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  1. Ben s 2 handicap. North Aurora Illinois Wedges: 50 - Bridgestone xw1 54 - Bridgestone xw1 58 - Bridgestone xw1 Love to hit a trap draw flighted down. Two hops and stop. Also anything that’s considered impossible to get up and down I see as a ‘you just watch and see’ type of opportunity. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. What a great opportunity wow. This is awesome Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks y’all Didn’t get to swing a club but had a good day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Ben s from Illinois USA Currently use gps garmin approach g3. Touch screen. Also verify using yardage markers. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  5. Ben s/Illinois 2.0 Yes I’ve used a practice aid before. Both the full swing and putting I’ve used various devices. When learning to play and improve I used them much more. Stopped once I got to scratch and certified as a teaching pro. But recently my games taken a dive. Especially putting. Horrible putter. So like any idiot I stead of a putting lesson I bought a putter ranked high by Mygolfspy. The evnroll er5. Used from budget golf. I don’t believe it was all set to standard due to some alignment issues - very odd lie angle. So I continued to suck and search lol. Bought the gravity grip based on Mygolfspy reviews and research. Then I also got a big moss green and use it everyday. So whether it’s raining or cold or frozen I can always putt and practice. I’d love the chance to get even more feedback so this would be absolutely perfect. Thanks for the opportunity. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Another issue was walking across a green in order to chip or pitch it will say you’re on the green even if you walk like 10-20 yards off the green it wouldn’t change. Just show the dang collect pin screen. Hit next hole and back works but maybe clears out all shots on that particular hole. Idk. Sent mine back a while back. Wanting the next version badly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Yea I don’t use the tool with an air compressor. I use the tool to remove grips installed using standard double sided grip tape. I didn’t want to buy a tool for 20 or more dollars so a piece of steel for $3 and some time on the grinder to thin it out, refine the shape. Real easy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Here’s the tool I made. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Here’s the air compressor nozzle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Surely I will once I get home. Not really home made. Compressor came with two attachments a tire pump and a nozzle type inflator I believe one would use on some inflatables lol but it works fine for this purpose too. I had to cover up the blow out holes with good ole duct tape. I’ll take a photo when I get home. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. B81Smith


    Lee Trevino? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. B81Smith


    Nicely done boys. I never thought to share my grilling, pizza cooking, smoking, sous vide stuff on here. I only post to FB haha and videos. I'll keep this thread in mind next time I got something good..
  13. Yea I wanted to try 4 extra wraps at the bottom of my grips - already playing midsized winn dri tec grips - I've used air now for about 5 years. Love it. I even made a small tool to remove grips installed the traditional way - I can wet it a little with grip solution, slide it up under the grip, add more and work it down to the bottom and then around and just pull the grip off. Then clean up the shaft, install my grips with air and then either hold onto grips for friends that don't care what kind etc or sell the set online. OR keep the grip in case you want to sell a club but don't want to loose a nice winn, leather, special edition grip - So far I'm 100% in removing traditional grips using my method and I use full max pressure on my compressor - 120psi, never blown a grip out but then again I can feather the button so its not full blast all the time. I'm glad the guy got it to work because its one of the best ways to install a grip. I tend to wear down my left hand thumb area on the grip first - I can rotate the grip 90 degrees so I cannot see or feel the wear spot - the entire grip feels new again. *this only happens with winn grips because they're so soft. People think rubber lasts longer and I always say it doesn't - it looks better longer but it doesn't mean you shouldn't change them every year. I hate doing a guys grips who hasn't changed them since the 90's because the rubber disintegrates as you try to remove it and your left pulling tiny pieces off stuck to the shaft. I'll tell those guys take it to a shop hahaha. I've even been at a tournament where this place had an air compressor right as you entered a locker room to blow debris off your shoes - well I thought, with that nozzle I can adjust grips - and I did LOL people looked at me crazy but interested. You don't even need a special nozzle to blow grips on or off - as long as its pointy enough to get into the small hole at the end you're good to go. I always wonder what the big box stores think when they do a grip job on a club I re-gripped last - no grip tape! WTF. LOL.
  14. Makes sense. Less spin means straighter shots. Less spin means more manageable misses and in a game improvement iron you don't want them spinning left to right banana ball out of bounds - workable means more spin. Just makes sense to me a game improvement club spins less, goes straighter and misses less vs a muscle back blade which spins a ton, highly workable and if you're not a decent golfer will hook or slice a lot more with the right ball.
  15. Another option aside from courses that have shops is some driving ranges have shops that are brand agnostic and have the tech for a top fitting. Issue with courses is usually they only have whatever the pro is signed up for. So the pro plays Titleist then all they have a fitting cart for is that brand. Just another idea for ya to keep in mind. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Looking and sounding great. Cannot wait for the stage 2's fellas. Really good reviews so far. Nice job!
  17. I've been fit by club champion back in 2006. YES pricey is a key word but very detailed and thorough. Their build process is second to none. Specs will be absolutely spot on and you can bring it all back every year for a free spec check/loft/lie adjustment but to get that FREE it costs an arm and a leg. I'm going to get fit by club champion this winter once their annual 50% off deal comes in November/December. My plan is to request to only try the stock offerings from the companies I'm interested in. Yes I'll try everything but if the numbers on a project x evenflow black 75 that comes stock in ping/callaway/titliest/tour edge equals the performance of some 400-500 dollar one off shaft I ain't buying it. My entire life I've played dynamic gold s300 and x100's so I'd be willing to try others but that's my starting point s300, s400 and x100 - again - hard to imaging another iron shaft feeling better and going further with tighter dispersion for a 30/club upcharge LOL it better go a lot better. No experience with GolfTec but I read good things and they're highly rated nation wide. I'm sure it all comes down to who you get and what you want. I'd love to hear others experience with Golftec. I'm interested in a full bag fitting at club champion - if they whip out a 7 iron, hit 5 balls on a lie board and call it done I'll immediately ask for my money back. I'm told by the top fitters - lie boards tells lies AND i'm interested in or hoping I can get fit for a full bag, buy the stuff thru them getting stock shafts or no charge special order (not interested in 3500 sets of irons which they claim is all special shaft upcharges, etc) but I'd hope once all 4-pw is in hand, they'll swing weight all of them and have me rehit all of them. I mean using their methodology of their stuff is better and more exact, etc - why am I to assume whomever decided on xyz degree of standard lie - so you're 1 up with a 7 iron, how does that translate to being 1 up thru the whole set? isn't someone somewhere standard for 4,5,6, 1 up in 7 and 8, 2 up in 9 and PW, standard in wedges, etc....when paying for exacting stuff I'd hate to hit on a lie board 5 shots and call it 1 up. That's every fitting ever at any big box store for free instead of the best fitter in the country at 350/bag that will not go towards clubs purchased. LOL. I believe strongly in fitting but every thing you've ever read about fitting talks about it like you're going to get fit like the pros and the pros are fit, then the clubs adjusted, then fit again to ensure it works! and then tweaked club by club over 100's of shots on each iron and then tweaked again. So I'm expecting that treatment - fit, buy clubs, come back, get reassurance it was correct and maybe tweaked club by club - if not I'll raise absolute hell because I'm draining my bank account to buy these clubs. I'm budgeting: 1100 - 5-PW for irons, 250 for 4 iron replacement (game improvement or driving iron type), 499-driver, 299 - 3 wood, 1 hybrid at 250 (maybe), putter -hopefully adjusting one I have already or I'll have 250 to spend, 150/wedge x 3 = = totaling 2848 but I'll have exactly $3,000 and not one dime more - this will be the largest purchase for just myself outside a house and car - which are for the family anyway. I'm saving 50/week for 52 weeks= 2600 plus the remaining being asked for as xmas gifts - cash towards clubs AND maybe dipping into debt on a credit card. I haven't bought irons since 2005. I woods from 2016 I bought used and wedges I got to test last year - so I'm long overdue and I understand its a ton of money (at least for me). Even though i'm saving it feels stupid as hell to spend this entire amount on clubs but I think it will really benefit me in the long run as I'll be happy knowing they fit exactly to me and my game. whomever you go with please share your experiences here
  18. Top golf actually bought the technology and own it now. I'm assuming they'll least it out to any range who wants to pay but they'll also be installing across their locations. Just an FYI. I've heard this directly from TopGolf. Anyhow yes I've been to two ranges. One was a golf dome in Romeoville IL and another was an outside range called Green Grass Driving Range in northern Illinois. Nice technology. When I went I noticed everything going about 15-20 yards shorter than what I'd expect - I know, many will say or think its just another amateur expecting to hit it like the pros. Well I beg to differ and here's how I know. When they say same tech as the pros - yes same tech that traces shots - BUT Pros shots are measured by trackman on every single tee and shot link - not top tracer. Pros are using their own balls - we use range balls. I believe that along with a bit colder weather is the reasons for distance discrepencies. Their technology is supposed to have a setting to account for the range balls but I'm not sure if that is turned on or calibrated correctly. Someone is wrong but who? So the folks at both ranges asked what I thought and specifically the accuracy of the distances and I said the same thing about being 15-20 yards off and they roll their eyes and say its cold and I just don't know my distances - which is probably true with most who hit up the ranges right but I have one big advantage - I'm good and I've played along time. I've used numerous range finders, GPS units and before all that we walked off yardages from sprinklers, etc. So some is wrong. But who is wrong? Either the top tracer ranges are off by 15-20 yards OR every single courses sprinklers, yardage markers, total hole lengths are all completely wrong AND all GPS units and laser range finders are wrong AND my entire life I've been living a lie AND all my fittings on trackman are also wrong. So what is more likely? 1 piece of tech being wrong OR courses, GPS, Lasers and fittings? I think its the top tracer LOL. If I have 105 to the back middle, 110 over the green, 99 to the middle and 90 to the front - I hit a 58 degree every time assuming no wind/uphill - every time I hit the green unless its a fat or skulled shot or pulled - I'm assuming a well struck shot. Well according to top range the absolute max my 58 will go is 79. LOL so I've either been lucky for 30 years AND all the yardages, sprinklers, GPS, and lasers are all wrong or just top tracer due to balls, and algorithms. I can describe this exact scenario with any club. PLUS last year on trackman I was fit for wedges (didn't buy it was a free fitting by Titliest) and my 50 flies 128, my 54 flies 115 and my 58 flies 102 - all max yardages - BUT top tracer shows 110, 100 and 79 LOL so again I think its amazing tech, its useful but DO NOT use it to club yardages. You can use it to improve and understand your game though. ADD in the MGS ball study and remember even premium balls show discrepancies of 28 yards! So a range ball going a lot shorter is definitely possible. Its really cool playing a round. I've played a round of 18 in 23 minutes. I played another round of 18 in about 25 minutes LOL, I absolutely love the 'putting' part where you chip to targets and the circles are either large or small depending on how long of a 'putt' you've got. ITs really something to go try at least once! Whats really impressive is the leaders in top driving game - 300 yards when even though the thing is measuring short! LOL really some bashers go to just murder the ball. I'm not short hitter but those numbers are insane.
  19. Presented by Omega! I'm never ever ever getting a god damn watch of theirs if I can ever afford a watch costing thousands it won't be them, because you can expect it to quit at the absolute worst times! hahaha.
  20. Yes the live feed went off line. first the website was really messing up, constantly cutting out, the app was working fine, now the app says offline too but PGA and pga championship's social media says nothing is wrong, not eluding to working on technical difficulties, etc. I lit them up on twitter about it, WTF, why is it the us open, masters and british open all worked fine but hey lets try something new this year and not test whatever we're putting into place. last year it worked fine. now they're really ruining my da here.
  21. ER5 hatchback. Used coupon and it was 212.47 plus taxes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. That convinced me. Pulled trigger. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. biggest sport in the world indeed, go get your own damn channel, it was also on about 3 other channels on Comcast so they can go watch it there, give me more golf.
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