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  1. I think I'm having a bit of buyer's remorse... (..there I said it!) Earlier in the season I'd figured I needed a little more "help" with my wedge game so picked up a new CBX2 54*. I'd already replaced the Hogan Equalizer gap wedge when I got the PXG 0211 set; and then also swapped out the Equalizer 58 for an old Callaway Jaws 60* sitting around figuring it would help me get out of deep bunkers .. and the decided to grab a prior gen CBX 60 on sale... Well... Not so sure I'm loving the CBXs... May put the standard wedge 54 and 58 back in the bag and maybe play 2 balls side-by-si
  2. Played a short 9 with my wife yesterday, on an unusually mild and calm late Nov day. Started off not so well .. was feeling a bit stiff and off-balance but somehow managed to scratch out bogeys .. basically thanks to good putting (despite poor and left-right ball striking). Third hole got it in gear and made a rare-for-me par on this dogleg right with a good tee shot over the trees at the corner and a lucky second that was a little thin and low but held the green. After this all my Par 4/5 tee shots were good though only made one more par and the rest bogeys. On the two short Par 3s
  3. Nice!!! Dude you're looking so good now .. you're gonna have to change your screename
  4. Sounds really good!! (Can you post some vids so we can.. uhhhh .. "borrow" some short game tips )
  5. Wow a lot going on there but it sounds like really good progress!! Good luck with the practicing and especially taking it to the course
  6. This is one of those, "Insert Caption Here" ....
  7. Which Garmin model is that? I agree it's annoying to see your shot locations more marked accurately .. especially with a Garmin..!
  8. The counterbalance on the Light Speed is a little larger than the one on the regular Trainer, so yeah could be a little bulky in the bag. But the Gold Flex.. as you know.. is a very useful warmup & stretching tool. And I'm sure Sylvester looks good .. and has a good view .. from his perch on it
  9. Thx for mentioning that .. I need to go back and re-watch all of their vids, and then develop a good workout/practice routine for myself to follow over the Winter! And - great deal on the Duo pack .. good shopping
  10. Played an unexpected 18 with my wife yesterday - we'd actually planned on 9 at a course we haven't been to for a few years (where we got a tee time last minute on a nice Saturday) and I totally forgot that after #6 there's a loooooooong walk to the next tee. Like a full 5 minutes of brisk pace walking! (at least there were porta-potties along the way for her) And then #9 green is oriented to the further direction away from that path, so once you're out on that side well you're playing the whole thing! So.. I didn't think I was playing / scoring all that well; I've adopted the habit of ma
  11. SIXTEEN!!?? Wow.... can you say, "young phenom"
  12. Oh yeah - she's a keeper! (..and hope her hand heals fully and quickly so she can start hitting golf balls again!)
  13. Ha, good name - I've got a similar winter objective to get my 7i and 6i under control and to be reasonably dependable performers for me... (well, that along with like a hundred other improvement goals!)
  14. Very nice! A really good looking re-design vs the earlier version .. and I'm really liking the look of that headcover.
  15. ..and Play mode on a rainy day when the wife says: "Let's have a putting contest!"
  16. Hit a small bucket (60 balls at this place) this afternoon, trying to move my body and arms decently through the swing and make solid contact with different clubs aiming at different targets. The real underlying goal.. was try to rebuild a little confidence after two verrrry disappointing 9 hole rounds during the past week. Semi successful .. wedges thru 8i all reasonably solid; couldn't hit the 7i for whatever reason(s); 5H ok-ish; 4W kinda 50-50 .. still hitting some too high on the face and out towards the toe a little. Gonna play tomorrow so we'll see how the confidence (and
  17. That's a great way to put it! The more I use the OW the more sensitive I get to how it's trying to help guide me towards a "correct" swing.
  18. I am, yes. I don't follow any official protocols, though; my main emphasis is still working through the foundations of my swing .. current focus on better impact position. I'm finding - happily - that as the base of my swing improves, so does my swing speed (slightly).
  19. ..ooooooooohhh so shhiiiiiiinnyyyy.... Very nice .. hit em long and straight
  20. Another GolfEtail deal... https://www.golfetail.com/cleveland-cbx-cavity-backed-tour-satin-wedge-pre-owned-very-good/
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