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  1. Hadn’t swung a club in over two months before going to the range yesterday. Played this morning on a soggy course with 15 -20mph winds Shot my best round in 5 years. Greens were bumpy and slow and still carded 3 birdies and lipped out 4 other birdies including a 6 footer on 18. Driver was on fire and my irons and wedge game were probably the best I’ve ever had
  2. Big name car companies claim they have the best car big name phone companies claim they have the best cameras and fastest phones big name fast food companies claim they have the best French fries big name shoe companies claim they have the best shoes big faucet companies claim they have the best faucets big name tool companies claim they have the best tools big name shirt companies claim they have the best shirts big name lawn mower companies claim they have the best lawn mowers are you sensing a pattern here? it’s called marketing and, believe it or not, it is not unique to the golf industry
  3. Love the transparency. No other golf site provides this level of transparency (and if they did, it would show just how much of a sham their selection process is)
  4. Perhaps wedges at some point this year.
  5. Shafts dont spin. You look at strike location and dynamic loft
  6. Lag is the single biggest myth in golf. Mark Crossfield’s biggest pet peeve is how there are still coaches, publications and analysts that preach lag
  7. It’s not like phil has been prevented from using his own likeness for getting sponsorships and marketing deals
  8. Not thinking less of him for taking the money. Thinking a lot less of anybody who takes the money because of who is giving them the money.
  9. They’re available for preorder in Australia already https://www.golfbox.com.au/clubs/putters/#/filter:brand:Mizuno Biggest change is the head weight. Starting head weight with these is 370g as opposed to the 355g of the original mcraft still come with weight kit so you can go up/down 10g $350 US retail
  10. Except Tiger isn't about the money. Phil is and always has been.
  11. Tiger doesn't care about the money. In fact, Tiger has already came out and pledged his loyalty to the PGA Tour https://www.golfchannel.com/news/tiger-woods-supports-pga-tour-moving-forward-thats-where-my-legacy
  12. Phil has always been out for himself. He’s a politician that always leaned into his phony “man of the people” vibe. FIGJAM is finally exposing himself for what he’s always been
  13. If you don’t feel that your current iron set is lacking anything l, than you really won’t have much to gain. Irons are about precision and consistency, not distance. That being said the JPX 921s Hot Metals are more refined than the 900 HMs.
  14. Most high-end golfers would want their miss off the driver to spin a bit more than spin less. Too little spin = loss of control
  15. Shafts don’t spin if it’s spinning too much, go down in loft
  16. Yup. KBS is one of the shaft companies that has virtually no stock left
  17. GT Notchback w/ slant neck would be my choice - but just not an insert guy
  18. I use the S grind on my 54 and don’t have any issues with it out of bunkers. The M and D grinds have more heel relief if you do like opening the face around the greens. I have the D grind on my 60 and I really like it. So great from greenside rough and soft bunkers and really not too difficult off of slightly tighter lies Give the Vokey wedge selector tool on their site a try and see if it recommends anything different
  19. Generally 3H would be in the 80-100g range. Based on your driver and 3w weights somewhere around 80-90g should be fine. Of course, shaft profile, balance point and overall swing weight of the club can change how you perceive the weight
  20. Yup, Callaway does this all the time! But TMaG evil!
  21. Callaway releases four new drivers every year Cobra releases 2 or 3 new drivers every year Titleist releases four new drivers every 2 years Ping releases 3 three new drivers every 2 years But for some reason a small segment of internet golfers loves jumping all over taylormade every year. Its so predictable and sad at this point. But I guess that’s just the world we live in today: nobody wants to use facts to changed pre-determined opinions
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