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  1. I concentrate on an object in the distance on the line I want to start the ball and commit to the shot. Swing to that target is my only thought.
  2. I was just curious how many if any of you are still playing the Proforce V2 shaft. I've played it for years in my driver, hybrids & FW. It just fits my swing better than any shaft I've tried including the latest and greatest. The price is more than reasonable also.
  3. Manual De La Torre - 'Understanding the Golf Swing' & Harvey Penick's 'Little Red Book' two great books on the golf swing for us ordinary golfers without a physics degree.
  4. There are a few but, the Cleveland Classic XL driver comes to mind right now.
  5. I was playing the Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo before buying the PXG 0811. The sound to me is like a solidly hit baseball with an aluminum bat. Solid and not tinging but, a whack is the best way to describe it. I enjoyed playing the Launcher but, everyone on the course knew where I was when I hit it. I've played about 6 rounds and I still stand by my previous post.
  6. I haven't hit the Sim2 but for me the 0811 XF is the best driver I've played in quite awhile. Sim, F9, G30.
  7. I'm currently playing the 699 irons & Pro Fairway 4 Wood. Great clubs and Great price.
  8. I'm working on hitting my irons higher so I can get those Pinnacles to stop quicker.
  9. I've been playing golf a long time and I still don't enjoy losing golf balls. I play the Callaway Supersoft yellow ball and it has very good distance, decent spin around the greens and costs $20 a dz. I'd go with this ball for now.
  10. I would recommend the drive to Purcell Farms. Ross Bridge and Oxmoor Valley are very good. Another very fine course is Timberline in Calera just a short drive south of Birmingham. The Valley Course at Oxmoor is closed until Oct. 30 but the Ridge is the better of the two IMHO.
  11. It's seems the courses I played years ago are still favorites. Tidewater, Glen Dornoch, Aberdeen, Thistle, Pearl (East Course), Carolina National and Arrowhead are some of my favorites. Have a great time.
  12. Driver - Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 10.5* Miyazaki C.Kua 5R Fairway - Sub 70 Pro 4 Wood 16.5* Project X HL 5.5 Hybrid - Sub 70 949X 3H 19* UST PROFORCE V2 Hybrid F3 Irons - Sub 70 699 4-PW UST Recoil 660 SC F3 Wedges - Cleveland CBX 50* & 54* CBX 2 58* Rotex Wedge Flex Putter - Sub 70 Sycamore 005 Putter Ball - TaylorMade Tour Response (Yellow) GPS - Still Deciding which model to get.
  13. Dan / Honoraville, Alabama 87-92 Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Miyazaki C. Kua 5 R Flex No I don't know why the picture posted and I can't delete it.
  14. Dan Honoraville, Alabama Wilson Duo Soft and OnCore Elixer I played Top Flite when I first started playing and it was a rock. I played the Gamer until they dropped it and it was a big improvement. I would like to try the new Gamer to see if there is any improvement from the original.
  15. Dan / Honoraville, Alabama I have never had a hitting net PRGR Red Eye Pocket (used w/ SuperSpeed Trainer
  16. Dan - Honoraville, Alabama RH First Choice - Hybrid VKTR+ 18* Recoil ES F3 Reg Second Choice - 3 wood 14* MRC Tensei CK Blue 70 Reg 14 4 iron
  17. Dan Honoraville, Alabama Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo 14 95 TSi2
  18. Dan Corun / Honoraville, AL / USA Cleveland Frontline Elevado Tomcat 14
  19. dcorun

    Bigg Golf ?

    I'll stick with the OnCore Elixer. A really good ball which was just reduced to $30.
  20. Dan / Honoraville, Alabama 85-90 Cleveland Launcher CBX
  21. Dan / Honoraville, Alabama 460 89 (PRGR Portable Launch Monitor)
  22. 68 - Honoraville, Alabama 86-88 Average I'm retired & I have plenty of time to do the program.
  23. Dan Honoraville, Alabama 16 Cleveland CBX 4-PW CBX 50* & 54 * wedges T200
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