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  1. ..and yet another GREAT tip!! Thanks for that info! For short game shots, I was taught to use less arms / more body (torso) rotation ... what's your view on this? (- for this example let's just assume a basic short range pitch shot; no special lie, trouble, etc.) (> If I were near Chicago I'd be throwing money at you to help me with my swing & game!!!)
  2. Thx, Kenny! But... my bigger problems on that hole are the approach and then the green itself - I've three putted that green more than any other! The approach problem is literally all in my head - it drops off steeply behind and left and right towards marsh/wetlands/OB without much room for error; a deep bunker is front-right with a small pond leading towards it. The safe approach is from the left side of the fairway, thru the dogleg, and believe me I've layed up to there and still f***ed it up....... Maybe next time I go there I'll just play that one hole 9 times!!
  3. Hah, love it! Then I'm ok 'cuz I *always* do well there! Ha thx, not sure where I lost "it" in my game but at least I'm determined!
  4. Good review, good info .. thx! I'm intrigued by these new Cleveland putters and your positive experience has me leaning more towards testing one out.
  5. Went back to the same course I'd played yesterday, in an attempt to seek some redemption on the first three holes that I had played poorly - and, well, that didn't work out...... Just one stroke better on #1 but then just as bad on #2 and #3. Scratched out three ok bogeys to follow but then yet another blow-up on the #7 hole. And the last two holes that I'd almost-birdied and birdied yesterday? Well today was the polar opposite.... Man this game can be hard sometimes, and I'm not really liking the way I'm closing out the season here. Gotta turn it around!!!
  6. Well it was an incredibly warm, clear day (gonna be the last one of those for a while....) but started off kinda poorly... ..to where my score to par after the first 3 holes matched my previous whole 9 hole round there! Picked it up after that with bogeys and pars, tho I did add another double on my nemesis hole at this course (#7) - tee shot left, punch out, chunked the approach, chip on but ran out too much, misread the first putt..... Finished well with an almost birdie (Par 5) - I actually missed a straight-in level 3 footer - and a solid birdie (uphill Par 3). .. And speaking of Canadian Geese .. typically this course, especially #7 thru #9 by the water, are thick with geese and geese poop (walkers tip: put cheap plastic shower caps on your cart wheels) .. but today was strangely, weirdly clean! Not one goose in sight .. Hey @Kenny B maybe they all went to Washington?!?!
  7. Nice! I've got a 4W that I'm pretty happy with .. been hitting it nicely off the tee lately and once in a while off the deck, too. The mantra around here - which I totally completely wholeheartedly agree with - is play what works best for you
  8. NICE!!! I've also been through three different fittings the past few years (irons, driver, full bag) and - while each was helpful - each actually left me kinda underwhelmed..... Sounds like you hit the jackpot with Nick - clearly a super-qualified fitter / club technician. Hope you gave him a big tip You .. on top of jlukes .. have convinced me that my next fitting foray will be to True Spec! Oh, PS: maybe Nick mentioned - but if you shorten the driver shaft the swing weight changes (gets lighter) so you may want to visit him again to have it re-checked.
  9. Good review and good info! Funny coincidence .. I have something almost identical (a holiday gift from my wife a few years ago); same design and construction, but with only a single line into the center of each hole. The other main difference is the surface on mine is more like an astroturf; plus there are *two* surface textures - split lengthwise so putting to either hole uses a different texture, which presumably is meant to be different speeds (tho I tossed the box it came in and there is no logo or label on it to identify a brand so I can't find it online to look up). Anyway, I get a lot of use out of it and it has definitely helped me refine my stroke and speed control.
  10. Is ^that^ what's meant by the saying... "Drive for show"...
  11. Totally agree! MPR - this is an item that could be appropriate on the survey. But w/r/t to the four items given, I also selected short game. I do very frequently practice my putting, as I have a mat set up in the basement always ready so it's easy and convenient, but I've found I can putt decent enough .. well, after the first hole, anyway! .. without practice. But short game touch and finesse ... these only seem possible with constant maintenance. I'm fortunate to have garage space available where I've set up a mat and a net; it is possible to do full swing practice there .. which I will from time to time .. but I definitely use it the most for wedge shots of differing types (eg. high / low, partial / full, etc.).
  12. Interesting analogy. I watched the drill videos (but did not but one; do have a Smart Ball, tho) and Martin talks a *LOT* .. as he does in many of his other instructional vid tips .. about keeping "structure" in the arms throughout the swing, start to finish.
  13. IMHO it's easier, and cheaper, to put down two alignment rods parallel to each other forming a channel. Also - didn't read the info but curious as to how does the Dirty Larry aid ensure you set it *exactly* perpendicular to the putter face?
  14. Had a sorta similar situation on my 9 yesterday - thought I had the course to myself, only to get onto the first tee and see one (dare I say?) old guy by himself and taking his sweeeet time .. pulling a club, lining up his shot, getting ready for his shot, taking his shot, looking at his shot, walking back to his bag and puffing on his cigar and putting his club back in and........ So I decided instead of stressing about it, I'd do the same, and .. well .. kinda think it maybe actually helped me, to slow down and make sure I'm fully prepared for my next shot
  15. Played much better vs. recently; was on a short 9-hole course with very windy and gusty conditions. Finished +5 (Par 35); have to check if this ties or is my new PB on this course. Didn't hit many fairways today but all the tee shots were playable; did hit 3 greens - including the hardest hole (dogleg left to a very small and sloped green) and the closing Par 3 (over a pond, wind from the right). Had one double after missing the green right .. I pitched it too low onto the slope running away from me and the ball rolled off the green and down the hill on the far side. Otherwise three bogeys and five (5!) pars (yeah!). Hit a new club off one tee - a Tour Edge HL4 iron-wood. They're offering a $40 trial of a #6 .. and if I keep liking this I may go for a #5 or a #4 to fill a gap b/w my current 6i and 4H.
  16. I hope it drops into the 60s and you *still* make your goal!!
  17. Yep... now 10 years in and still chasing "better"...

  18. OK, hmm .. this just happened... ..not sure why the app or forum software doesn't .. ha ha .. "like" me..!! [emoji12]
  19. Played 3 days in a row, a new "record" for me, and yes .. my middle back (not lower, interestingly) is now paying the price! But it was fun; wife and I were away for a long weekend and played a short muni 9-hole the first two days and then a regulation 18 (Senior tees for me). Each day my tee shots were getting better and better, which is a huge improvement from the start of the season where I was all over the place. No, not every tee shot this weekend was great but most were good and the misses were playable; except for one should not have been lost ball .. just nowhere to be found...! The downside of the first two short course days, though, is that too often I totally mis-hit the second shot .. short iron and wedge technique just plumb evaded me. The 18 hole day started out very promising - good tee shot into the middle, second shot was solid and to where I was aiming, third hit the green (yea!) slightly left and deep of the middle pin; get up there to see my ball lying through the green about 5 feet off. Hit a soft chip just onto the green to where I'd intended .. only to watch the ball roll past the hole and roll and roll all the way to the far side of the green. Didn't sink the comeback putt so an outside chance birdie turned into a bogey. What we realized by the second hole was that the greens were not just fast .. they were actually dried out and very firm; many even had brown and bare patches. As we went around I noticed a distinct lack any any pitch marks, too. Hmmm. On the flip side, a number of the fairways were also dry so a lot of our tee shots got a lot of extra bounce and roll! So despite some good ball striking and a few decent approaches, chipping and putting on those greens was more than, ummmm, "challenging". Had my first in i-dunno-how-long FOUR-putt and then FOUR 3-putts on the Back 9. Ouch! Ended up with way too many doubles and a few "others", but managed to scratch out three pars and even a birdie on a Par 3.
  20. Haven't posted here in a while (a looong while, as I made an early season commitment to focus on my swing and game with the good-enough-for-me gear I have), but.... got a single club trial of the updated Tour Edge HL4 iron-wood. Which I guess you could call a "hybrid" but I think is somewhat similar in design and intent to the Ping Crossover. Hit an older version that my mother-in-law had and kinda liked it, actually, so we'll see how this one works for me.....
  21. This is old and probably expired, but give it a try... SCEX10491-PTRFR
  22. @MaxEntropy .. Great review / comparison; really helpful info! I had a ShotScope earlier this season, and here's a few FYIs I discovered while using it..... 1. Battery - after it's fully charged (at home) turn it OFF. Then don't turn it On until literally a few minutes before you start playing. In other words, don't use it as a "watch". 2. Distances to doglegs, intermediate hazards,etc. - this is supposedly in their development queue and so will be coming out in a future software update. 3. Positional shots - if you remember to mark a punch-out, etc. as "Positional" then it will not be included in the distance metrics for that club. *Important! - (super important imho) - ShotScope considers EVERYTHING after the tee shot as an Approach shot! So... If you're on a Par 5, or long Par 4, or botched your tee shot, or whatever .. and going to hit a layup next then you should mark it as "Positional". Then that shot won't be included in your "Approaches from .." nor "Shots to Finish from.." metrics. Note you can also fix this in post-round editing.
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