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  1. That's the beautiful thing about adjustable drivers. In the time it took to write this post you could just adjust the driver to draw and test it out either on course or at the range. Don't like it? In the time it takes to read this reply you could adjust it back and work on the swing issue causing the problem But as others have mentioned the draw setting at the hosel typically just makes the lie angle more upright.
  2. Wow, the more things change, the more they stay the same Feels like deja vu all over again and I'm getting PTSD from picking testers a couple years ago just from reading all this. My only advice is saying please don't sweat it to our current mods. You guys are doing a fantastic job and there will always be posters who just don't get the MGS vibe and goals of the forum. Keep up the great work!
  3. Just curious, is there a reason you are looking for something to modify first vs just buying an armlock?
  4. I have a Superspeed set I haven't started using yet, but after reading this I'm very intrigued by the stack system. Not so much for the protocols but more for the app and ease of use. So went and tweeted at Superspeed about an app and they actually replied and said they are working on it. It'd be very nice to just watch a quick video, then repeat it in real life and enter input numbers as I go. Hopefully it comes out soon.
  5. I'm all the same grip, unless I get a new club. Then I will just use the grip it came with for a little bit until it gets slick and replace with my normal grip. Do you happen to install grips with air? If so just blow it off and add a layer of two of blue painters tape and try it again. Rinse and repeat until comfortable.
  6. hckymeyer


  7. Thanks guys, spent the day on the couch watching The Masters, it was a good day
  8. Question 1 has been covered pretty well, no issues with the scenario as you described it. He asked, you answered truthfully. Along those same lines...you asked question #2 so I'm going to give my opinion Blades shouldn't exist. There is absolutely zero performance reason to ever play them. A ton of pro's don't even play them. A flushed shot feels just as good with any club. Why would you ever want to make the game harder??? The ONLY reason I can even think of to ever play blades is pure ego. /rant Seriously though, I do believe that just about everyone would benefit from playing a more forgiving club, Unless you have dime size wear spots on your clubs like Tiger you would most likely benefit from more forgiving irons. I am a strong believer in play what makes you happy though. So if blades give you more enjoyment on the course then have at it.
  9. You probably have room to do that, just be aware that it will stiffen the flex a little bit. Personally I'd either deal with the 1/4" short or just extend the long irons to achieve your desired playing length.
  10. Same solution too. Make sure the tool are using has the proper torque, tighten until it clicks. If that doesn't fix the issue then try replacing the screw and washer.
  11. Just looking at Sub70 as an example, I think their stuff is fairly reasonably priced compared to many others. Hats range mostly $25-$30. Hoodies $40-$60, Polo $50. In the grand scheme of golf apparel pricing I'd say they are squarely in the middle. I think when looking around in our current time we can also blame a global pandemic and inflation for a fair amount of the pricing. I feel like 5ish years ago Titleist visor's were around $20. Now they are $35. Hat's used to be $22-$25, now they are $37. Just in the last year they've went up $2-$5. To answer the other side of the post...most smaller brands don't have big budgets. When you are buying SWAG items like hats, shirts, hoodie's etc, You have 2 choices on how to get a lower price. First is to buy lower quality. This is a surefire way to not get repeat customers and possibly tank your main product focus. You don't want to be the OEM selling stuff nobody wears and people complain about on social. The 2nd way to get lower prices is buy in huge quantity. Not really an option for a smaller brand being responsible with their money and also having to invest in their main product. So yeah, people want swag and want to promote the brands they love. But the brands have to front the money for those items and getting something of decent enough quality to satisfy, but cheap enough to sell through, is probably a hard problem to solve. So the end result is we get something in line with pretty much everybody else. Plus if you are going to be throwing in a hat with a club purchase you have to make up that cost somewhere else.
  12. I feel like there is much higher margin in apparel than in the clubs. It's why all the "influencers" try to get big enough to offer merch. And while I don't have an answer for you, I feel your pain. Not just from club OEM's too but from smaller apparel brands. I'd love to support the little guy, but I can't justify dropping $100+ dollars on one Waggle 1/4 zip or hoodie. Unfortunately I only see prices going up in our current economy. Guess I'll searching the clearance racks next to you for a while
  13. I'm assuming that's a question not a statement. And no, a G15 and a Big Bertha will have different CG locations, different spin characteristics, different MOI etc. It's not going to be the same.
  14. If you lose a ball on a hole, as soon as you move on to the next hole it's fair game for anyone to find it and is no longer yours. Personally in your explained situation I would have done the exact same as cnosil. If i found it I'd offer it back, if it was mine and someone tried to give it back I'd either say no, or I'd take and offer to buy them a drink. At my course we have a rule between a bunch of guys. We all know what type of ball and markings each other use, so if you find someone's ball and give it back to them then they owe you a drink. It's rather fun presenting someone's ball back to them at the bar
  15. I'm also a big Borderlands fan. Have a Switch and Xbox One and don't play a ton anymore. Breath of the Wild was amazing though and picked up Immortals Fenyx Rising off a recommendation of it being similar and really enjoyed that one. I play the Lego games with my kids and we are waiting on the release of the new Star Wars Lego game. For family games we also do Mario Kart and Mario Party
  16. My course allows personal carts. Like the guys above mentioned we have a trail fee and must carry insurance.
  17. They fixed the first image of it, but forgot the 2nd smaller one down in the spec list.
  18. I've had cast clubs bent, at the time my guy said he could do it but wouldn't every go more than 2 degree's either way with cast clubs. Put it this way, Mizuno isn't making custom molds to cast your irons 2 degrees up. They are bending them after. I'm just guessing here, but the shop probably ordered direct from mizuno with your specs. They (like you) just assumed they came in correctly. They should have checked when they came in but honestly it's fairly common for custom orders from big OEM's to not be correct on spec. Some are better than others at it but I hear horror stories all the time. I'd call the place you got them from first. Just explain you finally had the lie angles checked and they are off, ask if they can do anything. Just be nice about it and understand it's been a year and they might not offer anything. Depending how that conversation goes just call around to some local builders and see if anyone is comfortable (and experienced) with bending them to the spec you want. Good luck!
  19. I think short term we will continue to see higher prices. Combination of inflation and supply shortage due to raw materials and shipping logistics. I've already seen Titleist is not doing the buy 3 dozen get 1 dozen free for balls this year. The boom of people playing more and used equipment prices will also continue for a bit. Lack of other things to do because of covid and increased discretionary spending because there was nothing else to do and nowhere to travel is still there, but as inflation continues to rise that will slowly go away. Long term I think we are in a bubble and it will burst. Much like the Peloton company golf is in a covid boom and eventually the ship will right itself. As people leave golf we will see an influx of used clubs on the market and those prices will come back down. If less demand the supply will catch up and hopefully we will see a return to normal (ish) pricing. I doubt things will every get cheaper, but hopefully will increase as a slower pace for stay stagnant for a while. Anyway that's my .02 Probably about what my opinion is worth.
  20. Generally highest $ amt will come from selling yourself on a site like mygolfspy or golfwrx in the classified sections, or on Facebook in the club traders group. Depending on what you are buying many sites will run promo's with 50% bonus value on trade-in with new club purchase. Check Globalgolf, Golf Galaxy/Dicks, PGA Superstore, Callawaygolfpreowned, 2ndSwing etc. Then there is always ebay but they take a 10% cut off the top of the sale (roughly I think, haven't sold on there in a long time). I usually take a look at trade in values from several sites, then also check sold listing prices on ebay to get an idea of the value range you can expect. I've most often found if you can find a site offering 50% bonus trade-in value on the new club you want to buy that's where you'll get the best value for the least amount of hassle. If selling yourself make sure to factor in the cost of shipping and paypal fee's to your net profit.
  21. Sent you a PM, I'll take it if it's still available
  22. The people at my club that have them really enjoy them. Get the benefits of walking without the hassle of carrying or pushing something around. Not really sure how much hassle they are though if you get a good one. I'd imagine it's kind of like buying a good tool. Spend the money and get something good and it hurts once when you buy it. Buy something cheap and low quality and it hurts every time you use it.
  23. Personally I'd be looking at the length, lie angles and swing weight before adjusting any loft. Doesn't matter what loft you have on a club if you hitting turf and not the ball.
  24. Yes check that chart, but 4 wraps is pretty close. I use PURE grips and it was just easier for swing weight purposes to stick with standard size grips and build them up vs going with midsize grips.
  25. I also regrip with air and use 4 wraps of blue painters tape the full length. That's the beauty of regripping with air though, put on some layers and try it out. If it's too big or too small just blow the grip off and add or remove layers until you get the feel you are looking for. To speed up the process take your irons, say 6i-9i and do 3, 4, 5 & 6 wraps under each. Then head to the range and see which feels best. Beats doing one, hitting balls, then going home and trying all over again.
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