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  1. For my 2nd program The Stack recommended one called Neural Drive. I'm a few weeks in and doing Max swings and the last two session have seen pretty fun bumps in speeds. Again keep in mind this is a Max swing so harder than anything I would ever do on the course, but it's still fun to see these numbers!! First one is the 195g actual swing speed for the session. On my last session I avg 115mph but had two swings that hit 117mph which is by far a personal best. I thought the first one was a mis-read from the PRGR but then I did it again Second one is the calculated driver speed (again based on Max swing)
  2. Don't really need to test this, it's just math. Each 1" of shaft length with driver is worth 1-2 MPH of swing speed. Each MPH of swing speed is worth about 2.5yds. Shaft length was already limited down from 48" to 46". If they lower it further it's really just picking on the taller guys and making them swing differently with driver.
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    Used set of mens Superspeed sticks. Grips are a little slick, if you want 3 green PURE pro grips to replace them I can send along in the package, just let me know. There is also a floor contact mark on one of the sticks, nothing that affects performance at all. Pretty simple though, just the sticks. I'm testing The Stack system and don't need these anymore. Let me know if you want closer pics or anymore details. Looking for $80 shipped in the lower 48.


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    Lightly used Rogue ST LS πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž 9 degree driver. Will sell as head only, shaft only or all together. Used for a couple rounds and went back to SLDR as usual πŸ™‚ Shaft is the stock Tensei White 75 in X-Flex. Let me know if you need any more info or pictures. Some brush/tee marks on the sole, but no dings, dents or scratches. Shipping included to the lower 48. Head only - $180 Shaft only - $80 Full Club - $230


    , Minnesota - US

  5. I don't personally know anyone who does this specific combo, but why are you questioning if you can do it? Pretty much any athletic type of endeavor is going to be beneficial for your golf game.
  6. If you need a referral code for $50 off just hit one of us testers up.
  7. From a course recovery perspective....Not fixing ball marks on the green is worse. Takes longer to recover if not fixed, or not fixed properly. Our GM did a test and took 3 divots on the side of the range. Replaced one, seeded one and left one untouched. All took about 2 weeks to recover. From a playing the course perspective... I can fix ball marks on the green, but I can't fix divots in the fairway. So I'd rather my ball have a ball mark in the way than be in a divot. Personal perspective ... Not fixing a ball mark is worse. There's just no reason not to fix it other than pure laziness. A divot may not be fixed if you didn't take the roots, or ran out of sand/seed, or the pelt kinda blew apart on you.
  8. I use the app for tons of workouts. Basically anytime I'm not on the bike it's through the app on my phone. I got a bunch of different dumbbells to do the strength workouts at home. I really like the Yoga classes as well. I had never done Yoga before so I started with a beginner Yoga program through the app and really got in to it when rehabbing from golfers/tennis elbow. I do the stretch workouts pretty much every day. I liked Sasho's warm up through the Stack program, but I prefer to do a 5 min strength warm up and then a 10 minute full body stretch on the Peloton app before speed training. It works better for my body. I have done a meditation, but it's not really my thing. A good 5-10 minute Stretch workout does the same thing for me and I feel better after. I haven't done any of the Pilates but my wife likes doing those along with the Barre classes. I also like the Walking classes, I do them on a treadmill but they also have some outdoor ones you can do. Bottom line I am a big fan of the Peloton classes and app, it might not be for everyone, but it's been amazing for my wife and I. If you want a 60 day guest pass instead of the 30 day trial just shoot me a PM and I can send you a link. I don't get anything for it being used, but it would double your free trial period.
  9. Could always use the pro v's you find on the course but don't want to game. Like Greg mentioned the Maxfli tour's are a great ball at a good price. You could also go Costco balls if you just want a cheap urethane ball. Last option would be to stick with your gamer ball, but buy some 5A mint condition when you can find a deal. Just make sure you stick with recycled and stay far far away from refinished or refurbished.
  10. I'm in the Peloton ecosystem. We have an actual Peloton bike, a different brand treadmill and a bunch of weights. I use the Peloton workouts and do lots of different stuff. I lift, bike, walk/run, yoga and stretch. Now I have added in The Stack speed training. I don't usually take days off from Peloton (I'm on a 80-ish day streak right now) but I will mix up all the workouts. So right now I try to lift 2x a week and Stack 2-3x a week, then a mixture of bike, walk/run or yoga on the other days. For lifting I will either do it same day as Stack and just make sure to do the speed training first, or I'll lift the day after Stack and have 48hrs before speed training. So far it seems to be working for me as far as how my body feels. So that's what's been working for me, is there anything specific you were wondering besides this?
  11. Anybody check if the referral codes stack on Black Friday deals yet? I would guess no but it's always worth a shot. And yes for anyone in the market all of us testers have the ability to generate a referral code. Feel free to PM any of us for one if you need it.
  12. I have a PRGR but don't take it to the range much (I also don't go to the range much). Have you checked out the main MGS page lately? They have done Best Launch Monitors for the past several years. It's an excellent resource to see the pros/cons of the more popular options and you can search pricing from there. Here's the link to the technology reviews, just scroll through and you can see the past couple years. https://mygolfspy.com/buyers-guides/golf-technology/
  13. I owned Superspeed for over a year, but to be completely honest I did exactly one session. Then tweeted at them about their making an app to track sessions. They said it was coming soon. I was annoyed with stopping every swing to write down the numbers. I know not a big deal for some but much like tying shoes is for suckers when BOA exists, I would prefer to just say the speed out loud and have something automatically track it. So I decided I'd just wait to start until the app was ready, but it's a year and half later and still no app. Bottom line I much prefer The Stack.
  14. I've had this one for about 7 years and still works great. https://clubpro.com/product/3-x-4-universal-enclosure-2/ I live on the course and have a personal cart so it get's a lot of use. If you play in any sort of inclement weather it's a great addition. It really makes any rainy, cold or super windy day bearable.
  15. It's certainly plausible the guy was cheating, but I have so many questions that make me wonder if it was just something else? I've never heard of vaseline on the golf ball, that just don't make sense. It would only be beneficial for a maximum of 14 shots a round. Plus as soon as the ball lands bits of grass and dirt will get stuck to it. You'd think someone would notice if the guy was actually picking up his ball to wipe it off. Then you'd never want vaseline on the ball for an iron or wedge shot. Also no way you'd want to putt with that and again it's going to keep picking up dirt and debris, I would think it would be super obvious. So like Mike10487 mentioned, unless it was lift, clean and place I just don't see a scenario where this is not noticed by everyone else in the group, or a scenario where it's actually beneficial. If you ever run in to that kid again I'd be watching him like a hawk and I'd absolutely ask about it.
  16. I have nagging pain, but I don't know that it's from Stack. It could be, but I can't pinpoint any one thing that caused it and honestly I can't remember when it started. It's all on my right side...thumb, middle/ring finger knuckles and right shoulder.
  17. Absolutely join the club. In my experience nobody cares what you shoot. I apply this rule to golf but it works for life in general too. Just have fun and don't be an @$$hole. Our men's club handicaps range from +4 to over 30. Be nice, play fast, don't sandbag and it'll all be good
  18. I don't know the answer, but I would suspect that every person has a ceiling eventually. It's going to be different for each persons fitness, athletic ability, and body type. If you have never done any type of speed training there's probably more low hanging fruit to gain easily regardless of how fast you currently swing.
  19. I played yesterday in calm conditions and 55 degree temps. I was about where I usually am on the course, no nuke drives but didn't feel like the cold stole any distance. So I guess that's a good thing? So I will touch on this in my review as well, but I do think the gains shown on the graphs you are guys are looking at are misleading. During foundations for the first half we are swinging at "full intent" That means the hardest you would actually swing at a real golf ball. Pretend you really need to mash a ball but keep it in play. The 2nd half of the foundations program almost all the swings are "Max intent". This is just flat out as fast as you can swing the club. The baseline stat being used is your actual driver swing from the initial check in. The highest number you are seeing is based off a max intent swing with 195g weights on the stack club. After I finished foundations there is another check in where you will be swinging your actual driver. With that check in I was 3mph faster than my baseline. I say all of that, to say this. Temper your expectations a little bit between training sessions and on course performance. You look at the 122mph number and start thinking "I can drive every par 4", then you do the check in and realize I went from 109-110mph to 112-113mph. So with a consistent strike that 3mph would gain me maybe 5-6 yards off the tee. Here is a picture of my driver face through 11 holes yesterday... As you can probably guess that 5 yds I may gain through swing speed is being completely eaten up by where on the face I strike the ball. So all I can say is "patience young grasshopper" the distance will come. However my course closes for the winter on Sunday (my last round starts at 10:52am) I've had a relatively small gain in speed but it's 40-50 degrees here at best and I'm wearing layers to play. I'm really not going to be able to tell any on course distance gains until it gets nice again next spring.
  20. I'm in MN. Any waterproof shoe should keep them dry. I wear thick wool socks to keep warm. Those look very nice though and have solid reviews.
  21. Maintaining ball speed throughout the face. With a very thin topline you would lose way more ball speed with a high on the face shot. I should add I'm not a club designer, I have no evidence that my thoughts are correct and I'm sure there's more to it than that.
  22. The secret sauce is the program, not the hardware. Also I 100% recommend getting a swing speed radar. I won't say it's pointless without it, but if you don't have the ability to see and track the one single metric you are trying to improve it's kind of like playing golf at night. Feels good to swing but you have no idea if it was good or not and can't keep score.
  23. Honestly I have no idea I'm pretty sure I heard Tony (Golfspy T) say it on an episode of No Putts Given, but it sounds plausible. It is true for Rory at least, he jumped 11yds. https://www.statmuse.com/pga/ask/rory-mcilroy-drive-distance-by-year
  24. Honestly curious on this question...Has there ever been a driver that became a desired collectors item? Aside from maybe if it was a specific tour players actual driver, I personally can't think of one. I can think of plenty of putters, and even a few iron sets, but not sure I've ever seen a driver. So my first instinct would be to game it. But then I thought about how even Nike realized their clubs were junk and quit making them. And the biggest increase in overall driver distance on the PGA tour since the Pro v came out was when Nike quit making clubs. So there is really zero reason to actually game it and the only thing that club is good for is as a wall hanger Leave it in the back up bag and just admire it from time to time.
  25. Search can be wonky sometimes, but I know I've seen info in the forums. I would also recommend checking out the main page side of Mygolfspy, they have done practice setups, nets and hitting mats in the past year or two. Nets - https://mygolfspy.com/buyers-guides/golf-accessories/best-golf-net/ Hitting Mat - https://mygolfspy.com/buyers-guides/golf-accessories/2022-golf-hitting-mat-buyers-guide/ Practice Setups - https://mygolfspy.com/buyers-guides/all/best-golf-practice-setup/
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