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  2. I've played 5 rounds since switching from the Chrome Soft to the Pro V1x. Using GPS my average drive with the chrome soft was 225 yrds. With the Pro V1x my average went to 248 (60 drives). That is carry plus roll but all on the same course with same course conditions.
  3. Can't believe how controversial the ball test became. I thought it was very enlightening. I played the chrome soft, loved the three piece but hated the new 4 layered version. Been looking for a replacement the whole year. I always thought I wanted to play a softer ball with my 92MPH swing. Boy was I wrong, this test led me to the Pro V1x and couldn't be happier. Went from a 85 compression ball to a 110. My drives have increase 23 yards and more predictability around the greens. keep up the good work MGS. Haters will always be haters and winners will always be with MGS.
  4. Now this is something I'm interested in either reading what the testers have to say or be one of the testers. I am in the market for wedges. Dave, Puyallup, WA Cleveland RTX 2.0 (54 & 58) Desired lofts 54 and 58 degrees
  5. shortgame

    New Snell Balls!

    Going to have to try the X. Hope its identical to the Red around the greens since they discontinued the red. I for one didnt mind giving up a few yards off the tee box for the performance it gave me around the greens. Oh well.
  6. I would think that Taylormade would be calling but Bridgestone would really benefit from JP talents. The dark horse would be Tour Edge.
  7. Interesting. I am curious to see what the numbers are with the wedge and driver. Thanks for the comparison.
  8. Congrats to the chosen ones. Looking forward to the reviews.
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