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  1. Since I switched to a tour ball for this season, I have not noticed any appreciable difference in performance off the driver. The real difference has been from 100 yds. and closer. Maybe it's the new wedges (SM4's),I don't know, but I sure like the way I can get the ball to check up on the greens. I was previously playing Bridgestone E6's and Titleist NXT Tours. I liked both equally well..... with a slight nod to the NXT's. I was intrigued with the Penta TP5 so, I decided to give it a try this season. I'm convinced that it is a superior ball to the other two. I realize I'm a mid capper. I
  2. Thank you. When I try to really rip a drive, I usually hook it. This would be because my arms are so far ahead of my body?
  3. I see your point, and after thinking about it, I agree with you. For the record, I'm not a Tiger hater at all. I love to watch him play. I'm not a fan of the man so much, but I don't watch him because he's a great guy!
  4. In light of the commercial that says: "what business do you have playing a tour ball?" What are your thoughts on this? I have switched to a tour ball for this season because I love the control it affords around the greens (TP5). Unless you are a raw beginner at the game, why would you have no business playing a tour ball? Even if you are a mid skill player (me) why should you not take advantage of what a tour ball offers in the short game?
  5. Having had very little success at shaping a shot, I'm just gonna go ahead and ask............. how do you hit a fade and a draw........... on purpose? I can hit a draw much easier than a fade because it seems to be natural for me. There are numerous occasions where I would love to fade the ball, but I just can't figure out how to do it. The same goes for a draw even though I have a bit more success with it. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. OK........... what beer are ya drinking these days? I'm enjoying a Stone "Sublimely Self Righteous Ale" at the moment.
  7. I don't give much credence to anything Faldo says. I don't dislike him, but he's just like the myriad of ex pro jocks that proliferate the air these days; they all say stupid s***.
  8. Wednesday was the official start of league play. I shot a dismal 45 on the back 9. I couldn't sink a par putt to save my life. I sure could make fantastic bogey putts, though!
  9. Personally, I was a bit disappointed that Tiger didn't disqualify himself. Having said that, The "rules committee" or whatever they are called, saw fit to levee the two stroke penalty instead of DQing him. I can live with it... so long as the same approach is taken with another player should the same thing happen in the future.
  10. Thoughts and prayers for all the victims. I hope they catch the piece/s of s*** that did this.
  11. I think Tiger was given a fair penalty. I will also say that allowing a TV viewer to call in and change the game is just ridiculous. Why couldn't the officials look for themselve's? I'm sure they had access to it just like the rest of us saw it. In any other sport/game calls are calls. Some are reviewed and some aren't. NEVER in any other sport/game is a TV viewer allowed to influence the outcome of the contest. The USGA needs to take a serious look in the mirror and decide where it goes from here as far as how rules are interpreted and penalties are meted out. It would behoove them to get
  12. Just terrible. I sure hope the two deaths are the only ones and the injured people recover. I'll be saying prayers for Boston and this country. The world is F***ed up and people generally disgust me these days.
  13. MGS owes no one any kind of explanation for who they decide to accept as a sponsor. The problems between a customer and a sponsor has no bearing on the integrity of MGS. If MGS were to decide to cancel the sponsorship they would owe none of us an explanation for doing so. The relationship between Krank and their customers, and Krank and MGS is no one's business but said parties. I've read enough to know that I will never order from Krank, other than that, the rest is none of my business.
  14. Very nice work. Is the grip section Cocobolo?
  15. I use Free Caddie all the time. It seems fairly accurate for a free app, probably within a 5 yard variance. That's close enough at my skill level.
  16. I would say I'm probably a mid capper (84-80 regularly.) I vary between 101-105 on LM's whenever I hit on them.
  17. I don't swing like a robot, so................. I never buy anything I don't hit first.
  18. Green label what? LOL....never mind. I should have scrolled down a few more. Enjoy that JW Green..... they aren't making it any more.
  19. I'm hoping to knock 3-4 strokes off my rounds this year. I average 84-80 per round. I would like to post a few rounds in the 70's. I managed to do it three times last year, but my average round was still 84-80. If I can take a few strokes off, maybe I'll see a few more scores in the 70's.
  20. Ok..... the beer post is awesome! I'm at work and wanting a Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale, now.
  21. Exactly what I thought when I heard that.
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