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  1. I'm just the opposite. I don't care because I can't afford new clubs...lol.
  2. Does it use the same adjustable hosel as the last two models?
  3. Nice! It's even better that you got to do it with your boys.
  4. What could have been a very good round (for me) turned into a so, so round. Not bad, not great. I shot 78 and had 5 birdie opportunities in a row... and missed every one of them.
  5. This a very good topic. I agree with both Blade and Rookie, and the others that commented, as well. I started playing at 40. I'm almost 55 now. I can honestly say that perception had absolutely nothing to do with me not playing in my younger days, at least, not in the way that Blade meant. I was heavily involved in martial arts and tennis, well into my 20's. I always thought golf was silly...lol. I mean, who in their right mind wants to whack a little white ball hundreds of yards out into acres of grass and then walk after it? How is that even remotely fun? What could be so hard about tapping a ball into a hole? It wasn't until I worked with a few avid golfers that I decided to give it a try..... with much prodding from one particular co worker/buddy. Well, lets just say that I saw the light that day. I had so much fun hanging with these guys and "trying" to hit the damned ball!...lol. I've been hooked ever since. I think that unless you are brought up with/around the game, you probably don't/won't have much interest in it. It isn't an exciting game to watch on TV. Most young people are going to turn the channel. It isn't cheap to play compared to other sports/games. Tennis courts and ball fields are spread out through most cities where they are more accessible for people to get to. Golf courses tend to be out in the sticks or on the outskirts of cities, making access a little harder. I honestly don't think 5 hour rounds are the problem. That only seems to be a problem for the more accomplished player that wants to keep his round moving. I hate waiting to play, too. Having said that, I don't mind being at the course for half a day. When I play, I plan on it. I realize not everyone is like me...lol.I think golf is just going through a cyclical period right now. it will never go away or die out. It's just like everything else; it has boom and bust cycles. I do think Tiger is/was the reason so many younger people, and people of all ages decided to try the game. Until the next phenom comes along and ignites an interest in the game that the masses will pay attention to, interest in the game is going to wane a bit. The problem I do see is the reluctance of the established players (us older people) to adapt and change with the times. The youth of today have no use for whispering and being quiet. They have no use for, or interest in the "tradition" of the game. They have no use for wearing what they perceive to be "good clothes" to play a game in the grass, sand and dirt. They want to have fun. By and large, golf discourages the youth of today from playing the game because of it's antiquated ways. Face it, they are the future, and like it or not, golf is going to have to accommodate them at some time. If not, golf will become extremely exclusive, as there won't be nearly as many players or places to play.
  6. I shot 76 today. It's amazing how checking the ego at the door and putting the ball in play will help the score. Now, If I can just continue to do that!
  7. I'm sorry to hear that, Rookie. I know all too well how things change in a heartbeat. One day it's all good, the next, your world has fallen apart. You have my condolences, as well as her family.
  8. Whatever. Good luck to her but, who cares?
  9. My home course is always tougher when outings are held there. It's one of the harder courses to putt on in the area anyway but, it's doubly difficult during outings or "championship" type of play. the course isn't long but, it's tight to drive with lots of trouble for errant shots. As short as it is, it's one of the harder courses to score well on in the area.
  10. Well, I played in an outing today with some buddies from from work. Between all the beer you could possibly want and an almost "fluke" kind of day, we managed to shoot EVEN! We could have thrown $50 bills on the greens and we couldn't buy a birdie! At any rate, it was a great day and a lot of fun!
  11. Thanks R.P. All is well (as it can be for now) and I'm doing better and in a much better place now.. I hope things are progressing well for you too.
  12. That paragraph hits home with me. My brother and I play at least once a week together. We go to enjoy the day and each other's company. When we go, it is planned as "a day". We have a few beers, enjoy the nice day and the nice scenery. Why all the hurry to get it over with as fast as possible? Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of agonizingly slow play but, at the same time, I see no reason why golf should be a race to see how fast you can get through the course. 5 hours IS a long time to carve out of your day but, it does seem to be the norm at almost any course I play. If the course was filled with single digit and scratch players, I'm sure it would significantly speed up pace of play. The reality is that most players aren't that good.... and never will be, myself included. I can get around a golf course without any problem. My brother is a fairly new golfer. He can't play well enough to play faster. Most players are in his category. We take about 4.5 hrs. to play a round. When I play with a buddy of mine that is equal to, or a little better than me, we play a round in under 4 hrs....... sometimes. Well, I'm rambling, so, I'll just say............ it's not a race.... enjoy the day!
  13. I agree. Relax the atmosphere a little, let them play in tee shirts as long as they are "nice". Let them play in jeans (I wasn't allowed on a course earlier this year because I had a pair of "nice" jeans on). The music might be a bit much but, I understand "kids" wanting it. The only other sport that is as stuffy as golf about noise (talking) is tennis. To be honest, someone talking doesn't bother me in the least. If you can't hit your shot because someone is talking, you have other issues...lol. Alcohol: It's a golf course, not a bar! If you charge bar prices for beer, people are going to bring their own, even though it is strictly forbidden.... at least in Ohio. Charge state minimum and people will just buy their beer at the course, and not sneak in coolers. Seems like a no brainer to me. All in all, I think the stuffy, elitist attitude that encompasses golf is a leading factor why the younger crowd stays away. Yea, sometimes they annoy me too...lol. But, they are the future and they are coming to take our place, full steam ahead, like it or not. Time for golf to adapt.
  14. The place I normally go to buy equipment, which is a great golf shop, offers fitting. I just don't think they are "equipped" with the right personnel for that job. I'm in Massillon, which is right down the road from Canton. Mansfield and Cleveland are too far to go for me. If I could find someone fairly local that has a good reputation, I would seriously look into it. To be honest, I haven't really looked that hard to find someone close.
  15. Actually, I think most amateurs (all of us) don't get fit because they don't know anything about getting/being fit for clubs. I'd love to get fit for my clubs but, I don't have the money, time or a trustworthy place that is close, to have it done. Some day....
  16. My brother sent this to me. Be warned, there is some salty language. I hope you find it as entertaining as I did.
  17. My favorite type of course is the one I'm playing on. In all seriousness, I like courses with elevation changes. If any of you Ohio guys have ever played at Salt Fork, Longaberger, Oak Shadows or Mohican Hills, you what I'm talking about.
  18. Bobby Jones, Payne Stewart, John Bonham.
  19. I agree completely. I think the swing speed thing is a bunch of bunk. Yea, a hard, 2 pc. ball will go farther.... so what? if it isn't somewhat controllable around the green, the extra distance isn't really worth anything.
  20. I've always preferred "tour" balls. My swing speed is 100+ on average. I just seem to score better with them. That said, the Taylormade Project A sounds interesting. I'm going to pick up a sleeve and give them a try.
  21. I really think the 3-4 iron is hard to hit.... although, I can hit my 4 iron "fairly" consistent. On the other side, I find extremely lofted clubs difficult to hit consistently. I ditched my 60* in favor of a 58*. I still find it inconsistent on full swing shots.
  22. I watch the women play all the time. I almost enjoy watching them play more than the men because their game is a lot more like mine..... except 20 times better...lol.
  23. This! I get so p*ssed when I have to wait for the group in front of me/us to spend 10 minutes looking for a ball! 8ssed
  24. Free Caddie. Nothing elaborate but, it gives you yardage to front, middle and back of greens.
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