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  1. I'll come too. Lessons, then dinner at the Greek Islands restaurant.
  2. Wow!! Rudy's had a pretty steady clientele; not just golfers. I hope the new restaurant is decent, rather than just golf course food. My wife and I like to play there, but haven't in a few years.
  3. That's the way everyone needs to play golf!! Why do I find it so hard to do so??
  4. Nice little course and one of my favorite restaurants.
  5. I bet!! Lots of lowland there by the river. I wonder if Salem GC got water?
  6. I complain to my club pro about everything on the course...
  7. We all listen. Keep 'em coming!! Congratulations!!
  8. Yeah, I consider the top guys to be Top 10, maybe Top 20, but certainly not Top 50. The ones we talk about every week; the top power ranking guys. BTW, the biggest name in the field this year is Kiradech Aphibarnrat.
  9. Yeah, I just left Corvallis this morning after visiting my dad. Hwy 34 is the bridge out of Corvallis shown in pictures was how I got into town on Monday. Obviously, I wasn't leaving that way today. I took Hwy 20 north to Albany which is 10 miles from Corvallis; took me an hour with all the traffic being re-routed. BTW, Trysting Tree GC pro Sean Arey grew up here in the Tri-Cities WA. I was a State-rated Volleyball referee with his mom here in SE Washington. Another BTW, Trysting Tree GC was built on an OSU experimental agricultural farm. I worked on that farm while I was attending OSU back in 1966.
  10. I agree with A However, history has shown that the B surprise doesn't fall short. Take a look at the last 12 years. I would say that 8 of those winners were not big names to win the Masters. Some big names, but not what I would call Masters contenders. Reed? Willett? Schwartzel? Cabrera? Immelman? Zach Johnson? I don't think they were on anyone's radar. Who picked Bubba to win his first Masters? Big names like Adam Scott and Sergio couldn't putt worth a lick, and most people wouldn't give them a chance on the Augusta greens. Yes, the top players in the world will be in contention, but there have been surprises that have ended up with the Green Jacket.
  11. I don't consider your comment argumentative. Yes, the angle changed a little, and I believe the two bunkers were repositioned closer to the new tee to bring them more into play. It should be nearly impossible to reach the green from the bunkers. It should be an interesting hole to watch.
  12. I wonder who paid for the study and how much. Apparently, they got the results they were looking for. I have never seen putts do that with our flagsticks.
  13. I can't answer your question either, but the Triton and D300 adapters are identical with the draw settings. It should fit fine, but the head design of the Trident may be such that the draw settings weren't needed. Didn't the Trident have lofts without 0.5º increments?
  14. Putts that I missed when I hit the hole on the low side with the flagstick in didn't hit the flagstick anyway.
  15. The revised hole appears the same off the tee, so the design didn't change. The reason given was that Bobby Jones wanted a long and challenging approach shot where a player could run a shot up onto the green like a links type course. With todays game, it has been 9i and wedges. So, in that respect the hole is restored to what it was supposed to be.
  16. You will be glad you got it done. I developed a few bad habits playing on a bum knee that I had to "unlearn". The doc also said that if I had waited any longer, he would have had to do a bone graft. One side of my knee is numb from cutting nerves, but it's not pain so all's good.
  17. The par 4 #5 hole, Magnolia, has been stretched 40 yards; now playing 495 yards. The two bunkers on the left have been moved towards the new tee; 313 yards to carry. Only 4 holes were harder last year, so I'm thinking that it might be up near the top now.
  18. He's played there before as an AM.
  19. I'm retired and I can't afford PXG.
  20. Another bomb cyclone headed through Nebraska, SD, Minnesota, and Wisconsin this week. Up to 2 feet of wet snow and 50-60 mph winds. I sure feel for you guys.
  21. My current unpopular opinion... DJ and JR both sit out tournaments and JR takes over as World #1. I guess he out-idled DJ. There must be a better way to rank players.
  22. Hey Wahoo!! Happy Birthday - get out and play!!
  23. Interesting. Now someone needs to enlist another professor to corroborate one of the two test results. I have yet to have a pin reject one of my putts. However, last week's winner at the Valero Texas Open, Corey Conners, wouldn't have been in the field except for a missed 2-foot putt that hit the pin. Six players were tied and had a playoff for one Monday qualifying spot that Conners won, but one player had that 2-foot putt to win that spot outright. How do you hit a 2-foot putt so hard that it bounces off the pin?
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