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  1. Do you get regular network channels? Here in NY it's on CBS (Channel 2).
  2. Can we talk just about my putting and cheerfully ignore everything else? --> 15 putts over 9 holes with really good first putt distance control ... 3 x 1-putts and *NO* 3-putts!
  3. Take care of yourself first... We need more golf stories! Oh and- let's hope the doc doesn't tell you to cut out the bacon
  4. Life happens..... And it's quite ok to vent in here! Hope it helped in some small way.... Best wishes for your grandfather Hang in there and prioritize what you *gotta* do next and you, and your wife, will get through this.
  5. hahaha *you're* getting old ... ... better not introduce that kid to any of us actually old farts on this forum
  6. I think, may be wrong, but that may the company that offers free battery replacement - for as long as you own it.
  7. Wow that is something! Just wondering out loud ... I'm sure the stats are out there but (..too lazy to look it it up and) now wondering how .. in their prime .. Annika or Nancy Lopez compared...
  8. I recall a story about some Tour pro - he'd win a tournament without any warmup / practice so decided to do the same thing the next week .. where he did really poorly... He said something to the effect of: "You don't own your swing, you only rent it!"
  9. Wow that's just crazy.... Fingers crossed for a full and speedy recovery!
  10. Blazing Saddles is one of the best ever! https://youtu.be/WolIS6PfJfQ
  11. Arrrrgghh man I wanna but there's a conflict on one day I can't change Someday........ ..gonna make it out to the PNW - it's that one part of the country that I haven't visited yet! Plus I think Kenny owes me a beer. Or maybe I owe him two beers.
  12. From an ageless classic ... (... Or: is that me, talking about my golf game?)
  13. I "Like"ed that post also, plus the following ones that Liked it (..now where's that link to the "Too Many Likes???” thread..... )
  14. I believe one factor Mr. EdingC has is the advantage of youth over us 60-somethings...
  15. A pair of New Balance Breeze spikeless shoes. I've had trouble finding a truly comfortable pair of golf shoes - probably because I don't try stuff on and just order when I see something good on sale - but waaaay back when I used to jog I liked NB shoes. Wore them around the house this morning ... the fit feels right and they do seem very comfortable! Will get to test them out in the next few days.
  16. Oh yeah got it - I haven't been playing as long as most of you, yet in that time I have seen plenty of "ugly" and what look to me as inefficient / poor function swings BUT .. a lot of those same people are able to make the golf ball fly towards the hole! Separately I think what a few mentioned earlier may be appropriate - maybe you've (GetOffMyLawn) "outgrown" either GolfTec and/or that particular instructor .. and may benefit further at this point from on-range coaching where you're hitting to actual targets and watching ball flight..?
  17. As some of you know, I've also been taking a series of lessons at a GolfTec, and .. over time (...I'm a very slow golf learner ) .. I can see the progress in my results on the course. One thought - and this may be semantics - is that at GolfTec they try to get you to swing more alike to the pros .. but *not* like the pros. If you can swing like a pro or like Adam Scott then wow wonderful, but they're aware they're dealing with regular people / recreational golfers who want to get "better" (whatever that means to each student). The way I look at it is when they show me a vid clip of Rickie Fowler or Aaron Baddely hitting a ball they don't expect me to swing like that - they're showing me a "model" .. or a target .. to work on moving towards. Will I get to that target? Quite honestly, no - hard no. But will I get closer than I am now? With instruction and practice I believe so; and I believe the effort will help me hit "better" shots on the course. A thought about "swing your swing" - what that implies to me is you're not thinking about instructions about positions, whatever from your lessons, and you don't stand over the ball with swing thoughts running through your mind, etc. - ie. you're not playing "golf swing", instead you're playing the game of golf when you're out on the golf course.
  18. I don't know if this is a movie quote but something I heard about golf once ... "It's not 'how' - it's how many" Doesn't matter how ugly .. nor how pretty .. the lowest number of strokes wins.
  19. "Just puuush the ball into the hole." Thx! We'll see... Usually everything's 'ok' enough but recently been a little achy and guess I just had to vent! Thx!! Funny was contemplating a trip to the ortho and asking about one. The problem has been these very occasional but very sharp spasms. About year a year prior to the left hip surgery I'd gotten a PRP (platelet rich therapy) injection and that actually helped keep me going for most of that year. Only drawback is that procedure needs a little recovery time.....
  20. I'm not one to be doling out swing tips, buuuut .. I will share one thing that's helped me -- set up, take your stance, then .. move your trail foot straight back only like ½" and lift the heel slightly ... this will encourage a bit of forward lean with the body / weight onto the front foot. I do it on the course a lot to remind myself "weight forward / ball first".
  21. Really is! Wonder if she can keep most of those 1st's thru the season...
  22. Last year I switched to a single prong - dunno but IMHO it encourages a pushing against the raised edges of the pitch mark, vs the 2 prong / fork type that seems to encourage the user to dig & lift from underneath more..... Oh, PS: happily this year I'm getting to use the divot tool more
  23. Happened across this pretty incredible set of stats for one of the current LPGA stars Minjee Lee ... Yowzahs!!
  24. Do try it, see if it works for you .. but, fwiw, I went back to Auto after only a few rounds. When over a putt I'll wave my left (watch wearing) wrist up and down a little before the stroke and have found the resulting putt locations to be as good as doing it manually. Plus I prefer less interaction with the watch while on the course. YMMV.
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