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  1. Odyssey stroke lab 7s and some Nike Vapor Pro BOA shoes.
  2. I'd play in a heartbeat and DVR the Masters, however it's still white outside instead of green so I'll be glued to the TV tomorrow morning.
  3. Nicely done Rev, looks like it was a great time!
  4. Still snowing right now as I type this. I don't think we got quite as much snow here as they originally thought, it's less than a foot anyway. In the span of about 30 minutes yesterday we has almost every type of weather we get in MN. 66mph wind gust, thunder, lighting, snow, sleet, rain and hail. I wish I was kidding. Kids had no school yesterday and a 2hr delay this morning. Might have to go putter shopping this afternoon and at least I have The Masters on TV. Funny side note, some of our snow was light brown yesterday and everyone wanted to know why. Meteorologist answered it on the news last night. This storm is so big, and the winds so strong, that it was a dust plume from New Mexico that turned our snow brown. They actually showed the dust plume on radar it was so big.
  5. That looks awesome, where did you play? We just came home from a Hilton Head vacation a week ago. I only got to play once. The course was in great shape, a little on the shorter side but the greens were amazingly fast. I ended up shooting 7 under! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. MN Wild, but alas they sucked the last half of the season and missed the playoffs. Now I'm just looking forward to golf
  7. Haven't been in that position, but the first thing I'd try is putting in a screw a little bigger than the inside diameter. Hit it with the head gun and try to pull it out with some pliers.
  8. @hckymeyer on both Insta and Twitter
  9. Thanks guys, got to play yesterday and hanging out with the family today!
  10. hckymeyer


    This is from 2011. While the testing methodology of MGS has progressed leaps and bounds since this test it's still pretty cool. https://mygolfspy.com/mygolfspy-labs-golf-tee-wars/
  11. I guess the title pretty much says it all. I'm very excited because my course opened for the season today and I get to golf again. All is right with the world again.
  12. I guess for me if a ball can't make it through 18 because the cover sucks it doesn't really matter what the price point is. There are too many other great options at very good prices to waste time with a ball like that. Glad you found a ball you like though!
  13. Use a 60 degree instead of a 56 and open up the face.
  14. Twice here as well. The first time I had a different position with the same company before my 2 weeks were up so it was pretty stress free. The 2nd time was about 3-4 years ago and I'm still unemployed. Ok, that's not entirely accurate. I tell people I'm retired, but my wife and I talked and decided that I would become a stay at home dad for our 2 boys. My oldest is in 2nd grade now and my youngest is finishing his last year of pre-school and will start kindergarten in the fall. I just recently started working a few hours a week at my buddies industrial paint shop (think industrial parts and screen printing, not cars or houses). I will probably just work more there once the kids are both in school. At this point in time I have no plans to go back to corporate life. It was scary for a while the 2nd time I was laid off, I did play some extra golf and enjoyed a month or so of relaxing before we let our nanny go and confirmed I would be a stay at home dad. So I guess for me it was spending some extra time with my family, getting to golf and hang out with my friends a little more, and picking up some hobbies that helped me to handle the layoff. I built a forge and started tinkering with blacksmithing and started making ball markers and divot tools for myself.
  15. Depending on the level of communication and interaction it's probably better than off the rack. Nothing will replace a quality in person fitting though. I'm based in MN and haven't heard of this, any idea what the company is called?
  16. I can't believe nobody has answered "my preciousssss" yet
  17. I'm not exactly a skinny jeans type of guy, my golf shorts have some room in them so I've never had an issue getting the tee out when I have a glove on. Or go with plan B, just grab the stuff out of your pocket before you put your glove on.
  18. Back pockets empty. Front left is one tee. Front right is ball mark repair tool and a ball marker. Between holes the GOLF ball I'm playing goes in front left pocket with the tee. That's it clean and simple. I also own my own cart so glove gets stuck to a piece of velcro on the underside of the roof. Extra stuff (balls, tee's, phone, wallet etc) is just in the cart.
  19. There is really only 2 ways to avoid golfers tan. Completely cover up everything to keep the sun away, or do enough other things aside from golf to tan the area's you can't while golfing. I try to wear sleeveless shirts and flip flops or bare feet when I mow the yard to cut down on some of the tan lines. We also got a pool last summer so now there is plenty of time in a swim suit to help alleviate the golfers tan. Bottom line though is that if you play golf often you will end up with tan lines. A few little things you can do on the course as well. After a shot take off your glove, just remember to put it back on as you are approaching your ball instead of after you get there. Helps speed up pace of play. If you wear a hat or visor you can also take it off for a couple holes, then put it back on for a couple holes.
  20. We are going to be there 3/31 - 4/4. Just started looking at courses. Harbour Town would be amazing, but it's $369 a round!! Plus if I play at all there it would be max one round so not planning on bringing my clubs. So another $75 for rentals.
  21. Just saw that Costco has come out with the Kirkland Signature golf glove. Full cabretta leather glove and a 4-pack for $20. On paper that looks like a sweet deal and a great place to stock up on gloves. I generally prefer something with a little flair of color but at $5 a glove it's going to be very hard to not try these. Has anyone seen them in stores yet? https://www.costco.com/Kirkland-Signature-Leather-Golf-Glove-4-pack-with-Ball-Marker.product.100480253.html
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