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  1. Ben s Illinois USA Gamer: Mizuno BC-1 by bettinardi Putting is probably a weakness. I’m a plus 1 ball stricken iron player, 5 handicap driver of the ball but probably a 10 handicap with the putter. I’d love the opportunity test and review the stroke lab 7. Thank you for the opportunity. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Nice write up. I used to like cord because my hands sweat a lot so I need moisture control. Once Winn came out and got accepted on tour I tried them out and fell in love. Hard to beat that feeling of soft, responsive, tacky. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I'd love that! Judging from your sig your games a little more evolved than mine so I'm sure you'll make it in there but for me it'll take a mid summer round at the very beginning of the year LOL. We'll see. I hope I run into you out there. If I make it, I'll be in knickers so you can't miss me. hahaha.
  4. I used to belong to a little semi private club out in the boon docks. It was Indian Oaks CC in Shabbona IL. A 9 holer that was well maintained, had a nice layout and the membership was awesome in terms of outings, events, competitions between clubs, etc. It was great. But as time went on it became more expensive, out of my budget and to add it took about 50 minutes to drive there - so quick 9's were out of the question. It had nice practice facilities with a range, short game area with bunker, 3-4 pins on several tiers with the ability to walk off at least 100 yards to work on all things short game plus a separate putting green. I was competitive at the club for a long time but its been some time since I've competed in things so I've signed up and paid for 2 qualifiers this year. The first is May 1st at Fox Bend GC in Oswego IL for the 5th annual Chicago District Golf Association Mid-Am Championship. The second qualifier is for the 27th Illinois Mid-Am Championship. The qualifier I signed up for is held on August 6th at Balmoral Woods CC in Crete IL. These are big time tourneys for me. I'll be up against a steep field I think to qualify for these. I hope to shoot something in the low 70's but figure maybe a score around 74 or less should give me a good chance. The Mid in mid am's refers to an age restriction on the field. I had to google this LOL but basically a regular tourney is open to all to qualify and a Mid AM is open to anyone over a certain age in this case its 25 - this eliminates anyone in HS or College who have nothing else to do besides play golf. So everyone should have a life, a job, bills, etc. I'm realistic in terms of requesting the days off for the qualifiers but not the tournament dates yet LOL. I figure if I make it in I'll ask at that time. I've dedicated a lot of time to hitting balls into a net, working with the super speed system to up my swing speed back to what it was, working on putting on a carpet that I stimped at 9.5, going to the ranges on the weekends and just bought a shot scope v2 to improve areas of weakness. I'd love to start tracking stats and be able to look at them through the year. I really need some new equipment but that can wait until xmas time when club champion does the 50% off fittings, and I've been saving 50/week the entire year to gather up about 2600 to get properly fit and take everything to the next level. I'm playing with irons I got in 2005! Putter, wedges, woods are not fit for me. I'm giving up major yards with driver and fairway wood. Hybrid goes well but not as consistent as I'd like, 4 iron really sucks (butter knife), etc. Just want a bag I like through and through knowing its all spot on fit for me. Anyhow those are the goals - make it into those championships - play my game and hopefully raise it back to what it used to be.
  5. Ben Smith Illinois Ping g lst 10.5 adjusted to 9.5. Mrc diamana blue 70x 110mph. I’ve got access to the golf dome with top tracer range as well as green valley golf range My dad got the tour edge bazooka and gave it to me because I hit the crap out of it. He was personal friends with Gary Adams and love to tell the stories of Gary going around trying to convince people to try the metal wood he had invented. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Wow. So I had to get all names in 1-4, sort into excel sheet, then google maters field, sort it into excel, remove duplicates to find the damn people not in groups 1-4....wonder if that is part of the contest....I've seen a few picking folks out of group 1 for their group 5 pick...:( Martin Kaymer Winning score: -12
  7. This post intrigued me. So I went to taylormades website and went thru the custom options. For the most part it seems like highway robbery. Lol. 11 dollars a grip on almost all grips is outrageous. I wouldn’t pay 11/grip if it was a super stroke lol. The tour issue shaft is same price as you can buy one off eBay or golf works. So the tour issue shaft with a mcc plus 4 grip runs past 200. Nope. Can’t swing it. Also the whole point of milled grind is for those tour players with unique hand ground clubs to get them exactly right. So they can crank out wedge after wedge for tiger etc. buying a milled grind off the rack defeats purpose. I’d want to hit one and have a master grinder start working on it and dialing it in and then say here’s your perfect grind. The Ben smith grind. Lol. But I’d be willing to pay 200 for that wedge but for that kind of attention you’d need to be a superstar or have super deep pockets Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Love this thread though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Love this thread though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. My main issue with balls is I can’t loose them fast enough. I always look and usually find mine plus one or two other ‘pro level balls’ - that’s what I call a ball good enough to be played on the tours. I keep those and toss the crap back. Doing this has caused me to use about 1 or 2 new sleeves of balls per year. I’ve still got unopened boxes of pro v1x’s from 2010 when I got a few dozen for playing in a few tournaments lol. So I literally cannot lose them fast enough. I hate loosing balls and always look. If you know where to look you’ll always find a few keepers. Look on the right side at roughly 200 yards from the tee and you’ll find top flights. Look at nearly 275 yards and up and the balls get nicer. Look on the left side at this distance and up and almost all balls will be good to keep due to better players using better balls. They hit them further and usually hook is the shot shape better players miss with. Sorry I can’t comment on the balls. Only vice and snell balls I’ve used have been found. Lol. I will say it seems I find a lot more vice balls vs Snell Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Whoop!!!!! Oh I want this one so badly Ben S out of Illinois Handicap 3 swing speed 110mph currently gaming ping G LST 10.5 diamana blue 70x - spins to much still I’d love to review the epic flash sub zero please.
  10. Ben S Illinois USA current driver: Ping G LST 10.5 with pings tour 80 x flex Handicap index is 2.1 but definitely between my ears. swing speed 110mph Want the Ping G410 plus preference with an x flex shaft.
  11. Nice one shank. I’m probably going to try to head to this golf some with shot tracer tech. Hopefully I’ll get all my numbers figured out for the season. We’ll see. Hopefully the wife lets me out I been real good this winter. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Okay I love the wedges I currently game....they’re last years tested wedges from Bridgestone. We testers all loved them and it would be cool to see how the new ones stack up. I assume they’ve improved them but with head to head against the previous models I think is a great comparison. Ben S Illinois -North Aurora Handicap is between my ears or a 3-5. Current wedges: tour b xw-1 2017/18 model. Desire same lofts as I have: 50/54/58 From the website it looks as though loft grind is preset based on which loft one gets. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Just ordered mine. Free everything try before you buy. Nice catch on this. Wonderful deal on a ball I’d want to try but never pay to do so. Usually I find balls that I end up wanting to try lol. These are a bit rare though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Great review. While they are the absolute best fitting the prices and how it’s all broken down could use some changing. But the guys who can barely afford to play much less new stuff aren’t their demographic. The demographic they shoot for is prob net income over 150k/year for a single guy and probably more like a family income of over 250k. Edit: BTW I am not in that demographic by a long shot. I just love golf and if the big box stores are honest they’ll tell me flat out they have nothing in the store that fits me. And I’ll actually be told to go to club champion or similar for fitting. I’ve had two fittings with the original club champion in Willowbrook Illinois. Location 1 of 2 at the time. So they weren’t nation wide yet but Nick Sherburne was occasionally being quoted by golf digest. Both fitting with Nick. He was nice, extremely knowledgeable and no pressure. It was awesome. I don’t believe they had their playability guarantee at that time because after about 1 month with the clubs I was really not liking the shaft choices and felt they were weak. I have this issue. When I’m not stripping it I swing slower. So I was a stiff indoors swinging at 110mph. When I’m in a round and feeling it the swing jumps to about 115mph. Then the fitted stiff felt like a whipping stick with too much load. I got 2 tour edge clubs and each costed about 600/piece. 3 wood and hybrid. That was one trip. My first experience was about the same. I bought a shaft and had it installed to my existing head for about 600 dollars. Shaft was only 189 so you bet its expensive. What it does for you? If you get fitted into a perfect driver then for the next 6 years or so you shouldn’t need a fitting. You know where the ideal ball position and launch should be, you know the spin numbers to look for. Etc. meaning you can go to a demo day get a similar shaft put into a head and hit it on a launch monitor or even without one and instantly know it’s launching too high, too low, balloons too much etc plus you can tell if the shaft has the right feel you’re looking for. Overall it is invaluable and a good investment. My only complaint is: I wish they had some deals with the equipment companies so they can purchase just the head or at least a discount rate for those also buying a shaft. They don’t deal in cheap shafts. Only tour quality all sorted out, etc but once you pay off the rack full price for driver plus 150 for fitting plus 300 new shaft plus 7 dollar grip plus about another 100 for them to put shaft and grip on brand new driver and they toss out old shaft and grip that were never touched then you’re looking at an 800 plus dollar driver and a 600 plus dollar fairway and a 600 plus dollar hybrid and irons.....forget about it - those will run ya 1500 on the low side and usually around 3k. So to get a bag full bag better bring about 10-15k because putters and wedges will price out like fairway woods lol. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Ben from Illinois. Footjoy dry-joy pants from 2006 I bought used on eBay. Jacket is a no name brand and I’m unsure who made it. It’s a loud material. worst rain I’ve played in would be a time we got about 4 inches in 1 hour. The tourney was called and we could barely get in. Some puddles or steams that got created were over the wheels on the cart flowing over the floor. We had to lift our feet to avoid them getting wet via water running over floor boards. Ive practiced in the rain too. As long as no lightning and temp is above 69 I’ll play on or go practice. I’d love to score some newer rain gear. Mine isn’t exactly water proof but more water resistant.
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