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  1. The stock weight in the head also depends on what length and swing weight the person ordered their driver in However the standard weight off the shelf with the ping tour shaft is 12 grams
  2. RH 35" Stock Ping PP58 Midsize blackout grip Stock Loft and lie Putter is like new. Only thing I've done is removed the colored painfill. Putter has never been rolled outside. Shaft and head look pristine $335 or best offer Price includes shipping and PayPal fees. Will ship same business day if payment received before 3pm EST that day
  3. Curious - what exactly are the limitations of what is being made and marketed? What would be better?
  4. Well we know that you don't really care much about facts, lab data and science - especially since all the lab data and testing shows spining and floing a shaft is nothing more than great marketing that capitalizes on a mental placebo effect. Super happy your stumbled upon something that works for you. You speak in absolutes, but then admit you dont have any lab data or physics knowledge to understand the full picture. And never have I said your putter sucks. All I have said is you need to stop speaking in absolutes. There are numerous factors in how a ball launches Putter Construction: Static loft, CG height, CG depth, grooves, etc. Player input: Stroke speed, angle of attack, shaft lean All of those facto into launch and forward roll. And that doesn't factor in green condition and speed, which could also change what "ideal" launch is.
  5. Cool to see a name I haven't seen awhile, but man that paintfill is sloppy as hell. Really not a good look
  6. Ah you're a spine and flo guy...
  7. Which is why OEMs created adjustable necks.
  8. Im done here. Clearly you like arguing against years of science and R&D and just ignore basic facts when presented to you Ill post this link one more time so that anyone coming in hear looking for factual information doesn't get thrown off with your ignorance I'm all for discussion and debate. But not when the person on the other side refuses to acknowledge facts and science CG is a tool. Loft is a tool. These things must be used in a fitting to give the player an optimal launch angle to deliver the optimal launch angle without excess bouncing our skipping. The same CG and loft DOES NOT work for everyone https://www.quinticballroll.com/Quintic_Ball_Roll_Launch_Angle.html
  9. Need some more details first Crossplay? No EA Sports game has had cross play yet Online communities or tournaments? Complete unknown right now Worst case, any sort of league would have to be completely manual and rules and matches would have to be scheduled individually.
  10. I don't want to forget balls, and then show up a at a course that doesn't have the ball I want and/or charges more per sleeve than if I were to buy a dozen online/at a store. Heck, there are plenty of courses that don't even sell balls by the sleeve anymore.
  11. CG is 3-dimensional. CG, even if centered laterally on the club face, is still 2-dimentional. A CG low and forward can create the same launch parameters as a CG high and back. And on a putter we are talking about millimeters. Now, CG depth (forward and back) can have an impact on horizontal launch direction on off center hits, but that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about vertical launch angle - and that can be influenced in putter construction by altering: 1) loft, face/groove construction, CG height, and CG depth
  12. Get fit because you might find that lighter shafts do not mean more speed. For me (and many other good players), I lose speed if I go too light because it throws off my sequencing. There is diminishing returns with going lighter and for some people the returns diminish a hell of a lot faster than for others. And that doesn't even take into account the potential impact on strike consistency reducing average ball speed and dispersion/accuracy
  13. That part of NJ is one where I have played very little golf. I think Scotland Run is about as close is I've gotten to there! Glad you liked the new ball and makes me excited to try it out once I get ride of the 4 doz or so of the 2021's I have left
  14. Awesome writeup man. I am all stocked up on the 2021 ProV1s but will definitely be staying with the ProV1 once I run out. Also - where in NJ did you play?
  15. Wish I could post in this thread, but as my wife and I now budgeting for a home addition in the next 24 months, so golf club purchases are completely out of the question. Otherwise the G430 LST driver would be at the top of my list, followed by graphite iron shafts (and probably new Mizuno heads), new vokeys, and a new titleist hybrid. But now I just get to watch others by new shiny stuff
  16. It's done in just about every other industry so I don't see why people get so bent out of shape with it when it comes to golf equipment Advertising and marketing evolve. Companies that don't get left behind
  17. Have you seen their commercials? Who do you think their target audience is? Makes PXG bearable by comparison
  18. All that matters is the right amount of dynamic loft + the right CG location needed to create optimal launch. Just like any other club, you get there with many combinations of static loft and CG locations. Lower CG would require less static loft to create the same optimal launch. Again. Physics
  19. Ah I see. This is a sales and marketing thing Physics disagres with you https://www.quinticballroll.com/Quintic_Ball_Roll_Launch_Angle.html https://www.scienceandmotion.com/download/docs/fundamentals/The Fundamentals of Putting4.pdf
  20. Actually you do want launch. It's just a matter, just like fitting any club, of being fit. Ball launching higher due to low CG means you just need to play a lower loft. I suggest watching one of the great TXG putting fitting videos. They do a great job of explaining optimal launch by marrying up CG, loft and the players stroke
  21. I think you pretty much answered your own question Go get a fit. You'll hit your current club first and then will try other stuff. Let the numbers speak for themselves
  22. If Rob had $20 for every time he heard that, he'd have broke even!
  23. LA Golf makes PXG look like Tour Edge Most pretentious gold brand there is
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