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  1. To be clear, it's a violation to play a ball whose performance characteristics have been DELIBERATELY altered. This rule goes to the intention of the player. If he has the warmers in his pockets to stay warm, and keeps a spare ball there for convenience, no violation. Like many rules, this one depends on the integrity of the player.
  2. I took @joedeausen's post to be an informative side trip, not a suggestion that it would apply in this case. He was pretty clear in saying that the change wouldn't take effect until next year.
  3. It would be great if you could provide a link to a video, so those of us who weren't watching live could form an opinion.
  4. To be clear, this change applies only when taking Back on the Line Relief.
  5. I don't know which ones you're looking at, I wouldn't start to guess. But I bet that many are sharing a drill or feel that worked with at least a few real players, to correct a specific issue. But if its on Youtube, they're posting it to get clicks, or maybe to sell membership in their instruction program. Its always about money, as are so many things in life.
  6. The problem with anything on Youtube is that its not designed for YOU, its designed for some schmuck who's diagnosed his own swing faults (probably wrong) and is now going to change his swing (also probably the wrong changes). In my mind, the true talents of really good instructors are the ability to see beyond symptoms and identify underlying problems, and the ability to tailor his instruction to each individual student. There are probably a dozen different reasons a player might swing "over the top", and a dozen different swing thoughts and/or drills to correct each of those potential problems. If you've found something that works for you, great, keep it up. Don't go looking at Youtube for more cures, you will only do yourself harm. I know, you hear people who will rave about some guy's instruction. Well, it works for them, but it may not work for 90% of the golfers in the world. But you mention "excruciating". Making a lasting change to your swing isn't easy, there's not some lightbulb moment. Change is hard, NOT changing is easy.
  7. I know an instructor who runs another golf website. He was on the list of "Best Young Instructors" in Golf Digest. he studies the golf mechanics stuff from people like Sasho McKenzie, he uses Gears equipment to document actual movements, he uses video, he's one of those guys. He also studies the way we humans learn, how to make changes effectively. No instructor wants you to swing with the exaggerated changes from a drill, but that drill WILL change the way you perceive your own movements. @stephenmattsaid it well, exaggerated drills will help you to make small changes. Lots of players would like a change to their swing to feel natural immediately. Well it won't, not if its a change. If it feels natural, it means you're still doing things the same way as you were before the lesson. Exaggerated drills work, thats why modern instructors use them. And you just posted a new question, good instructors will help you to make one (or maybe two) change at a time. Work on that until you can consistently do it, and then move to the next most important change.
  8. I'll add, its also extremely common for an experience professional player, one who knows with absolute certainty that there are cameras showing her every move to the entire golfing world, will intentionally cheat when taking a drop, while under the continuous observation of said trained rules expert.
  9. Its really common that a home viewer will have substantially greater expertise and a more appropriate viewing angle than an actual trained rules expert standing a few feet from the player.
  10. @BIG STU, I'll stand by my thought, you of all people are definitely not one of the club ho's
  11. I'll pile on here, this is one of the most considerate and respectful forums I've ever been a part of, so please join in with your opinions and experiences. Another thing to add, do not underestimate the amount of effort that it takes to do a good review. It involves a big investment of time and attention to do it right. I've been lucky enough to be selected for a few opportunities, and each one is both a lot of fun, and a good bit of stress trying to get it right. Yeah, I've been "given" some free gear, but that gift comes with a responsibility to honestly evaluate and document my experiences with a new bit of gear, to take good photos or videos, to write clearly, basically to justify the trust the mods have had in me. Welcome to MGS, I'll watch for your posts.
  12. When given a choice between the opinion of a player and the opinion of people who have made their careers studying the Rules and their impact and enforcement, the player isn't going to be a very persuasive voice to me. Did anyone ask old Bernie if he could write an effective enforceable rule that stops short of allowing improved lies in the fairway all the time?
  13. I don't have a big problem with most of the advice here, but you really should update your own knowledge. For almost four years we've had 24 Rules (soon to be 25). Search for 3 minutes, not 5.
  14. I've heard little to nothing about the current President's golf game, unlike some of his predecessors. But I do agree, going towards political stuff isn't going to be productive in any way.
  15. I'd suggest that taking an actual Aimpoint Express clinic would be productive for most players. It is very simple to use, it just takes a bit of practice to train your body to accurately diagnose the slopes.
  16. The Rules are improved because people explore loopholes. The way to answer the question is to review the Definition of Embedded: "When your ball is in its own pitch-mark made as a result of your previous stroke and where part of the ball is below the level of the ground. Your ball does not necessarily have to touch soil to be embedded (for example, grass and loose impediments may be between your ball and the soil)." Pitch Mark isn't defined, but I don't see anything there that limits this to the first time a ball hits the ground. And it's possible it could embed in soft or wet areas in the grass, its not a situation limited to sand-filled divot holes. But in my experience, the first bounce is the only one that has enough force to cause a ball to embed. So is it possible? Yes. Is it likely to embed deep enough to be noticeable? No, in most cases. But it CAN happen. Remember the tournament where both Patrick Reed and Rory McElroy got Embedded Ball relief? Both balls were later confirmed to have bounced. Rory's had actually been stepped on by a volunteer, unknown to anyone at the time. Reed's, however, was evaluated by a Rule Official and was determined to be embedded. I work as a volunteer Rules Official for Virginia State Golf Association and Middle Atlantic PGA events. If I am asked to rule on whether a ball is embedded in a sand filled divot hole, and I'm aware that the ball has bounced at least once, its going to take some really clear evidence to convince me to allow Relief. I'm not saying "never", but i AM saying its really unlikely.
  17. In the absence of grass, the original surface of the sand has to be the Level of the Ground. I'd say that this is envisioned by the Rulemakers, because they've made an exception for a ball embedded in sand in a part of the General Area which is not mowed to fairway height or less, i.e. sandy waste areas. For a ball embedded in sand where the area IS mowed to fairway height, embedded ball relief IS available.
  18. In my interpretation, its possible that a ball could embed in a sand-filled divot hole as a result of the player's previous stroke. I'm picturing a ball coming down, and a little splash of sand as the ball hits and stops dead. This must be EXTREMELY rare, and wouldn't come into play for a ball that merely rolls into that same sand-filled divot hole.
  19. First, welcome to MGS. Second, I recommend you explore the use of the Search tool, there are lots and lots of threads about divot holes you could have added to. Third, its simply not going to happen in the foreseeable future.
  20. I agree completely, Golfers Journal is the only golf magazine that I pay for. Very little advertising, outstanding photography, and great writing. There's no equipment ads disguised as reviews or ratings, there's no travel ads, there's no repetitive swing instruction. On the other hand, the OP feels that budget is important to him, and at $80 per year for 4 issues, this may not be the right choice for him. Still, its a great magazine. If anyone would like to subscribe, I'll be glad to provide a referral code which will get both him and I an extra issue.
  21. So are you just as certain now that cantlay and schauffle will go, as you were previously about matsuyama? Rumors are nothing more than hot air, someone wants attention. Sometimes they come true, sometimes they prove to be wrong. Speculation is somewhere between useless and foolish.
  22. It wasn't long ago that I was reading that Matsuyama was almost certain to leave. Then he confirmed he was staying. I pay just about no attention to rumours of future defections.
  23. They each have, or had, some level of exemption from Masters wins. Whether they'll care enough to go through qualifying once those exemptions run out, I have no idea. But younger players, Gooch comes to mind, may want to give it a shot.
  24. This is my thought as well, the Opens will maintain their entry criteria with little or no change. Even once the LIV gets OWGR points, and I believe they will, they'll be relatively few points, based on field size, 54 holes, relatively weaker fields, no cuts, etc. So lots of LIV players won't qualify based on OWGR points, and will need to go through all levels of qualifying, starting with the local levels. Those with exemptions from past wins will still get in, but the rest won't have enough points to avoid the qualifying slog.
  25. For those who'd like to understand the Rules around this type of thing, they should refer to 4.3a(3) which discusses Information Gathered Before or During Round. In essence, you can gather just about any information you like. You are NOT allowed to use "any physiological information recorded during the round," which is what I gather covers the data that this device records. Many of us do our best to play by all of the Rules of Golf even in our casual games. As long as you don't look at the data collected during your round, and you disable any "feedback", you haven't violated the Rule.
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