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  1. Rather than bending them just do what all the OEM's are doing these days. Take a sharpie and cross out the 7. Write an 8 on it. Boom, now you are hitting 8i as far as you used to hit 7i. Then add an extra wedge at the bottom of the bag.
  2. Everybody I know that entered got it, myself included. Current plan is buy tickets and go. They seem pricier than the tickets 4 years ago in MN so probably just one day.
  3. Great pictures and vote has been cast
  4. I did it myself last time too. Made a DIY battery strap with some chain and carabiners and it worked great. So much easier to get them out of the cart compared to doing it by hand without the strap.
  5. Good find on the lithium upgrade, I'll definitely look in to that for next time. Last time I'd looked in to it was a few years ago and there was no direct drop in solution. Still cost at least $2k and you had to get a new charger and change the wiring in your cart. 4 new 12v Trojans run me $800 up here. Doesn't matter if I install or have the dealer do it, same price. I can usually get 4-6 years out of a set so I'm a ways away from having to replace again. If they truly last 5x as long and only cost twice as much it really does seem like a no brainer to go lithium.
  6. I agree, that would be a cool idea. Probably more for a site like golfballs.com or any of the various used golf ball sites. The issue would be how to price it? Most of those balls all have various prices per dozen so I can see it getting difficult to price out a custom dozen balls. Most pro shops do sell balls by the sleeve though, they just tend to cost more than buying by the dozen. But if a place figured out a way to do this without a mark up compared to the price of a dozen of all the same ball I'd probably try it out next time I'm looking for a different ball to play.
  7. It's not the only account like that. Also found @mgsisbs I guess that's how you know you make it though. The first step is imitation (we've had plenty of those over the years) and now it's moved on to bashing.
  8. hckymeyer


  9. Good - Grip is on all the way, stays on and doesn't twist Bad - Isn't fully seated, not aligned the way you wanted, twists after you've played for a bit
  10. Full disclosure, I haven't read through the 8 pages of posts... Just on the last few pages I've seen a few posts loving the durability, I'm on the opposite side. I played the XV last season in yellow for a couple months and loved it. Got a great deal on balls this year with the XV again on the new model and have been playing it all year. Maybe it's the white version vs the yellow I had last season, but I feel like can't through a round with out significant scuffs on the ball. It's not cart paths or tree's (although I've hit both and had to retire the ball) but even a well struck wedge from the fairway will from time to time put a mark on the ball. Maybe I'm just not losing as many this year so each ball is getting more shots, but I keep finding that by the time I'm done with 18 holes there are enough scuffs on the cover that I don't feel comfortable putting it back in play next round. Anyone else seeing this?
  11. The key to hiding clubs is to just keep enough around that you can add a few and they don't stand out. Hiding in plain sight!
  12. No and no. Upgraded probably isn't the best wording for non-stock shafts. Aftermarket would probably be a better choice. There are quite a few OEM's that are using "real deal" shafts as their stock shafts these days. Unfortunately it's not everyone and you will still see "made-for" shafts in many places as well. The big thing with shafts isn't about upgrading or just buying an aftermarket shaft. It's about finding the best fit for your specific swing. That may very well be the stock shaft in a driver, it may be an aftermarket shaft that is relatively inexpensive, it also may be an extremely expensive exotic shaft. The only way to find out is to play them and preferably get fit by a good fitter. Also the same shaft may perform differently in different driver heads. If you get fit enough times and really know your game you will find tendencies and shaft profiles that generally make a good match for your swing, but there is absolutely no guarantee that a fancy new aftermarket shaft will perform the same for you across different driver heads. I guess to sum it up, the best route to take is to get fit. It's not about stock vs aftermarket or expensive vs inexpensive. It's just about finding the best fit for your swing.
  13. 1) what is your hdcp? 4 2) how often do you play? 1-2 times a week (18 hole rounds plus maybe a drunken scramble) 3) how often do you practice? What's "practice" ? 4) how long is your practice and how many balls do you hit? If I have time I'll hit 5-10 balls to warm up, if I don't I get a drink 5) how do you practice? I just try to play more
  14. Also 80% of the rangers at my course. Zero chance of them helping to find a ball while you're playing, but in the evening when it's not busy they are just walking up and down the rough and fescue looking for balls.
  15. I throw them in the basket of my cart. If someone needs to hit a provisional just grab from there. Then if you find your ball you just leave the provisional. If I'm running late to the tee box I'll also grab a couple from the basket and hit a couple drives in to the woods from the first tee as a quick warm up. Last use is grab from the basket when we do our weekly drunken scramble after league. If it's an errant shot just leave it and grab another. I also have 5 & 8 yr old boys so any "cool" balls I give them to them. They currently have a fascination with Truvis and any matte color ball.
  16. You're going to get both sides of the camp on that question, but here's my thoughts... Everybody can benefit from a fitting. Might even be more important when starting out. At a minimum I think it's very important to get proper lengths and lie angles as well as a shaft flex that's in the ball park for your swing. If you don't have those things you could just be developing bad habits in your swing due to improperly fit clubs. You might not need to dial in a full bag fitting to the same extent as the pro's, but getting the basics done can absolutely help when starting out and trying to dial in a swing.
  17. Yes, some clubs have spiffs attached, some have higher margin, some get a bonus on sell through. That said some reps just like a certain club or brand and will push that based on personal experience. If you are just talking course pro shops though, they typically don't have the sell through of a retail store and will only carry one or two OEM's.
  18. I use the frogger brush, mix of nylon and brass and I've never thought twice about it. It's a non-issue, hitting a shot out of a bunker will put more abrasive force on your club than you ever could cleaning it with a brush.
  19. Ha ha...whoops. Great idea and reading is hard some times
  20. The only class I went to was the school of YouTube and reading golf forums. But it would be very cool to see it in person, a review on an in person class would be a great read!
  21. Awesome experience @jlukes and thanks for a great write up! You mentioned the "temporary" putter change, but did you go through any putter fitting stuff while you were there?
  22. Kind of surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, but do you have any golfing buddies with newer clubs you could try out at the range? That would be my first stop if I was unable to be fit. See if anyone I golf with has what I'm interested in and try it out. As far as main criteria I would think about. What is it I want out of a new club compared to what I'm playing? Do you want more distance? Foregiveness? Workability? Consistency? Without knowing what you want out of a new club it's hard to point anyone in a direction to go. So I'd first figure out what you want out of a new club. Then exhaust all local options of being able to hit something similar. Then make use of the various online fitting tools from the different OEMs, both the club manufactures and the shaft OEM's. After that make a best guess and try to find a head/shaft combo that you like. Best of luck with the search!
  23. hckymeyer

    Glide 3.0

    I highly doubt I'll ever hit them or buy them, but I really dig the eye 2 look. Great way to cash in on the high toe movement but not get yelled at for copying Cally (cough TM cough). Too bad they can't be grandfathered in to the groove rule though
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