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  1. That is one sweet looking wedge. I guess you would have to be a Seahawk fan to appreciate.
  2. I've been using Golfpad since I lost my rangefinder 3 years ago. As a previous poster said that it only gives you front, middle and back yardages. However being an 8 or 9 handicapper I can not hit an exact yardage so I just subtract 7 yards from the middle yardage for a front pin location and add 7 yards for a back pin. All of our greens are about 35 yards from front to back. As for the features, I can keep score, keep track of fairways hit, Greens in regulation, up and downs, sand shots and total putts. All of that is for free. If you want to pay a fee then it will keep track of yardage for each club and strokes gain. The best part its easy to use and does not take a lot of time or effort to input your score.
  3. Welcome Bryce to MGS. I'm also a south sounder that plays out of Spanaway Lake. Its good to be back playing again. Somewhere in the last 2 months I lost my swing so if you find it please return it.
  4. I have to agree with you on the OEMs feelings, popeye. I had the Maltby TE forged irons for the past 5 years and its been the best set of irons I've ever had. They're a very forgiving iron with lofts that are not jack up.
  5. Triplebogey let us know how those wedges perform for you. Been curious on those wedges.
  6. I shot a 34 on the front, birdied #10 and proceeded to walk in with a 46 on the back. I remember standing on the 11th tee box thinking about shooting in the 60's for the first time ever. That didn't end well at all.
  7. Congrats guys and looking forward to reading the reviews. My friend bought one last year and he swears by it.
  8. What I considered my best club 2 years ago is now my worst which is the 3 wood. I just can not hit this club straight. Thank goodness the last day before the course closures I cracked it. My best club would be the pitching wedge. I have confidence in the club with full shots to chipping. BTW just ordered the Mizuno ST180 3W with the Tensei CK Blue shaft. Hoping for better results as I didn't get to test it out before buying.
  9. There are a several good drivers out there that don't get the love they deserve due to marketing constraints. Srixon and even Mizuno started to provide drivers that can compete with the top OEMs. Cobra has made quality drivers for a few years now. Point is that getting fitted with shaft options is a must nowadays.
  10. Well Its been about 9 months since I have been on the forum and I see things have changed. Probably for the good. Not being on the forum doesn't mean I've been away from MGS, I have read pretty much every article that comes out. Great stuff and keep up the awesome work that you guys do. I still live in Puyallup Washington but moved my home course to Lake Spanaway GC in Pierce County. I currently have an 8 handicap but been playing really well ( 3 rounds of 74) until the course closures that we're currently dealing with. I am the general manager at a local bowling center here in town. How I picked my user name is that I believe the short game in golf is the most important part of the game. I'm not a long hitter so the short game becomes more relevant to my score.
  11. I've played 5 rounds since switching from the Chrome Soft to the Pro V1x. Using GPS my average drive with the chrome soft was 225 yrds. With the Pro V1x my average went to 248 (60 drives). That is carry plus roll but all on the same course with same course conditions.
  12. Can't believe how controversial the ball test became. I thought it was very enlightening. I played the chrome soft, loved the three piece but hated the new 4 layered version. Been looking for a replacement the whole year. I always thought I wanted to play a softer ball with my 92MPH swing. Boy was I wrong, this test led me to the Pro V1x and couldn't be happier. Went from a 85 compression ball to a 110. My drives have increase 23 yards and more predictability around the greens. keep up the good work MGS. Haters will always be haters and winners will always be with MGS.
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