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    Golf and Fishing. Yard Sales with my wife (gets me more golf time).
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  1. I haven't hit the Sim2 but for me the 0811 XF is the best driver I've played in quite awhile. Sim, F9, G30.
  2. dcorun

    Sub70 golf

    I'm currently playing the 699 irons & Pro Fairway 4 Wood. Great clubs and Great price.
  3. I'm working on hitting my irons higher so I can get those Pinnacles to stop quicker.
  4. I've been playing golf a long time and I still don't enjoy losing golf balls. I play the Callaway Supersoft yellow ball and it has very good distance, decent spin around the greens and costs $20 a dz. I'd go with this ball for now.
  5. I would recommend the drive to Purcell Farms. Ross Bridge and Oxmoor Valley are very good. Another very fine course is Timberline in Calera just a short drive south of Birmingham. The Valley Course at Oxmoor is closed until Oct. 30 but the Ridge is the better of the two IMHO.
  6. It's seems the courses I played years ago are still favorites. Tidewater, Glen Dornoch, Aberdeen, Thistle, Pearl (East Course), Carolina National and Arrowhead are some of my favorites. Have a great time.
  7. Driver - Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 10.5* Miyazaki C.Kua 5R Fairway - Sub 70 Pro 4 Wood 16.5* Project X HL 5.5 Hybrid - Sub 70 949X 3H 19* UST PROFORCE V2 Hybrid F3 Irons - Sub 70 699 4-PW UST Recoil 660 SC F3 Wedges - Cleveland CBX 50* & 54* CBX 2 58* Rotex Wedge Flex Putter - Sub 70 Sycamore 005 Putter Ball - TaylorMade Tour Response (Yellow) GPS - Still Deciding which model to get.
  8. I already play the 949X Pro. It is the 3H with the UST Proforce V2 shaft. If hybrids go left on you like me just drop the heavy weight in the toe which I did and goodbye left. My SS is 88-90 and I'm a 14HC and the Pro works great for me. Good Luck everyone.
  9. Dan / Honoraville, Alabama 87-92 Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Miyazaki C. Kua 5 R Flex No I don't know why the picture posted and I can't delete it.
  10. Dan Honoraville, Alabama Wilson Duo Soft and OnCore Elixer I played Top Flite when I first started playing and it was a rock. I played the Gamer until they dropped it and it was a big improvement. I would like to try the new Gamer to see if there is any improvement from the original.
  11. Dan / Honoraville, Alabama I have never had a hitting net PRGR Red Eye Pocket (used w/ SuperSpeed Trainer
  12. Dan - Honoraville, Alabama RH First Choice - Hybrid VKTR+ 18* Recoil ES F3 Reg Second Choice - 3 wood 14* MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 Reg 14 4 iron
  13. Dan Honoraville, Alabama Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 14 95 TSi2
  14. Dan Corun / Honoraville, AL / USA Cleveland Frontline Elevado Tomcat 14
  15. dcorun

    Bigg Golf ?

    I'll stick with the OnCore Elixer. A really good ball which was just reduced to $30.
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