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  1. I am looking forward to the CBX and / or going for a fitting if it doesn’t work. The CBX is a beautiful club and I know they are hot as hell off the face. I have a 13* 3 wood that is a mini driver. It is great. But doesn’t compare to my Knick ball hitting ST180
  2. i have the driver cover and putter cover as well. I use the putter cover but had recently purchased a driver cover so the MGS goes to the collection
  3. I don’t struggle with it but I want something I am not getting from my current FW. The issue is certainly me. My hybrid flight is also low unless I really work to get the flight up or off a tee.
  4. I am certainly narrowing and if the CBX doesn’t work I am going to a fitter and see what happens
  5. Extreme walking I was looking at maps around my town and I am 4.4 miles from my home course. With greenways, back trails and the like I am wondering if I can walk there, play and walk back. It would be about 15 miles all said and done. But I think it is doable. Of course my wife go me the Tom Coyne book “A Course Called Ireland” for Christmas and it has me thinking....
  6. I pushed a cart through BPB. It was tough but goddamnit it was AWESOME!
  7. I’m a nurse. I am on my feet a lot. But I walk. I find it relaxing or exercise. Or sometimes both. I started fast the other day and blew through the round in 2:53. My course is a difficult walk and very hilly. There is no break from the hills, especially when you leave the 13th green. I walked 48 (my age) at Sweetens Cove about a month ago. The day before I slogged 27 in rain gear. Enjoy the Walk. The walk makes my game better
  8. That is why I chose it first. I hit it well and was a bit sad to see it go. The Rogue’s flight was fine just a bit hooky. Bit of an oddball I guess. I though the TS2 would have been perfect and it probably is a flaw. However whatever I go with will have to fit my flight /swing as well. Could have been a shaft issue
  9. I went to a practice round this year. Fantastic. Also played Bethpage. Would love to hit Pebble
  10. The Ping is certainly on my list to try as well
  11. Hi from the Deep South y’all
  12. Glad you made it the promised land
  13. I have a 19 Adams hybrid. I am hoping the 5 wood will leave me enough versatility to know it out of the bag. I like it but don’t use it very often. Again my problem is height. I’ll add Wilson to my list at PGASS if I get that far
  14. If the CBX doesn’t work I will certainly look at Cobra. The TS MAY ALSO WORK IN A 5 wood. I may have to hit the PGASS at some point
  15. I am on the search for a new fairway wood. What I want/need for my bag is some distance and some height. I am relatively fine from the tee but want more off the deck. My old Titleist 910f just doesn’t give me either. I have been reading and watching reviews and have a pretty good idea of shafting. Through Global Golf’s U-Try program I have tried the TS2 4 wood and the Callaway Rogue 5 wood. I did like the TS2 but I couldn’t get the height I wanted. It was a great club and I may revisit it in the form of a 5 wood. The 4w was long enough and straight but I launch the ball pretty low and did have issues hitting the window I want. The Rogue hit the window and length, but it was a hook machine for me. It has a great feel in have with nice weight and an okay sound. My problem is that I could straighten it out but had to work hard to do that. I don’t want to work that hard to get a ball straight. I have now ordered the TEE CBX 5w as they have a 30 day trial program and a veterans discount. Their price direct is about $100 cheaper than the other two I have tried. I have an old XCG6 13 that I used for a season when my driver was WILD. The face was so hot I could get that to roll a mile. Anyone on the same quest out there? Have any advice? I know getting fit is optimal but is it more optimal than getting to play these on the course for a couple of weeks at a time?
  16. I do have a friend that plays only one blue brand and collects it as well. Whatever.... do ya thang
  17. I proudly and happily play Titleist irons. However, I would give a nut for a set of baby blades or National Custom Works to fall in my lap. The Moira’s are too expensive and the NCW’s fall into the category of, “if you have to ask, then you probably can’t afford them.” I did love and desire a set of Scratch back when they were around and have been revived in the name of NCW, but I just feel they are damned expensive. At least expensive for me. I don’t really have any brand loyalty as I have 5 brands in my bag. I want what I like and plays well with/for me.
  18. I followed the directions and it worked like a charm
  19. I looked at both app and site and there isn’t a recurring option. I thought I had set it up a long time ago and hadn’t noticed it being paid in a while. I’d like to do it again if they can set it up
  20. I heard Adam day one of the people today was a “subscription donator.” I would like to set something up for a monthly payment. How do we go about that? Anyone know?
  21. When I go to the web page on my phone not the app I keep getting this bullshit. Any help?
  22. Replaced my 10 year old driver with Mizuno ST, new 48,52,56 SM7’s ( love my new ninjas), 50 cent Wilson 2 iron with 7i shaft from my old set of shafts, set of Project x 5.5’s replacing 6.5’s, BB&F ferrules. Bethpage Black driver headcover, MGS putter cover (driver MGS HEADCOVER too, but I purchased the BPB cover on a trip to BP that I also stopped at MGS). Put a 30 year old Wilson bag in play for 5-7 club days with a brand new Jones strap. Working on fairways now with rentals from Global Golf’s U-try program. I loved the t TS2 but have the epic rouge to try now. Biggest change in a long long time.
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