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  1. I agree with the rest, in that its a really solid swing. I see something that is probably a symptom, rather than a "cause", but your head drops down a little going back, and as you come into impact it goes back up. You're extending both legs, but at 0:16 to 0:17 your hip rotation has just about stopped, your hips have moved a couple inches closer to the target line, and your spine has become more vertical. The thing that will promote a more consistent "bottom of the swing arc" would be to improve rotation and maintain your posture longer. I have no idea how you might go about achieving that, but that's my rather in-expert evaluation. Now your instructor may tell you differently, and he has a much better chance of being correct than I do. If you can't see him in person, I like @cnosil's suggestion of sending him video and asking for things to work on at home.
  2. Fixed, I beg forgivenness. Altho I do like that other site too. Different vibe, different emphasis, yet entertaining. And since I'm not playing golf today (rain, not COVID related) I'm rolling through all of the websites one after another, and obviously becoming rather confused.
  3. Unfortunately, regulations are generally made for the masses, not for the individuals who do the right thing as a matter of routine. I see this is your first post, welcome to MGS. I'll suggest that you fill in your profile with a bit more information. In a topic like this one, understanding where each member is located helps give a better picture of conditions around the country, and around the world.
  4. Is a competent instructor considered an "aid"? In these days of distancing, there are online options where an instructor would analyse video of your swing and provide suggested drills or training devices. The things you are seeing as faults could very well be symptoms, could be caused by an actual fault that you're not considering.
  5. I got to play yesterday, our club is still open, with lots of restrictions. I walked and let my QOD carry my clubs. We plan to remain open as long as its permitted, while doing the responsible things to minimize the chances of passing along the virus. Getting a chance to play is a very good thing for my mental health, working from home has gotten really lonesome really quickly.
  6. Dave Reston, VA Handicap Index 6.3 Titleist AP-2 714 I'd prefer to test the T 200
  7. Good luck. Obviously we're all different. I find that my short game is pretty stable. When I can improve my full-swing game, I hit more greens, I need the short game less, so scores go down.
  8. Given that, I'd spend less time on short game practice, and instead work to improve weaknesses. I'm not saying NO practice for short game and putting, but more maintenance level.
  9. So what part of your game is strongest, and what part is weakest?
  10. In northern Virginia, County and Regional Parks owned courses are closed. My club is open, but as of today we've stopped providing carts, its walking only. No guests, restaurant open only for snack bar or take-away food.
  11. So far, our private club in Northern Virginia is still open. However, cart use will be discontinued, walking only, and members only, no guests. Food service is take-out only. Virginia is still not been hit very heavily, but the next week or two (or more, I don't know) could still see additional shut downs.
  12. Click on your Screen Name at the top right. Select Account Settings from the pull-down menu. Signature is the last item in the list of things.
  13. From what I read, over 99% of people will exhibit symptoms within 14 days of their infection, most within the first 5 days. So a 14-day self-isolation for potentially-infected folks is likely adequate to show whether they're infected or not. Once they're shown to be infected, I'd assume their quarantine would extend somewhat, but I don't really know. That 2-week incubation period means, to me, that the effects of the stricter measures those of us in the US have seen imposed within the last few days aren't likely to be seen for a while yet. The "new case" statistics from yesterday and today and tomorrow will be influenced primarily by the measures in place last week. All this to say that if I see significant increases in new cases over the next couple of days, I'm not going to be any more concerned than I am already. I'm going to continue to live life while taking the recommended precautions. And I'm going to continue to stock my freezer with home-made foods, soup, stew, spaghetti sauce, gumbo, anything that takes a while to cook. Might as well make the house smell good if I'm stuck at home.
  14. At the moment my home club remains open, but with increased precautions for staff and management, and suggested precautions for members. Carts are available, but are being disinfected between uses, hand sanitizer is available throughout the facility. I enjoy walking, and I'll continue to play that way. Indoor social events have been cancelled or postponed, but the bar and restaurant are still open. Based on everything I've read, this seems reasonable for now, but if additional restrictions or closures become appropriate, I'm OK with it. Many of my golfing friends are in the "more at risk" age range, including myself, and I don't want golf to be at the root of someone's serious illness. This is probably true, but this particular virus has to potential to overwhelm our health system. Not saying it will, just that it could if it spreads too rapidly and too extensively. Its done just that in Italy. So if we (WE, as a group of individuals) need to inconvenience ourselves for a while to slow the spread, I'm OK with it. As you said, we each have our own opinion.
  15. And continuing my education, there must be a governmental agency that somehow certifies legitimate service dogs?
  16. I have no problem at all with well-behaved dogs on the course with their masters. You sound like a considerate person, making sure the dog doesn't bother anyone. But its important to remember that not all dogs are so well-behaved, and not all owners are so considerate, so some golf clubs could frown on the presence of animals in general. I can see someone complaining to management "He gets to bring his dog, why can't I?" I don't claim to know the laws around service animals, its quite possible that management cannot prohibit them on the course, but you could be putting the course management in a difficult position.
  17. Now tell me, what IS a Waltz competition? I googled it, and came up with a couple of variations.
  18. I'm not familiar with the Waltz format, but my guess is that your score would have the General Penalty added. As you said, a teammate is allowed to mark your ball, so that part is OK. But you played from the wrong spot, and the penalty for that is the General Penalty, 2 strokes in stroke play.
  19. The way I look at it, there's no bifurcation at this time. The Rules of Golf apply to every golfer, from the PGA Tour to the 9-hole municipal down the street. The equipment rules, every single rule that potentially limits distance, apply to everyone. I just don't see that regulation of course conditions at any tournament beyond those actually run by the Ruling Bodies is within the realm of the USGA (and R&A, they're involved every step of the way). Yes, conditions are different at PGA Tour events from those at your local muni, but those differences don't exist because of any regulation by anyone. But this is why the next steps discussed in the USGA summary include discussion with all the stakeholders on a number of potential courses of action, including de facto bifurcation (via authorized local rule), and including potential ways of minimizing future equipment-related gains in distance. Maybe in those discussions the PGA Tour will volunteer to try to toughen conditions more often, to increase the negative consequences of off-line shots, and maybe that will lead players to think twice about hitting driver as often.
  20. To me, PGA National is just a punishing golf course. Lots of times, a mistake leads to a half-shot penalty, or maybe a quarter-shot. But when the ball is in the water, strokes aren't lost in fractions, but in whole numbers, so scores get high. Combine that with wind, and its even tougher. Bay Hill seemed the same, with perhaps more emphasis on the gnarly rough, and even higher winds. But in each case, the rough seemed "rougher" than we commonly see, and the greens were really firm, so accuracy became more important than it usually is. We'll see if this is type of set-up is a rarity, or the "new normal".
  21. If you search MGS for "iomic" you'll find a few other users. I get mine direct from Iomic through their website, but you can find them on other websites as well. They also make a midsize model in their Sticky series, but I've not tried those myself.
  22. I have a 5-year old Ping Hoofer, and it works fine. It can twist occasionally, and can get a bit off-balance, but since you have your hand on the trolley to steer, its no big deal to make corrections when that happens.
  23. I've been using Iomic X-Evolution grips for 8 or 9 years now, and have no reason to try anything else. The combination of rubber compound and texture makes these grips feel very tacky, even when they get a bit wet from rain or sweat. Although they do wear a bit, they remain grippy, I commonly go 2 years or more between changes, while playing close to 100 rounds a year. I have used cord grips before, both the GP Tour Velvet Cord and the New Decade, and felt that the cords just didn't retain their tackiness. https://www.iomicusa.com/fullswing
  24. As popular as bashing the R&A is, many of the factors that influence driving distance are beyond the control of the Ruling Bodies. The joint report definitely indicated that course set-up has an impact, as does player fitness, as does improved clubfitting, as do continuing advances in equipment. The last two weeks on the PGA Tour show how effective course set-up can be in limiting distance by increasing the relative value of hitting fairways. But let's put our heads together, is there any way that course conditioning and set-up can be regulated by the USGA and R&A, for anything other than the few tournaments that they run in-house? Please, you must be smarter than the Ruling Bodies, how would you word such a requirement? Or maybe we should just leave it to the PGA to voluntarily change the way they set up most of their tournaments, and to voluntarily change the way they market their entertainment product to the masses. Any predictions on seeing long rough, slow fairways, and firm fast greens at the next John Deere Classic, or the Rocket Mortgage or the Travelers?
  25. I'm laughing at myself, I didn't even notice the actual PCC was negative, I just assumed he was right when he talked about increased difficulty. A negative PCC indicates that scoring was lower than normally expected, easier conditions.
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