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  1. OK, after several weeks of lessons and practice have a meaningful update... I'd mentioned in the opening post that after the initial swing evaluation I'd signed on for a pack of 10 lesson "credits", where each credit = one 1/2 hour session, and that I'd decided to use them in 1/2 hr increments and stretch them out .. ie. going back in about every week and a half to two weeks apart. In between I spent time working on the things we'd covered and also on the drills assigned, both at home and occasionally at the range. Well, the incremental process seems to be working out for me .. but let's start with a vid clip from the first lesson (Dec. 3, 2019) and a full swing with a 9i... As you can see, despite some progress last Summer, I'm reverting to a lot of old, bad habits including bent arms, getting "scoopy" with the hands but primarily hanging back on the back foot through impact. Yuck! Now.. compare that to this next clip from the most recent lesson (Feb. 13, 2020) .. here we were working on pitching different distances with different wedges (this clip is about 80-85 with a GW), so no - not directly comparable to a 9i full swing, but you can really see some better things starting to come out ... including straighter arms, maintaining better posture throughout the swing (and so, more on-plane) and especially starting to move the body into and through impact. Yea! (yeah i still have a funky little forward press thing going on...) During the course of the lessons, with a few unseasonably mild days here in NY and a long weekend trip to Florida, I've been able to get outside and play (mostly 9 holes) 7 times so far this year. I'm not saying it's all great golf but I do see a clear progression in the ratio of good, or playable, shots vs bad mistakes or compounded mistakes; also I feel like I'm starting to think less about the How am I gonna.. of the technique of the next shot and more of the What kind of shot do I want to hit to my next target. My most recent two 9-hole rounds .. two days apart on the same course, similar conditions .. could not have been more different (more here in "How'd You Play?"... https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/6351-howd-you-play/?do=findComment&comment=601411) -- the first was one of my worst rounds while the second represents a new PB! Of course I'm really happy with that but not discouraged by the first as I see that I'm still very much working on internalizing all the new, good stuff into my on-course play. So.. I'm gonna continue with the rest of the lessons, and with the drills and practicing, and plan to sign up for another lesson pack (Golftec currently has a March sale, if anyone's interested - plz see my referral link at end of first post which gives us each a $100 credit!) .. which I'll stretch out over the Spring and Summer so I can continue this process of working on and improving my skills and confidence.
  2. WOW!! Nice! ..can we now say that Foz has a .. "distance problem"...
  3. Whew! Thought maybe I was starting to develop some sort of split personality disorder................ Very much looking forward to it!!! Anyone who has time and wants to join us... https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/36544-on-the-road-with-kennyb-irvine-ca-april-3-7/
  4. awww poor guy... he looks like "hey yo human - either get that other furry thing outta there or go get me a *new* bed!"
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    Bubba (on left) comes for a visit. Yes - this was after a *LOT* of running around in back .. the third guy is laying down somewhere else...
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    Happy puppies on a sunny, warm February (?!!?) day
  7. We had a string of very unseasonably mild days here in NY - 50s, clear and mostly calm. Got out Saturday for 9, family brunch Sunday and then went back to the same 9 on Monday. But here's where it gets (kinda) interesting: ..on the same course, the same golf dude, with the same set of clubs, same golf balls, etc. (You can see where this is going!) ..Saturday the tee shots were all over the place and the wedge game was just non-existent (at least putting was mostly ok); lotta mistakes and poor shots and ended up +17 for 9 (Par 36)..... ..but then... ..Monday all tee shots were in the fairway or close and playable; short game wasn't spot-on but was good and although not all shots were good ones they were all moving in the right direction - even the two grounders in a row on an uphill Par 4 still left me in a good spot to get to the green. Approaches were mostly short, one or two were long so distance control of course needs more practice; lag putting was pretty good and left me close several times; but I think the real key was I didn't make two mistakes in a row! The highlights... 4 Pars (yea) 4 Bogeys (including #7 where I habitually f*** up) 1 Double (topped second shot on a Par 5 and then added a 3-putt where I pushed the 3-footer for bogey...) And what I'm really happy with is... * an up & down out of a footprint in a deep greenside bunker on an uphill Par 3 after I pulled the tee shot left and watched the ball hang for a second on the crest of the slope but as it rolled it caught the slope and went down down down. Also finished with the same ball I started with! So finished +6 on a Par 36 which is a new "PB" .. whoo-hoo! (I made one 42 last Summer but that was on a Par 35) --- Here's the view looking back from the #1 green towards LI Sound...
  8. We had an unusually calm, clear, sunny and warm(-ish .. 50*) day here (in NY) yesterday .. so I went out in the morning for a long paddle (SUP). Got back home and my wife was done with her "homework" .. marking report cards .. and we decided to go out and take advantage of the beautiful day and golf. Being a holiday week, we opted for one of the Par 3s a short drive away. The wind had picked up a little bit but it was only a minor factor when hitting straight into it; the bigger problem was the low angle of the afternoon winter sun and the glare. Being winter and all (and having already exercised my back and arms!) decided to go with just wedges, putter and an 8i. Hit the ball fairly decently ... excepting, of course!, for the few times I did not... Those times yielded me a double, a triple and a (gulp) quad. Man, gotta get those kinda holes under better control..... I also needed two tries (dammm) to get out of each of the two bunkers I dropped into, and splashed twice .. on the same two holes I often do... But on the bright side I made a few pars, a few "easy" bogeys where my par putt grazed the edge of the cup and even one birdie! That was on an uphill hole, plays about 130 (with elevation), with trees overhanging left blocking the line to the blind green, a deep bunker in front, and also trees right. There is a bailout area to the right of the green. Hit the 8i just soldily enough to carry to the front edge and bounce onto the green. Got up there to find I had a not too-long (8-10ft?) not too hard-breaking putt .. and nailed it (yea!).
  9. Kind of feel similarly. Probably they're working on it, as they include user feedback into their development queue; it would also be nice to see some software-related improvements .. eg. they mentioned they improved the GPS accuracy (a complaint of mine) and also better data visualization / presentation, as discussed in the V2 review thread. But ultimately my own biggest gains will continue to come from improving my swing, and on-course confidence, and strengthening my course management.
  10. Good info, thanks! I first heard of the WHOOP on The GC, actually, on a segment with Scott Stallings .. who swears by it as a big help in his own physical makeover. For me, though, while a good feature is the sleep monitoring I'm not into adding yet another monthly subscription to my personal overhead; I'd look around for another sleep-dedicated device.
  11. If you can, try to get someone to capture video of you making swings and mark each one with where you thought your "feel" was .. when you review it can help you correlate the "feel vs real". I've been taking a series of lessons where they always video you; at first I didn't even wanna watch it (ughleeeee!) but now I'm understanding the insights and visual reinforcements the vid clips can give you.
  12. I think this is key -- what was _your_ proximity to _your_ target (on any and all shots)? (me: I'm rarely going at pins; more often to the center of the green) As a part of my post-shot routine, I try (!!) to objectively evaluate things like... - Did I hit it solidly? - Did I hit the kind of shot I'd intended? - Did I get it within .. roughly .. 10-20% of my intended target? The way I look at "scoring" my shots are... - within 10% means you hit a 90% successful shot = an "A" grade - within 20% means you hit an 80-something% successful shot = a respectable (and playable) "B" grade - etc. Then I try to evaluate what I did do well and what still needs more work (which a lot of times is related to focus and concentration).
  13. Hmmm... not Willie Nelson's "On The Road Again"... There must be so many great golf course options along the way b/w WA and SoCal .. how ya gonna choose?!?
  14. Heat first, then cold. Don't know if you're into it or if there is any near you, but accupuncture has been a big help for me.
  15. OK, just an FYI update... Our (Kenny's and mine) dates are set - we'll be there starting Thursday 4/02 and then leaving the following Wednesday morning 4/08.
  16. This is all really GREAT stuff! And, in fact, echoes very closely several of the key points I .. was supposed to have .. learned at a mental game clinic I attended about a year ago. Hope the kids are absorbing it all!!
  17. I have to get myself to do more of that "reset" process, vs rushing ahead not fully prepared and committed to the current shot.
  18. Same here! How can you pass up that deal?? I've played them before and liked them. This time I went for the white, tho, not the matte green; tho a cool color, the hi vis does not always stand out plus the matte seems to trap more dirt and moisture vs "shiny" finishes.
  19. ..was gonna say something very similar.............. ..oh, hmmmm ... so I'm not the only one who does that??!!?? (and yeah that's the the mistake that still "gets me" when I do it........)
  20. Thx! I'm so ready .. each Winter, as in another year older, the cold just seems colder....
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