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  1. After this weekend, all putts in Match Play must be holed out. Good enough for Medal Play; why not Match Play? End of controversy.
  2. Nick Faldo has 3 green jackets. He squeaked by Ray Floyd in a playoff, and Scott Hoch and Greg Norman gave him the other two. Faldo is so close to not having any green jackets.
  3. How many matches has Sergio played in his career? Apparently, not enough.
  4. Direct flight from Denver!! I will certainly join you.
  5. NICE!! Since you know what a Tinder blind date is like, could you please elaborate?
  6. Tweaked my back on the first tee. Right side at the bottom of my ribcage. Hitting off tees was OK if I swung at 50%. Hitting off the ground on anything but pitch shots hurt, even at 50%. It was 45º and sunny when my wife and I teed off, and it warmed up to 65º by the time we finished. I was hitting better shots on the back nine. We had a great time playing with two guys in their late 40's who outdrove me by 50 yards. They bought me a double BV/seven at the turn because I think they felt sorry for me. They MIGHT have broken 100. Me? 5 doubles, 8 bogeys, 4 pars, and 1 birdie = 89... my short game saved me. Could have been a lot worse. We have a 9:46 tee time tomorrow.
  7. I have this exact same shoe with the nubs worn down. Wish they still made them.
  8. As has been stated, the SuperSpeed system gets your body parts to move faster. How does it do that? It's not really by a bigger arc, although that is likely a result as you swing the heaviest club. What's happening by using light, medium and heavy clubs in the SuperSpeed protocol sequence is that you are training your brain to recognize a faster speed which will lead to faster motor sequence. You are not swinging out of your shoes; you are making the same swing as always, but your brain doesn't have the same speed limiter it used to have.
  9. Interesting that you follow up Nick Faldo tips with Greg Norman tips. I pick Nick.
  10. No practice putts!! Ouch! That 6 foot range is starting to look pretty good now.
  11. I'm the same... use my 58º for most all shots around the green. I will occasionally use my 50º if I'm short of a couple of our greens that are 40 yards long. My wedges are different than my irons, and chipping with an iron feels so much different that I don't have control of the ball like I do with my wedges. I have hit that long running chip that gets on the ground quickly and rolls like a putt. It's called a bladed or skulled shot. lol
  12. Kenny B

    Happy thread

    I am so jealous!! It's been a looooonngg time since I had beignets... at the Cafe du Monde. Yum!!!
  13. Another ace!! Westwood had one today. That makes three weeks in a row that someone has made an ace starting with 3 aces at The Players.
  14. I'm not sure that I could switch putters like that. Maybe if I did one putter a day and had an hour warmup with it.
  15. I haven't rolled the new Ping Sigma 2, but I can't imagine it being any better than my Sigma G. I didn't like any of the Evnroll putters when I was at the PGATSS, but I made everything with the Ping at Ping HQ when I was fitted. A good putter that fits and feels good will certainly save strokes.
  16. Although I don't normally wear a tall, I have a few shirts that I got from Dillards that are tall. They stay tucked in better. But they are all cotton which I like, not the "performance" shirts. A little pricey, but they do have sales.
  17. Can I assume that the testing is on basically flat surface with very little break? What about direction of putts? Are putts made in two directions? I am asking because some surfaces have different speeds in opposite directions. 6 feet of difference from 30 feet seems like a lot to me. I would be disappointed with that. I assume that was with your not-so-favorite putter.
  18. As @MaxEntropy said, the club becomes pressurized once the shaft fills with air. In effect you seal the gun with the grip, there is no place for the air to go except out between the grip and the shaft. That basically allows the grip to "float" on the shaft, and you work the grip down the shaft while giving short bursts of air. What are you using for an air compressor? You need some tank capacity and 30-60 psi.
  19. Good news!! 67º and sunny with no wind all weekend. Bad news!! Course will be crowded all weekend.
  20. At my course I am basically a 10 HCP. I know the course well. I know what my limitations are... "A man's got to know his limitations". You all know the factors that have to be considered; they've been discussed. I consider those, and my ability to pull off a shot. I also consider what my goal is. Is my goal to lower my HCP? Or just have fun? Sometimes I can do both, but not always. Consider the goal and the task at hand. If the goal is to get better, then the task is to practice those shots that I don't hit very well and manage my game accordingly. Based on my HCP, I expect to make bogeys on the 10 hardest holes. Sometimes I bogey the easy ones, and sometimes I par or birdie the hard ones, but it does average out. If there is not much risk on a hard hole, I will go for a more difficult shot because I am confident that I will get up and down (don't always, but I'm confident anyway); maybe for par, but certainly for bogey. If there is risk of a double or worse, I will play a safer shot where a bogey is my "par" with an outside chance for par. If the goal is to have fun, then the task will be to hit the best shot I can and enjoy a miraculous outcome. If it doesn't work out, so what? I had no expectations anyway.
  21. Like Rev. I have played the v-sole wedges (SCOR) for years and I liked the turf interaction. I'm not the greatest ball striker; I hit my share fat and thin, and I am not a digger. My goto shot around the greens is my 58º SCOR and it works, but it's showing wear. I have been giving the Callaway PM grind a tryout the last couple of weeks, and I like it but it's a 54º with 14º of bounce. So far, the C-grind sole seems to work pretty well for me, and I think I will be adding a 58º or 60º, which is my choice for most chips and pitches. I tried the Srixons out last year at Demo days, but they felt completely different than my SCOR wedges, and I couldn't put a good swing on them. Nice looking, but apparently not for me. If I were in the market for irons that are compact with a v-sole, I would consider Ben Hogan. For the moment I'm stuck on the wider sole SGI Bridgestones.
  22. Very sorry for your loss Foz. When I play this weekend, Martha and I will have a toast to you and Jimmie.
  23. I don't see a lot of enthusiasm in that match.
  24. Tape doesn't need to be on the shaft, but I recommend it. Without tape the rubber on the inside of the grip sticks to the shaft a little too much that over time will make removal with air a little more difficult. Tape on the end to cover the sharp edge of the shaft. As for the method, check out the video on the Pure Grip website...
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