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  1. That is awesome and I hope to read about lower scores! When you bought the SpiderTour did you have to adjust to your specs? I used a similar putting mat many years ago and struggled to obtain the proper speed at the course. My issue was that the mat developed grooves that the ball tracked and it gave me better results than I deserved. After a while it worked out well. Best of luck to you.
  2. My daughter graduated in 2014 - perhaps their paths crossed. My work life changed recently and I only have Sundays off these days and I try and play after church, if possible. Would love to play sometime!.
  3. I am in Spartanburg- just an hour away. Graduated from Clemson years ago!
  4. I think I see a thin layer between the core and the second layer on the XV, but don't see it on the Z Star. That said, I will take your word for it! Maybe I will find one and cut it open, or test a sleeve.
  5. When I look at the cut Srixon Z Star and XV they look like two and three piece balls, respectively. I assume one of the layers must be very thin. Is that the case? The halved balls look nothing like the drawings on the website with the full cores. https://www.srixon.com/us/balls/golf-balls/z-star-xv-golf-balls/MZSTARXV18.html More curious than anything else. Thanks, Jeff
  6. I have been using the Kirkland signature since the original Mygolfspy review in 2016. I was fortunate enough to buy 8 dozen over several purchases and gave away a dozen or so, but now I am down to my final sleeve and trying to identify a replacement. I don't know the specifications for that ball - specifically compression and shot dispersion, but know I liked it. In fact, it was second only in performance to the original MTB tour ball that I used prior to making the switch. Using the ball test I focused on shot dispersion and then distance. 7-iron shot dispersion, with good distance, would help me the most. When I used the Tableau tables it would appear that the Z Star and the TP5 might be the best for me, at least with the 7-iron. With the driver it would appear to be the Inesis and the TP5. I am concerned about the driver shot area of the MTB X, which was the largest of the balls I selected. Surprised by this - it was 8994 square yards for the combined driver speeds. Any real world comparisons for the TP5, which can be had for 2/$80 for the Pix version, and the Z Star, which has a buy 3 get 1 dozen free on their website - net cost of $30/box?
  7. Jeff SC Maltby KE Tour 4+ with KBS Tour Stiff shafts. All irons 2* weak. Avg 7-iron distance is 155 yards.
  8. Thanks. I read through it yesterday along with Evnroll's response.
  9. Cnosil, I lack the context of previous discussions with Kenyon and his offer of testing. What happened there, and what did he question? Does anyone have any comparisons for the LPGA players that I have seen using the Evnroll putters? On course data would be great to share.
  10. I would love to see a test between the new Odyssey toe hang mallets and their face balanced counterparts. I love the look of mallets, but face balanced does not fit my stroke.
  11. Do they both have a full shaft offset? Do they have the same amount of toe hang? Perhaps the Evnroll rotates more than you are used to, causing the pull?
  12. Jeff,South Carolina Sizemore Gene Nead Handmade blade 34.5", 4* loft, 68* lie angle, Super Stroke 2.0 mid slim Counterbalance grip Black 7s
  13. About 4 years ago my friends and I all decided to start carrying our bags when we play, and we are now all in our low to mid 50s. My only exception would be 9-hole league matches where it seems easier to ride with all of the people playing from different tees.
  14. What were your final specifications? That always interests me most, along with how it differs from your previous model.
  15. In this video at MGS HQ, Adam states that black putter shafts outperform steel shafts. Is there a link to this study, or thread? I cannot find it. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=v18_i_SByu0 Right around the 16:00 mark. Very interested in the EVNRoll putters which prompted this search. Thank you in advance for steering me in the right direction. Jeff
  16. Jeff South Carolina 6.9 handicap Titleist 915 D2 with stiff flex Diamana D+ 72 gram shaft 45" 105 mph swing speed.
  17. Jeff South Carolina MacGregor MT irons with Harrison Stepless steel shafts all at 304 CPMs. 5.7 handicap
  18. Gene made some custom putters for Sizemore Golf a few years ago, and I have used it since 2011. It fit my specifications perfectly after flattening the lie a few degrees. Great feel in my opinion!
  19. I am fascinated by putting and studies like this, and appreciate you sharing your insights. I am a blade user, but prefer a mid-mallet shape. Sight lines and high MOI tend to make me lead with the heel which doesn't work well with my stroke which is slightly tilted to the right. Curious about what your thoughts are around weight and offset, and what you see with your studies. Furthermore, I am often amazed when pros switch, particularly to putters that are opposite what they have used, like Jim Furyk using the $39 Yes blade at the Tour Campionship several years ago, when he has favored a face balanced mallet. Thanks!
  20. I would like try the midsize if selected. Reviewing my putting and looking for the right combo of grip and putterhead. Sorry- missed the message saying that was all!
  21. 1. custom made Sizemore putter by Gene Nead. It fits my modest arc stroke tilted right. 2. 34.5", 67* lie angle, 4* loft, and full shaft offset. Not quite face balanced, and sits at 3:30 balanced on my finger. Superstroke 3.0 grip, but Putted better with the 2.0 I replaced, at least on fast greens. No sight lines or alignment aids. 3. Since May 2011. 4. I have a very slight arc tilted right, and swing with my right arm. My misses are right if I block the putt. My goal is to take it slightly inside on the takeaway, and release down the line. I have been using the method for a few months prior to purchasing this putter. 5. I am a 5 handicap, and putt slightly above my handicap average. I hit plenty of greens, but average 2.0 putts per GIR. Overall, I average 30.5 putts per round. About a 6.5? I took several Aimpoint classes several years ago prior to a two-year hiatus. Last year, after reading Every Shot Counts, my putts per round dropped because I played aggressively and focused most of my practice on the long game.
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