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  1. If you go to London, you are constantly being watched and videotaped. Go to major airports and facial recognition cameras are being introduced ( have been). Drive around in your car and police already know all the answers prior to stopping you just by your license plate. My point being is we are already in 1984.
  2. I bought the pixel 3 and am loving it. And am really starting to enjoy all that Google can do. Now I'm thinking about Google home and the products that come with it. " hey Google,....."
  3. Consider parents who have children playing hockey up here in Canada. They easily spend upwards of a few thousand dollars each winter on it. Equipment, fees, travel expenses, hotel accommodations (for out of town games and weekend long tournaments), and gas. It all depends upon ones priorities.
  4. Want to wish all the spies out there - have a great weekend Hope it's filled with love, laughter, and anticipation of what's under the tree
  5. One thing that has caught my eye about Miura is the love for us lefties. I just seen a post on Instagram about left handed wedges. And they look nice
  6. I'm up to 63 push ups ( 343 in total) and I have just figured out the method to the madness of this app. If you look at this app, it breaks each routine into a total of 5 intervals with differing # of push ups to do for each interval. It starts small and progressively increases. Usually the second interval gets the bigger number as the first prepares the body. Each interval alternates between big and small reps. This app isn't about just getting a person to do as many push ups as possible. This is about building upper body strength and it is working. Now I know why they have arranged the quantities and intervals in the order that they have. I just completed 63 push ups in the same number of intervals as when I started this app (12 push ups being done in the same 5 intervals). Of course keeping the intervals the same means only one thing. That the reps per interval increases. Beginning sets were about 2-4 or 5 push ups per interval. Now it is up to 12- 14 per. I would highly recommend this this app. But remember, you need to have proper form when doing a push up. Research this. Keep a straight body, hands underneath the shoulders, and you are on your toes. And don't worry if you struggle, keep at it and enjoy it.
  7. You know it's time to: Quit when you're trying to find the "Reply to this topic" button and then you realize you're not logged in.
  8. Wake me up when the golf course opens
  9. @fozcycle. Wishing you well.
  10. Out of curiosity Where did you get tthat information on the average age of golfer?
  11. 1. Keep with the strength training and flexibility 2. Resolve the issue I have with my driver 3. Continue testing the Ping i500. 4. Have a successful MGS Northwest Golf outing in 2019 5. Reduce my handicap further
  12. I also want to wish everyone a very Merry X- mas. It is without a doubt the best forum around and I love being here. You are an amazing group of guys and I'm looking forward to 2019.
  13. Guys The wealth of information that one can get from a forum and the intelligence within is amazing. You guys are
  14. I prefer walking as I find it easier to walk directly to the ball instead of for example, following the cart only rule or when you're near the green. And I find that it is more stimulating in the golf sense than riding. Does that make sense? It's like you're more connected to the game than hit, jump on the cart, ride, get out, hit, get in, ride... and so on. I find that walking gives me a chance to analyze the next shot and surroundings as I'm walking up to the ball. Plus, I love music and I love listening to it as I'm walking between shots.
  15. Actually , can I have that? It would serve as a great weight for the back of my pick up during winters.
  16. I am getting tired thinking about lugging that monstrosity out of the trunk and to the pro shop.
  17. I don't receive anything for this
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