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  1. Stu..... there wasn't anything harsh about your post. I'm "older" but I haven't been playing near as long as a lot of you. I don't care for insert putters at all. I would rather use a plain face or milled face. I like the feel of the ball hitting the actual club face rather than an insert.
  2. I use Free Caddy. Gives you front , middle, and back to the pin. At my skill level, it works just fine.
  3. Well..... it was 52 and waaaaayyyyyy nice, considering it has been in the 20's and colder here for more than 2 weeks. I played with my brother and shot 80 even, considering we drank quite a bit of beer and a fair amount of bourbon...lol. I'll take it!
  4. I'm doing it all wrong. Obviously, I need to be using goff cubs to play this game.
  5. I just don't have the means to play courses that cost $50+ a round on weekends. I realize that is not expensive to some of you, but it is just beyond my means to do on a consistent basis. I do pay that a few times a year to play a few nice places with my buddies. Other than that, I pay $330 a year for my membership at my home course. That allows me to play 18 holes on weekends for $12.00 with a cart. I play enough during the year to get my money's worth.... and then some.
  6. My home course has no dress code at all. I've played in t-shirts with cut off sleeves when it was in the 90's during the Summer. Most courses in my area only require a shirt with sleeves, and a few require a shirt with a collar, other than that...........
  7. Starting well, only to have it go to s**t because I can't make short puts really pisses me off. It seems like a good start can always go wrong but, a bad round never seems to straighten out. Oh well..... PRACTICE!
  8. I'm using the Aldila R.I.P. right now. I'll have to try the Rogue out. Is the 915 still the same method of adjustment/attachment as the 913?
  9. I play 9 holes once a week for league and at least 18 holes once a week with my brother and a few friends. Sometimes it's 18 holes twice a week. I have been known to play 27 holes at a time, though.
  10. Honestly, I don't know why anyone worries about it. Golf is not a fast game. The majority of golf is played by people that really aren't good... in any way, at the game. Most of us can probably play an 18 hole round in under 4 hrs....... IF we could just play. It isn't going to happen. I'm not "good" compared to a lot of you. I CAN get around a golf course without too much trouble. I usually shoot in the low 80's..... take that for what it is. Most people on a golf course can't break 100, like that's a revelation to anyone on this forum. 4.5 hr. rounds are here to stay, like it or not.
  11. He's one of my favorite players. I root for him wherever he plays.
  12. I drive an awesome 1997 Dodge Ram 1500. It is complete with bald tires, rust everywhere, a headliner hanging down from every place that isn't a dome light or piece of trim, cloudy headlights, and a front end ready to give up the ghost. Other than those few detractors..... she's a beauty! What can I say..... I got left with all the junk and all the bills after the divorce.
  13. I'd settle for just rich about now.
  14. That was cool! Thanks for doing it..... and being a good sport.
  15. Now that I think about it, the ball has definitely changed. My first set of irons were Callaway X-12's. my next set was Mizuno MX-23's. Those were an improvement..... to me.
  16. I played 9 with my brother today. 46* and sunny..... nice day! I ended up shooting a +1 36 on the back 9. What an enjoyable day. I wish every time out was this much fun. Not just the score, but for some reason, the day was just special.
  17. I can't say there is a game changer that I've experienced, I started playing at 40 years of age. I'm 55 now. Most of what is out there now was out there when I started playing. It has been tweaked a little I'm sure, but I really don't see anything all that different from 15 years ago. Maybe I would say the adjustable hosel drivers?
  18. I think it's a combination of both. I know how my own problems have affected me on the golf course. You don't think they do, but they definitely do! I think he can come back and win a few more majors if he can get healthy and enough time has passed from his off course problem/s. It aint like he can't play!
  19. I don't care about new balls. I just hit em'...lol.
  20. I'd love to see him have a good season. He's just good for the game, no matter how you feel about him personally.
  21. I'm fairly sure we have all said a few self deprecating things to ourselves on a golf course. I don't think he should be fined for anything....just my opinion. How many times was Tiger fined for throwing F bombs on the course? Just sayin'.
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