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  1. I, an ole high indexer, recently upgraded my 3 hybrid from an ole Adams regular flex to a Sim Max Stiff Flex. The difference is amazing leaving a huge gap between my 5 iron & new 3 Hybrid. I have settled into my driver and 3 wood which are both old and working well for me, but, I'm thinking about getting fitted for a new driver & 3 wood because of the performance increase in the 3 hybrid. During the fitting I'll compare what I am currently using to at least three new items with regular & stiff flexes. I don't buy into the notion that ole golfers with slow swing speeds need regular
  2. jneff11

    Cobra Connect 5

    Cobra Connect Baby! Regular length stiff shafts for an overpowering 85mph swing speed. I'm a tournament placing ole high indexer with time to test out clubs. Bring them on guys! I live in Bryson country where we golf ALL year round.
  3. Found a TM P790 on the 17th tee box at Arrowood GC in Oceanside, CA. I was tempted to put it in the bag, but, turned it in to the pro shop. Very nice iron.
  4. I just purchased a stiff TaylorMade Sim MAX 3 Hybrid to replace my old Adams 3 Hybrid and it works so much better than the ole Adams leaving a sizable gap between my 5 iron and 3 hybrid. Looking fill that gap with a 4 hybrid... Pick me... Thanks for the opportunity. You all are great.
  5. Name: jneff11 a.k.a. Jerry, P and Blanch Location: Fresno, Ca 93720 where we golf 365 days a year Current Putter: Odyssey O-Works Red #7S Putter Love to test Tommy Armour Impact No.2 Wide The worst day of golf Beats everything else... Relax and enjoy your round. Photo of Steve Curry blasting out of the bunker on the Par 3, 17 at Edgewood, Lake Tahoe, NV. July, 24th 2016 during the American Century Celebrity Golf Tournament.
  6. Jerry Fresno/Ca Titleist Velocity I've used Top Flite balls from Dicks bc of sale pricing.
  7. Jerry, Fresno, CA Shoe size 8.5 Ecco I choose shoes for comfort. Good luck to all testers
  8. Jerry, Fresno, CA Zelos 7 Series Flex R Swing speed of 87 Current Shaft True Temper XP95/Regular Flex In Use Looking forward to the possibility of testing a new, innovative light weight, state of the art steel shaft.
  9. I want to be a @Titleist TSi Driver tester I want to go beyond what I've known I want to be a @Titleist TSi Driver tester I want to win my Club's throne Titleist Tester Titleist Tester
  10. Wilson staff 2015 NeXus bag design is awesome. I especially like bag "A" the yellow wasp. Very cool... jln
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