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  1. Tom Fairfax Station, VA Taylor Made Patina Ardmore 3 Impact Series No. 3 Alignment CB Putter
  2. Tom, Fairfax Station, VA 11 1/2 W New Balance golf shoes, love that they offer the extra wide width! Comfort, the ability to remove the insole and replace with my orthotics.
  3. Tom, Fairfax Station, VA 18.4 Callaway MD3 and PM Grind Better friction off of club face, lack of glare from sun
  4. Tom, Fairfax Station, Va I have a basic, astroturf type mat. Current mat does not simulate realistic grass conditions. It seems to do better on concrete than carpet. Looking to replicate speeds that "stimp" around 10.
  5. Fairfax Station, Va Gummies Try to keep my mind in the game, wishing I had better focus instead of getting distracted by poor etiquite of others. I wear a FitBit and occasionally use the "Map my Walk" from Under Armour app on mt phone as it also offers a golf choice.
  6. Tom, Fairfax Station, Va Callaway MD3 (50 & 54) and Callaway PM Grind (58) 54
  7. Handicap: 17.3 index, Location: Fairfax Station, Va Current irons: PXG 0211, 8 iron distance: 155 yards All I know about Sub 70 is they are a direct to consumer club maker. I like the look of these irons!
  8. Tom, Va Current handicap: 16 TayloMade M2 (19 & 22 degrees) Easy to get out of the rough, consistent distance
  9. Tom, Va, 16 Darkened Sharpie line over OEM marking Callaway ChromeSoft 2020
  10. Update: I recently played a course with standard cup placement and a short piece of 1 & 1/2" pvc pipe at the bottom of the cup. I think this is my favorite adaptation so far. PVC piece was short enough to allow room in the cup and I did not see any putts affected (positively or negatively) during play. Would have been a great day if I wouldn't have had a poor putting day! Fairways and greens MyGolfSpy friends!
  11. During this time of pandemic, I have played courses with both the "pool noodle" and the upside-down cup options. I really don't like either, as they appear to affect putts either adversely or occasionally positively (keeping a ball in the hole that should have lipped out). Of the two, the upside down cup option seems to be the more consistent option as it allows a more uniform depth of cup option.
  12. Fun to see everyone's top ten courses. Here are mine: 10. TPC Potomac at Avenel FArm 9. Kapalua, The Bay Course (Plantation Course was being built when I was there) 8. TPC Scottsdale 7. Harbour Town, Hilton Head 6. Pelican Hill 5. Pinehurst #4 4. Pebble Beach 3. Pasatiempo 2. Spyglass Hill 1. Pinehurst #2
  13. Fairfax Station, VA. Handicap: 16 Sharpie line over OEM marking Calloway ChromeSoft
  14. Tom, Fairfax Station, Va 17 PXG 0211 PTX Pro-Icon Combo Looking forward to an opportunity to test an iconic brand of clubs
  15. Fairfax Station, Va TaylorMade stand bag Pockets with enough room for course essentials; lined pocket for wallet, keys, cellphone
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