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    Golf and Fishing. Yard Sales with my wife (gets me more golf time).
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  1. Dan Honoraville, Alabama Wilson Duo Soft and OnCore Elixer I played Top Flite when I first started playing and it was a rock. I played the Gamer until they dropped it and it was a big improvement. I would like to try the new Gamer to see if there is any improvement from the original.
  2. Dan / Honoraville, Alabama I have never had a hitting net PRGR Red Eye Pocket (used w/ SuperSpeed Trainer
  3. Dan - Honoraville, Alabama RH First Choice - Hybrid VKTR+ 18* Recoil ES F3 Reg Second Choice - 3 wood 14* MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 Reg 14 4 iron
  4. Dan Honoraville, Alabama Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 14 95 TSi2
  5. Dan Corun / Honoraville, AL / USA Cleveland Frontline Elevado Tomcat 14
  6. dcorun

    Bigg Golf ?

    I'll stick with the OnCore Elixer. A really good ball which was just reduced to $30.
  7. Dan / Honoraville, Alabama 85-90 Cleveland Launcher CBX
  8. Dan / Honoraville, Alabama 460 89 (PRGR Portable Launch Monitor)
  9. 68 - Honoraville, Alabama 86-88 Average I'm retired & I have plenty of time to do the program.
  10. Dan Honoraville, Alabama 16 Cleveland CBX 4-PW CBX 50* & 54 * wedges T200
  11. Dan - Alabama 16 Cleveland CBX 140
  12. Dan - Alabama Miyasaki 5R 88-90 More speed, accuracy & distance. I have access to a launch monitor and can play outside right now in Alabama.
  13. Dan Corun / Alabama Sprinkler Heads and Stakes I'm old school, but knowing my exact yardages would help my overall game and what to work on.
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