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  1. I find it very difficult to play happy when I'm hitting poor shots. I'm getting better at it, but I know what I can do, and it's frustrating to not be able to do it. I don't expect to hit every shot well because I'm not that good, but I do expect to hit a good shot once in awhile even on those bad days. The problem is that when either one of us isn't playing well, it drags down the other. I've got to be better at playing happy for her sake. Working on it. Meanwhile... we played yesterday, and I suck at golf!!!
  2. That's a great scrambling round!! Nice.
  3. Every players sees success differently. Those just starting out are looking to maintain their card and compete for a win. Getting close to a win, their expectations change to winning any event where they tee it up. Let's look at Koepka, since this this thread seems to be about him. I watch the European Tour early on weekend mornings in bed with coffee and Baileys at 5am. OK, it's a habit, I admit!! I had no idea who Koepka was until he won on the European Tour. He started on the Challenge Tour and got to the European Tour by winning 3 events. Yes, he won several events to get to the PGA Tour, and I applaud him for taking the playing route to the PGA Tour rather than going through Q School. Although his first PGA Tour win, the Waste Management Phoenix Open, was in 2015, he was finishing high in the majors. He was 4th at the US Open and 15th and the PGA in 2014 and 10th at The Open and 5th at the PGA in 2015. Clearly, his game suits playing on tough courses against the best players. Most everyone says it's all about the majors, and that's what it has been for Tiger. Yes, Tiger has won a bunch of other tournaments, but I'm fairly certain that Tiger teed it up early in his career at events to hone his game in competition to prepare for the majors. Maybe Koepka doesn't feel like he needs that same preparation; certainly his strategy seems to be working. If he can be competitive in majors while not playing in a lot of other events, I like his chances to remain healthy throughout his career. He will win plenty of other events if he gets close to the lead. I don't understand why the media needs to harp on it. Let him play however he wants, and I will enjoy watching.
  4. Lessons will certainly help you improve quicker than trying to improve on your own using tips and videos. Whatever you think you are doing incorrectly may not be the actual cause of your problem. Fixing the symptom and not the cause leads to more issues. Making videos of your swing as suggested by @edingc is a good idea. Great for showing an instructor and comparing your swing before/after any changes suggested by an instructor. I would check around at various courses in your area to see if a pro will evaluate your swing and make bag recommendations. I have found that pros can look at a swing or two and provide a starting point without even charging you for it. PGA Pros are there to help us, so check it out. I agree that irons should be a priority after lessons. You can play very good golf using your fairway wood and decent irons. The driver should come after you've worked out the big miss. I loved my Ping Eye 2's; they were great irons, but I've moved on. You can find lots of deals on decent irons with more recent technology. That's another area that the pro can help. Identify what type of iron would suit your game the best, then try them out. Finding good used clubs locally is hit 'n miss, but Callaway Golf Preowned and 2nd Swing both have a playability period where you can try out clubs for 30 days, and if you don't like them, you can return for credit.
  5. I have all of his videos. Monte explains the swing is a way that resonate's with me as well. He held a clinic in the Seattle area last month, and my wife and I attended. We really enjoyed meeting him and his assessment of all 12 of the attendees' swings were spot on. He gave each person one swing change, and one swing change only, to take home and work on. I know I have more than one thing to change, but he's right in that if he gave me multiple things to do, I wouldn't do any of them correctly!!
  6. When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore, that's amore.
  7. Wow! With a handicap of <15 and old worn, mismatched equipment and no lessons, You are doing very well!! Congratulations! You don't specify a budget, but from what I read, it sounds like it should be bigger than you have. Seriously, my first comment is that you aren't giving us much information to work with. Using The Grint and keeping their stats, you should have an idea of what your strengths and weaknesses are. Are you hitting fairways? What %? Are you hitting greens? What %? Do you miss L, R, long or short? Penalty shots? Why? How's the short game? No 2-chips, 2-pitches, 2-bunkers shots, or 3-putts. What's your big miss? If you have a swing issue resulting in penalties and playing from the rough, then I would seek out a teaching pro for a swing evaluation. I would think you could get an evaluation for less than the price a dozen golf balls. A series of 4-5 lessons, about $150. Many of us see a pro periodically because we all have a tendency to slip back into bad habits. You don't say how old the driver is, but if more than 5 years old, you would probably gain some yardage and very likely with better dispersion. If you have a swing flaw though, a newer driver won't give you the best chance to lower scores. The irons can definitely be a problem is they are mismatched and you don't have good gaps between clubs. The irons need to feel the same from club to club, otherwise it's difficult to put a consistent swing on the ball. As a 15 you likely miss a lot of greens. If your wedges are old, worn and don't fit, you aren't giving yourself the best chance to get up and down. Depending on the irons you have, you probably need more than 2 wedges. Some players can get by with a couple, but wedges are scoring clubs around the green and get you out of bad lies. I have always said that if you are a decent putter and practice your short game, your scores will come down very quickly. Lessons will help here too. I know this doesn't help a whole lot, but unless you have a bunch of natural talent, trying to improve to single digits will likely need help from a "qualified" instructor. I say qualified because they are not all good teachers. You have to basically interview them to find one that you like and explains what you are doing and why you need to do it differently. I tried it on my own for a couple of years, then I spent several more years having an instructor help me "unlearn" all my bad habits. Best of luck, and definitely get a bigger budget!!
  8. Just resurrecting this thread because @Shankster couldn't find it.
  9. This year has been pretty hectic for my wife. We play every weekend, but she gave up playing with the ladies league and tournaments on Saturday mornings, because the weekends were the only time we played 18 together. Last month she sold her business, so she is now "semi-retired." She still has lots to do, but maybe next year she can play more with the ladies, because we will be able to play other days.
  10. I thought Dorian was a guy!
  11. It really depends on what course I'm playing and how I feel. At my course I know what I can do and where the bad places are, so I tend to play a little aggressive when I'm feeling good. If I start to lose confidence in my game, I will play a little conservative, and I usually do worse. So why do I do that? IDK, just poor decisions. I find myself saying, "Be aggressive," then I forget by the next hole!! When I play a course that I don't know very well, I tend to play conservative. That may be a reason that I play poorly away from home. I just don't know when to be aggressive and when to play safe.
  12. It's a difficult time for kids to deal with parents at that time in their life. My prayers go out to you and your family. My mom passed away at 89 after a long battle with lots of heath problems, and my dad is very depressed. He'll be 89 next month and has no desire to interact with anyone.
  13. I'd take that right now!!!
  14. Bad timing, but maybe I can work around our schedule for a fitting in Bend, OR... a little golf and then visit my dad.
  15. Yep! The difference between a private club that everyone plays all the time, and a muni like mine where many people play once in a while. Count yourself lucky!!
  16. Happy Birthday @sixcat !! I hope you have sunny skies, warm breeze, and plenty of birdies!
  17. Shot 86. Didn't play well at all today. My right hand is sore and couldn't put any power on my swings, not that I have a lot anyway, but less than usual means I need more up and downs. I couldn't do that either, since the greens are still recovering from aerating early in the week I got lucky on #12 a par 3 playing 150y into a 15mph breeze. Shot has to clear a bunker... mine didn't, leaving my ball a foot from the lip. With no followthrough, I hit a little too much sand. The ball popped out but landed in the rough on an upslope short of the green. Since the ball was on the upslope, my 3rd shot went fairly high, bounced once and slam-dunked into the cup... one of my few pars.
  18. It was just USA vs GB&I... no Europe. Europe was added in 1979. Very lop sided. Walter Hagen was captain of the first 6 Ryders and played in the first 5.
  19. Yeah, I remember that. Arnie was the last, but he was not the first. It occurred frequently in the '20's, 30's 40's and 50's. Walter Hagen did it 5 times.
  20. Hale Irwin was a playing captain in the 1st Presidents Cup in 1994.
  21. Happy Birthday!! I hope you get to share it with family/friends.
  22. I see that in your reference, but it still doesn't answer the question about why the ball is now non-conforming... it's just not on the current list. So, when a ball is conforming and on the list, the packaging can state that the ball "Conforms with the Rules of Golf", but after a year that ball is no longer conforming?? That makes no sense.
  23. Have a great time! I always wanted to do that, but I just still muddle my way through whatever builds I need for myself. I order all my parts through Golfworks. Should be a good connection to Columbus on Delta through MSP. We have a direct flight to MSP from the TriCities. That connection is relatively new; when I was still working I had to fly to Columbus through SLC/Cincinnati or SLC/ATL; not the best flights.
  24. @revkev I'm so sorry to hear that. I know how much Penny loves to get out and about to games. I like Tony's idea. If the van is fully operational otherwise, a new engine installed would seem a good approach. Maybe Penny needs to be "Overhauled" by Chip Foose.
  25. How does a ball that was on the conforming list get removed from the list and now non-conforming?? What changed?
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