Lower launch with higher spin, and much more consistent spin is better in an Iron in my opinion.
  17. My Wedges are, PW with 47° loft, a 54° and a 60°. I don't have any issues with loft between the wedges as I prefer my 60° from anything from 80m or closer. The 54° I play from 80m to 110m, and the PW from 110m to 125m. Greenside or from a fluffy lie I will go with anything from a 60° to a 9 Iron.
  18. I Play it as if every shot is its own game. The score is just an afterthought if you play every shot the best you can with total focus.
  19. Here is what I found to help not ruin scores for me: When I am not striking the ball solid, don't rush through the course. I need time to "forget" a bad shot before I stand over the next. My playing partners always drive on carts, so if I have an off day, I walk and just leave my bag on the cart. That way I get time to get over a bad strike without slowing down play. When in trouble of the tee, just play it safe and get back into play. Forget about the awesome recoveries you see the Pro's hit out of the bush, I am not good enough to be certain that I will miss all the trees in the narrow opening there might be. If I was that accurate, I wouldn't be in the bush 30m off line in the first place. Always, Aim small. Get a proper pre-shot routine and stick to it on every shot.
  20. On Saturday, I played a better ball competition in Malelane with a friend who really struggled. He managed 4 points of a 15 hdcp on the first 9 holes. Which was not ideal. I played solid golf but had a very bad break on the 6th hole with a proper fried egg lie in a greenside bunker which got out easier than expected and turned into a double bogey. I finished with a 42 out and 36 in with a total of 78 and 37 points for the team, which was not good enough to trouble the leaderboard. On Sunday, I played a casual game with friends at Kambaku golf club, the wind was a bit strong but with or without the wind, I managed to hit 3 balls deep into the snake infested African bush, which stuffed up my score. I went out in 43 and came in with a 39 with a total of 82.
  21. In my view, those poor people living in the cities and tell everyone they are happy don't know any better. I used to live in Johannesburg for a couple of years, but got out as soon as I could find a decent job in a small town.
  22. 1 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, fairway lie - Down hill I would go with a putter, level or up hill anything from a 8 iron to a 54º 2 - Just off the green, shortsided, fairway lie - Putter 3 - Just off the green, lots of green to work with, rough - 54º or PW 4- Just off the green, shortsided, rough - 60º 5 - Short bunker shot, lots of green - 60º 6 - Short bunker shot, shortsided - 60º 7 - Long bunker shot, lots of green - 54º 8 - Long bunker shot, shortsided - 60º 9 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, fairway - 60º 10 - 15 yards short of the green, average pin accessibility, rough - Depending on the lie and what the fringe looks like before the green. No fringe I would go 60º and if there is some room to pitch and run it a bit I would go with a 54º just to limit the chance of it not coming out of a fluffy lie.
  23. Well if you talk to anyone here they will tell you its the best and most beautiful place in the world. Where else in the world can you work as an engineer and see elephants from the office, stand guard with a 375H&H Magnum while the maintenance crew service an aerator, have 4.5m Mambas guarding pumps and motors from thieves, wake up at night from lions roaring next to the river, or hippo bulls fighting. And then have 4 awesome golf courses in a 60km radius to play on. Skukuza Golf Club which is an unfenced course inside the Kruger park. Leopard Creek where the Alfred Dunhill Championship is played every year. Malelane golf club Kambaku Golf Club I dont think a few elephants or lions will scare me away from this place easily.
  24. Living right next to the Kruger National Park, we get some interesting animals that occasionally come into town, some more frequently than others. Vervet Monkeys are very frequent visitors in town and will get into houses and ruin everything inside looking for food, and if cornered will soil themselves and everything around them in the house. Baboons are seen daily on the golf course. See my very poor picture taken late yesterday afternoon. 2 Years ago there was a young male lion that came out of the park moved through town from the one side to the other to eventually being darted and returned to the park a week later, after killing some livestock. Last week a large leopard was caught in a cage in Komatipoort in town about 45km away from Malelane. He came into town at night and caught a number of dogs before getting caught. We also have crocodiles in nearly every dam or pond with constant water. On our processing plant, where I am the engineer, we have crocodiles in the effluent dams. Once these crocodiles exceed 2.5m in length they start to see humans as pray and will try and attack humans coming to close to the water. We had a fatality earlier this year where a poacher went into a dam with nets to fish at night. All the rivers in the area have hippos and some farmers even have "tame" hippos that sleep on their porch. During the dry season elephants, hippo and buffalo break through the park fence to feed on the sugarcane fields bordering the park and town. These animals get shot and the meat goes to the poor local communities. 2 Years ago during an extreme drought 2 elephants came into town, after being chased back by helicopter twice, and chose to break the fence for a third time they were shot. Snakes in yards is a regular occurrence and it is mostly Mozambique spitting cobras or Black Mambas being removed. Luckily the private security companies offer snake catching and removal as part of their standard service.
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