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  1. Technically yes, but given he has the 1 true strike i believe he would deserve the true win. Not getting a strike till week 15 is awfully impressive.
  2. A big congrats to @GB13 for winning the survivor pool! With Baltimore loosing and I have opponents playing against each other I sadly can't make the superbowl and it will be my 3rd strike, which leaves GB with only 1 actual strike the whole season! Impressive to say the least.
  3. Thank you for posting that. Hopefully will help clear some things up. In the mean time we can wait and see what comes out in the report when it does get posted.
  4. Can we have a mod close or merge this thread as this point or topic is being argued in another thread and posts are being duplicated in another thread which is arguing the same point? I don't feel it is particularly beneficial or productive conversation here regardless, but certainly no reason to see it twice.
  5. I will be getting a new driver this year, without question and have to admit that these really intrigue me. I like to the look of them and although many reviews haven't said anything crazy special its definitely one product that has my attention.
  6. I believe that posting the exact same thing in another thread gets your point across, no need to make a duplicate post and a entirely new thread for this. I disagree completely and although the COG data may show the facts as you say it (I haven't looked as I just noticed the post), but relaying the talking points from PXG or for a matter any other company isn't taking or accepting advertising dollars. I am sure they will do their tests and put out a report in due time as you have asked for several times and while we wait we can have a productive conversation about the product itself rather
  7. You must know my team better then I do. Could have sworn I also drafted Berger and Spieth, but may have gotten him in one of my trades with BNG. I can remember flipping Rahm for I think Woodland and Fowler or something, then I ended up trading Woodland back to BNG for Day and something else. Either way if you want trades you can always go to BNG, for better or for worse haha. Completely forgot I drafted Hughes and then got him back off waivers later on. Trading is good in this format and if anyone is interested I would like to move into the top 30 from 43. Its nice when you have so many tea
  8. Hopefully I understood your question, but here is a answer as I understand it. We have 64 teams, and 5 copies of each player to be picked. Teams can only have 1 copy of each player. Therefore it is likely after the first 35 or so picks in the draft the top 7 players in the world will likely be gone. With it being a snake draft the teams picking at the back of the order are likely able to pick up two players that are ranked more towards the top 12-16 range whereas teams drafting in the middle like myself will have chances at a single top 10 player and then a top 20 player and teams drafting at
  9. If only there was a way to do some mock drafts!
  10. Truthfully I have had such a long day with a 5am walk with the dogs, 3 hours of driving and 8 hours of coaching and such then another walk with the dogs that you could have said it flat out and it still would have taken me 20 minutes to figure it out. However! It is very nice to be busy for the first time in a few months! As you can see they are pretty excited to see whats about to come as well!
  11. Speculated and stumped....
  12. My bag is pretty standard, but I did replace my 4 iron and hybrid with a 4 crossover and 2 crossover from ping. I really like them both and they have been great clubs for me, however maybe this year I'll see a change again. Would love to see the Ping Long Game testing come back!
  13. That is the beauty part of best ball, a few good weeks can help you climb up the board awfully quick. It doesn't take a lot, but going 62-1 or whatever it is after having some down weeks is great. Pretty sure before the break I was on the verge of playoffs but not threatening and after the team went off and I had a few top 3 weeks that helped climb into the top 8 or so. There is definitely a balance between and the draft as well as trading are much more important in best ball format, I think. @xOldBenKenobiX you can rank your players by going into the draft room. Keep in mind because som
  14. It's really a toss up. I couldn't decide to vote either way. While I agree that the strategy is fun and challenges and sometimes infuriating leaving a good person on the bench I think for the majority the idea of set it and forget it is nice and basically searching for guys who play more often rather then studs and where we can have such a big league there will be some teams that don't get a chance at those top tier players as much. I really like the strategy of picking the 4, but also won the best ball so again its really a toss up for me and I'll be happy to go with either or. For the dra
  15. Down to 4 with the Pick'em with GB13 still only at 1 strike. Curious who everyone has left to pick from. I feel luck in that I still have Baltimore, Kansas City, Cleveland, Green Bay and Tampa Bay... Now comes the hard part and hoping everyone else has used up top teams and trying to pick who will win the Super Bowl and work backwards from there.
  16. Congrats and looking forward to what the future holds here!
  17. That's great! Be sure to fire any more questions if you have them. A lot will likely be answered in some of the reviews but we are more the happy to lend a hand where we can as testers!
  18. Everyone is different and has different peaks, but check out my numbers as they are similar and you may get an idea. I started right around 100 and was up to 112 after the first set of protocols.
  19. Of course this week! https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2925085-report-all-saints-rbs-out-vs-panthers-due-to-close-contact-with-alvin-kamara
  20. That pole isn't fair... I wanted to select way more then just one. Any driver coming out is high up there as my epic sub zero needs replacing and would love to try to i59 as well since they could be a great i210 replacement.
  21. Been a bit for this one and think it deserves a bump. Still a little ways out from testing season, but still seeing lots of new members around. Great to look this over and as the above check out the FAQ section as well as if there is a topic in mind you want to chat give a quick look at the search tab where you can narrow the focus and likely hop into a ongoing conversation about the topic you were thinking about! Its a great tool and helps merge topics rather then having multiple threads on the same thing. Cheers to all the new members and happy new year along with a great start to 2021!
  22. Check this out and hope it helps! Hard to say definitively yes or no, everyone is so different and there will likely be several new drivers coming out from OEMs soon, so maybe? Best option would be to go to a shop or somewhere that you can test it out, bring your driver with you and give them some swings to see the differences to see if it works for you...
  23. Ok where to start. I understand there have been some back and forth in this thread so far and the basis of it was to share experiences. Sadly most all big box stores are similar, that I think we can all agree on. On the point about used clubs- Having worked in shop and done fittings myself and been trained for fittings as well as club building here are a few quick thoughts. One used clubs are hard to fit for, often there are only whats there which is often limited in supply. OEM's usually only have fitting carts with their newest kit, again makes sense. They want to sell new kit and not
  24. Get well soon Rob! Hope all is well and you're able to take the time to figure out what clubs are going in your bag next!
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