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  1. I'm in the process of posting 4 more videos on the channel. 9 putts with stroke lab, ping, Nike and another Nike I had which is not face balanced. Different camera view as well which may give a bit more insight as I did at times feel the stroke lab sway, but it seemed to get results.
  2. As requested by @goaliewales14 here is a 9 total putt, 3 with each putter tee video. After about 30 minutes of practice doing this drill it was a very close tie between my gamer (Ping) and stroke lab. Really can't say one was better then the other, but they both did best the Nike. I did feel very confident with both ping and Odyssey even though they are balanced very differently as I've mentioned previously.
  3. And putting well with it! May be a bit older but certainly is very trusty for you.
  4. Tomorrow will be round 4 with the stroke lab and I'm hopefully going to at least get another 9 in before going to China for a bit to work. I have to admit the transition has been pretty easy so far. I noticed when practicing in the basement that it is much smoother. Compared to both the Ping and Nike which both have opposite feels the Stroke Lab is on between both. I'm not talking off the face either, simply swing feel. I always felt I liked the feel of a heavy putter as though it would guide itself and be harder to take off track. With a lighter feeling putter it would sway on me. The stroke lab finds a really nice balance between both and so far results have been good. The last two rounds have been very solid with only one 3 putt and it was going to be almost no matter what. Had 5 one putts my first real round out with it as the greens were incredible. Second round was solid as well, no 3 putts but just really really bad off the tee so a lot of scrambling around.
  5. Looking forward to photos. Welcome to the forum from halifax!
  6. I have a coin toss between Taylor and List. Both I believe have similar potential although List certainly has more major experience which I think could help. Likely a game time decision early Thursday morning.
  7. Since it's been a rare sight recently of a good tee shot I have plenty. But this was by far the best from the most recent couple rounds. Toed the tee shot. Striped the second, but hit it left then a good chip and solid putt.
  8. With two more stage ones to come what putters do you think they were fit into? There are a ton of options to fit all strokes and what suits the eye. What do you think you would be fit into?
  9. Update: June 10th, 2019 Have one new wedge coming in as well as two new additions at the top end. Those are both a 4 ping g410 crossover and 2 ping g 410 crossover. 4 iron is to help with a big of forgiveness with longer clubs and the 2 is for gapping/second option off the tee with all the wind we have been having!
  10. Tough to sleep with this view so here is my Stage one posted a bit earlier then expected! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/31988-2019-official-forum-member-review-odyssey-stroke-lab-putter/?do=findComment&comment=546074 Hope you all enjoy! Have my 3rd round with this putter coming up in 4 hours .... so far been great experience. As well first on course putt with it was drained from 30 foot. I wish I had a video, because it was quite comical. @goaliewales14 at some point sooner rather then later I’ll set that drill up along with the camera and get a video to see the difference between to two or three putters!
  11. Excited to be bringing you all some good info and a in-depth review of the stroke lab putter. Just finished one round at Northumberland Links in Pugwash Nova Scotia home to some amazing greens and have a round tomorrow morning at fox Harb'r. Add that in with some practice this evening and lots to dive into. Stage one will be up either Sunday evening however more likely Monday. We also already have one awesome stage one up to read! Stay tuned for me to come and please don't hesitate to jump in and ask us if there is anything specific you want to see or hear our opinion on!
  12. Stage Two - Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 Putter – Official MGS Forum Review by Jamie Danbrook As far as reviews go I have to admit that a putter is a pretty tough one to go through. It is very subjective and without there being a ton of data points we rely a lot of initial feedback and thoughts as well as feelings to determine how good a putter is. In stage 2 I will dive deeper into many of those thoughts and feelings and hopefully give some clarification on if this is a must buy or not. I spent a lot of time practicing on various greens as well as in the basement and managed to get over 10 rounds of play in with the Stroke Lab. I did drills, some of which are posted on YouTube as well as tried to compare to my current putter for looks/feel/performance and just overall impressions. Looks (9 out of 10 points) I have to admit I love the shape and the look of the seven series, although a little smaller then the Tyne and more compact it has a stellar look to it which is very inviting and easy to line up. The different colours and variety of lines give it a very sharp and smart look. I personally could not be more impressed with how this putter looks overall. However its pretty darn difficult to give anything a 10. The head itself as stated is pretty darn beautiful, but then we get to the shaft and grip. The grip is probably the ugliest part about the putter and its still not bad at all. The shaft is stellar and has that sleek modern look to it which most all of us seem to gravitate towards. It’s also new and refreshing to see something that is not just simple and silver. Overall the whole club has great shelf appeal and game appeal. It stands out and not in a bad way where it is brash or garish, but modern and sleek. Having loved the seven or fanged style of club for some time this may be the one of the prettiest and most well done in a long time. Nothing too crazy, but has everything you need and could want in term of alignment and simplicity for a modern mallet style. The shapes and lines are proper and how I feel they should be, much like the Tyne and no like the TM Ardmore where it is swoopy and looks a bit goofy. It is also a nice update on the previous seven series. The Stroke Lab seven has a great balance and earns top marks in the looks category. Sound & Feel Head (1/5) Feel of Shaft (5/5) I have a feeling this will be a common theme among testers, but the sound and feel was where I struggled with the most. The sound of the putter is very muted with the insert and makes very little sound. That being said there is a firmer or harder sound out of the toe and the heel that is very distinguishable from the center of the face. Comparing this to my Tyne was and is night and day and definitely takes an adjustment. They are very different ends of the spectrum which make it slightly more difficult to adapt to. In terms of feel it was again muted and I could not help but feel as though it was borderline too soft and almost as if there was a delay with it coming off the face. This could also be the insert doing the little pick up and roll of the ball and getting it started. I can’t say this is a bad thing either, just different and not something I was use to feeling. I did however find it more difficult on quicker greens to find the feel for it all. Slower greens were amazing though especially when wanting to hit it firm and harder the feel and repetitive stroke was very easy to find. Stroke Lab Shaft Feel. I need to separate this, because it is a huge part. The feel of the shaft is stellar and by far the smoothest and easiest putter to swing in your hands. The stroke lab wants to putt itself and having a little extra weight in the hands gives a good sense of control, however even with a slightly heavier head there is a bit of sway. Getting to the point where you simply let the putter do the work rather then guiding it along gives a sensational feel throughout the stroke. The stroke lab shaft is here to stay and will definitely be seeing more companies invest in this area as it hits every point possible on feel. All in all this putter was on the fence of being too soft for my taste and I did enjoy the smoother softer sound at impact. It didn’t feel crisp or clunky, but smooth and responsive, just in a different manner that was difficult to adapt to. My first putt on course with it was a 30+ foot putt on a slow green that I hammered home and was sold. As testing went on it was very up and down and had my fair share of struggles and a lot I felt was due to the sound and feel of it being so far removed from what I was use to which had a fairly bit impact on my mental side where my confidence wasn’t as high. For this I give it a 6, however with more time, rounds and practice it could grow and become higher. I’m not giving up on it yet! Basic Characteristics (16 out of 20 points) Because we had such a poor spring with lots of rain I didn’t get as many rounds in right away as I would have preferred, however that meant that I had lots of time to practice in the basement and at a local range which has a decent area. This gave me a good initial feel for the putter and as well as see how it different from a variety of other putters I have. The stability of the stroke as most could imagine was great and although a bit of wavering I could chaulk that up to me trying to do more of the work rather then letting the putter flow through. In practice it was spot on and through drills as well as comparisons it started to win me over. From a accuracy and distance control perspective it also seemingly did very well in practice. Downstairs basement practice it didn’t miss often and when it/I did I could putt it on me rather then the putter itself. Distance control outside of 15 feet seemed really good for me as well, I was able to lag puts nice and close and didn’t often many 3 putts. Of course there were the odd one here and there. Inside 15 I did struggle a bit, again going back to the feel off the face I didn’t always get that same pop I was looking for and it was always end up being close ish but I left far too many short of the hole and would often blow one by when trying to ramp of the pace. Forgiveness on this putter is stellar, through and through in all segments it is still responsive and gives you a accurate pace for the stroke you put on it. This may be the most forgiving putter I’ve ever used and with that it was very versatile. I quite often use a putter out of rougher conditions and on the fringe and really enjoyed it. Was able to snuggle up many off green putts in a large part again to being able to put a firm stroke on the putt itself which definitely was a go to when I progressed into rounds. On-Course Performance (20 out of 30 points) Thankfully as the weather bettered I was able to get a variety of rounds in at many courses. I was able to make lots of birdies along the way and during the 4 Club Challenge something clicked and I had putts that were starting to burn edges and drop a lot more frequently. Yes it was a little late in the testing phase for this, but much better timing for the challenge as well. This Challenge also made me use the putter a little more often and still with a great degree of success because I was able avoid 3 putts and just play well. I did have a lot of struggles during some rounds and did find myself getting a bit frustrated, but I have found new life with this putter and think it will do me very well going forward. I have yet to go back and play a round with the Tyne because I really want to give this a good run. I dont think it is fair for me to judge it entirely on the last couple months and with it being so new and having all this tech it will take time to get fully adjusted and accustomed to. I believe i wrote this earlier, but I have to compare the stroke lab to a hybrid. In the back of our mind most all of us know that hybrids are more forgiving and an incredible tool in our bag, but alas there are those of us who are struck on long irons forgiveness/ease of use be damned (my being one of them) so we stick to our guns and play the long irons because its a tough adjustment moving to that new style of club. I liken this a lot to the stroke lab putters, they are a improvement on the older design no question and they do provide some benefits that outside of the numbers can be felt and can be seen on the course. However when we are so use to the standard steel shaft, heavy head weighting it’s very hard to adapt. I only had 3 rounds under 30 putts with the stroke lab and truthfully missed a lot of very makeable putts which could have lead to much better scores. That being said I did make some great putts along the way as well and could argue that it helped some of those bad putts look a lot better then they were actually hit. However I have yet to really dial it in and get that great success out of the stroke lab. I’m close no question about that, but it is still a ways away and I will keep at it until I figure the thing out! Miscellaneous (10 out of 10 points) The little things with Odyssey and the Stroke Lab putter are truly awesome. Speed of delivery was spot on and we got the products in short order as well as all the little things such as the note Callaway gives you with the package and the head cover is all class. Within that I got a lot of comments on how good the putter looks and had great feedback when I put it in the hands of friends, family and playing partners. It has a lot going for it and a lot of shelf appeal. Their website is simple and easy to go through to see all the options available and with so many heads it could be a daunting task, however its a very well done custom order section that is simple to use and easy to navigate. Really can’t think of anything negative to say in this regard. Well done and simply a very well thought out product top to bottom. Play it or Trade it? (12 out of 20 points) I want to preface this by saying this could and will in all likelihood change over the coming months and season. I will continue to use the stroke lab putter and don’t have any big tournaments to play this season so it will stay in the bag without having to worry about being swapped out due to the fact that I do want to give this a proper run. Following the season I will truly reevaluate how it has performed and determine whether it will replace the Tyne. A big part of me wants to find a way to put the stroke lab shaft on the Tyne... but that is a story for another day. If I had to pick one putter to use for the next few seasons right now I dont think it would be the stroke lab. I would likely go back to the Tyne and be quite happy with the decision, but I could very well evolve my game and stroke into using the stroke lab for a long time as well. It just isn’t something I would be comfortable fully committing to at this time. WIth so many head shapes, neck options and so many more custom offerings within the Stroke Lab family there is no question that there is a putter to fit any and all golfers out there. For me the biggest thing that is holding it back is the soft insert. I could likely get use to it more as well, it’s simply taking more time (Maybe the Toulon series would be better?) I do believe in the tech and that is why I am giving it the benefit of staying for the season. Conclusion Well to wrap this all up. I have enjoyed the time with the Stroke Lab and think there is definitely something there. To separate it out, the shaft and feel of the putter are incredible. Smooth with a ease in the stroke that is unlike any putter I’ve used. Looks are spot on as well, however I don’t love the insert and haven’t quite had the success I kind of figured would come with all the new tech. However it earns the opportunity to stay around at the very least to the end of the season to get fully adjusted to. This is a big leap I believe in putting technology and is around to stay, however the adjustment time may take longer for some then others. With so many head shapes, necks, styles, grips and everything else there is definitely one to fit your game and I would encourage any and all to go out there and give this a try. Finally thank you to MGS and Odyssey this has been a lot of fun and I look forward to updated everyone along the way because the review doesn’t stop with Stage 2 and as long as its in the bag I will share my thoughts and feelings! Final Score: 73/100
  13. Stage 1: Odyssey Stroke Lab 7 Putter - Jamie Danbrook First of all I want to say another huge Thank You to MGS and Odyssey for this opportunity. I cannot wait to dive into this and give everyone a dedicated thorough review of the not only the putter itself, but a complete review on the Stroke Lab Shaft. I was fortunate enough to be selected for the Ping i210 review last year so I will link it here for my full introduction. However here are the quick hits to get anyone caught up who would rather stay in this thread. I work as an Ice Technician for curling clubs and curling events in Halifax Nova Scotia. We have some world class courses here many of which are not too far away. I have been golfing since I was a kid, but only in the last 6 or so years have I really gotten serious about playing. As for my golf game here is a Arccos screenshot that will tell you a lot. When it comes to my bag I will link another thread to show you how it’s changed over the years as well as some recent additions to the bag! (That update coming Monday June 10th) One more thread link for everyone is here which shows the last 4 putters I’ve had and goes into each a bit. That being said my current gamer is the Ping SIgma G Tyne 36” Standard Lie. This putter has been a dream for me and really changed my game over the last season. My putter from anywhere on a green and off the green has improved exponentially and with that my confidence. Since this is a review on putting and a putter I am going to solely focus on that. My putting is the best part of my game and the most reliable. For me I love putting, it is a lot like my work I would describe it as a an art and a science. There are some basic standards to putting, but reading the greens and deciding how you want to get there is up to you. For me I prefer to die the putt at the whole rather then run it way past. Although if it a straight up hill putt I am certainly more aggressive. As with a lot of amateurs I quite often miss short and low. I wouldn’t say I often miss high side as I will quite often read the break well, but not allow for the appropriate pace. Here are some putting stats from arccos which will help you read into my game a bit more. Admittedly this is where arccos I believe could do the most improvement in their system, but for the most part it is pretty darn good! This was over the course of close to 40 rounds. Now the Odyssey Stoke Lab 7 putter! I have to admit other then just trying in stores I’ve never owned a Odyssey putter or really been a huge fan of them. I did love the look of the EXO series, but never really fell in love with any of them to take the plunge. I found many of the White Hot faces get dirty and kinda grungy over time which didn’t really appeal to me. The Micro Hinge face was something that was intriguing, but I didn’t feel it would be a great improvement over what I currently had. The Fitting: Unfortunately I was not able to use either the Odyssey putting board, or Sam Lab or any other technology for my fitting, it was old school. However going in I figured I would be between 3 of the 10 models. Those being the Doublewide, V-Line and 7. First the feel of the Stroke Lab putters are unlike anything I have tried before. I did try some other models, but both the Doublewide and 7 worked very well for my stroke. However the 7 felt immensely more stable, maybe because I use a fanged putter already or because of the additional 10 grams it was the easy pick for me. I went with 35” as I don’t like to be overly hunched over and 1 degree flat to ensure the putter sits nice flat and square behind the ball. Last I went for their standard oversized grip. Odyssey has a ton of options and I tried both the pistol and oversized grip and for my hand placement I love the oversized grip. I would have loved the same Ping PP60 grip, but this is a great feeling grip that really suits the putter. The Tech: By know most of us know a lot of the tech that is in this, but I will break it down for everyone. In its most basic form the Odyssey Stroke Lab putters are a lighter counter balance putter. The multi material shaft has saved them 40 grams which has been redistributed to both ends of the putter. Most counter balance putters are really heavy as they are simply just adding weight. My Nike putter is a good example of that. As mentioned above this putter feels unlike anything I’ve ever used before and the weighting feels great, but different. Then we come to the face. They have taken their updated White Hot Micro Hinge Face and put it into the Stroke Lab series. It doesn’t look as micro hingey as the previous version, but more as there is just a difference in colour. Either way it does give soft muted feel that is responsive and does get the ball rolling pretty well! It is a much softer and quieter feel/sound then my Ping Tyne. With this test I want to try a few different things in order to really put it through its paces and give me a idea of how this putter really plays. First off lots of practice in the basement on those rainy days. Also unlike my i210 review where I played the same course a lot, I want to try a good variety of courses and therefore new and different greens. Playing the same course over and over is great, but knowing the greens I don’t believe it gives a true test for this new flat stick. Along the way you can follow my rounds (Arccos users) by following me Jamie Danbrook on Arccos. I will also be posting on instagram and twitter along the way. There will also be plenty of YouTube videos posted which you can see in the link below. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCBm4O7nk2D76f7s0bv5z1jA Last up is what this putter will have to do to earn and keep a spot in my bag. I’ve really grown fond of my Ping Tyne. It squares up well for me and regardless of the speed and slope of the green I have the utmost confidence in making a good putt. The difference of feel between the two putters are night and day and the Stroke Lab will have to gain that confidence in order to stay around. It will take time and practice which I am more then willing to put in to dial in my feel for it, but putts from inside 10 feet need to be good. That is huge as my approach game isn’t the best and I am just happy to get on the green and work on my 2 putt from there. Unlike irons and drivers there is no distance to be gained and the numbers are harder to measure to see if there is improvement, however with Arccos I will be able to see how my putting is trending and that will have a big influence on the outcome. If there is something you want to see or have questions please ask away! I/we will be happy to let you know how it is all going and answer any questions you have along the way! To sign off thank you for reading and following along. Please check out the other stage ones from @juspoole, @Berg Ryman and @MaxEntropy Thank you again to Odyssey and MGS for this incredible opportunity and I will see you in the first update!
  14. Good luck to all and enjoy the experince! Can't wait to see what everyone thinks of them all!!
  15. Enjoy the experience and we all know you'll do a fantastic job. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need a hand! I know many of us would be more then willing to assist in any way possible.
  16. Long story shorter I ordered up a couple crossovers from ping (pictures to be coming soon!) As well as a 54 glide 2.0 edge. Crossovers came in, but no wedge. Then the rep came by to give the bad news, ping is completely sold out of the 54 degree wedge I was looking for definitely sad, however he did mention that he would look to find a demo and also that it may be a good idea for me to wait a little while because it was very likely we would be seeing the glide 3.0 sooner rather then later. He didn't go into any further details and I didn't push as I'm sure there was only a little bit that he could share. I am very excited for a 3.0. it's been a little while the 2.0 has been out and there. They are fantastic, but it would be great to see a updated version of the most wanted wedge!
  17. Very cool! I've seen several of these around and think they are an incredible training. The putt out ramp may be the most difficult to master as any putting trainer I've ever tried!
  18. There is something about the 7 or fang style Putters that is very easy to line up and square straight. Add in the forgiveness and it is certainly a difficult putter to beat.
  19. Thanks! Golfing weekend to celebrate... Maybe even some stroke lab teasers
  20. I have to add I'm a big proponent of supporting local. Yes I've bought a lot online and such, but if the price is ever close for the local shop even if it's a bit more I don't mind supporting them as they do a lot for the community and provide excellent customer service. At least if there is a local place around!
  21. It is a good few! However it's not quite as tiny as most think. Thankfully being in Halifax I'm about half way to everywhere. To Cabot courses it's about 4.5 hour drive. To the southern tip it's a bit over 3 hours and about 1.5 hours to New Brunswick. We are stupid fortunate to have a lot of great courses, not all are amazing and many suffered a bad winter and spring, but here is to hoping we get some better weather soon!
  22. To start this year it's been the first year in several that I'm working full time in the summer. I have a great career that is really only full on during the winter. This year I got some summer work at a local shop doing some fittings and club repair to help broaden my golfing world. However it's come at the cost of playing a lot of golf. So this year I wanted to see how many course I could play in Nova Scotia with my days off as well as see how many I can play to start the season without repeating! So far so good I am 5 for 5. With my first round with the Odyssey Stroke Lab for the review on Tuesday... Where is up for debate. For those who are interested here is a link to nearly all the course in Nova Scotia. https://www.golfmax.ca/Golf-Courses/Nova-Scotia-Golf-Courses.shtml I have Lost Creek, Chester, Osprey Ridge, Aspotogan (new 9 hole course) and Granite Springs so far. Also playing both Northumberland Links and Fox Harb'r this weekend which I cannot wait for. So for all those who like the idea or want to chime in with suggestions along the way let me know! Other courses I will end up playing at some point this season are Digby Pines, Sherwood, Brunello, Grandview and both Ashburn Courses. I live in Halifax and would love to play all the Cabot courses, but that would have to wait till October when the rates are more reasonable. Thanks for reading and hope to hear some suggestions!
  23. He's on my bench too. He was considered for the spot gay took, but really was all guess work.
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