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  1. The restart has been very kind. 2 down weeks, but have gone 206-89 which 77 of those losses came in two weeks. Was essentially a .500 team before so whatever this that's going on I'm happy. It is really tricky with the major ups and downs, but all part of the ride.
  2. Pretty sure if one of the MGS crew gets one of the 8 spots they will have the full support of the membership behind them. Also would make for an amazing thread! Good luck to all those who enter and hope one of us gets a chance at this!
  3. Been a bit since a update and I wont be doing a full update till after week 6 and I will combine weeks 5/6 together. However I have two smaller updates First being I FOUND SOME SPEEED! I honestly thought it was a mistake so I went again and nope hit 136, then moved to a new spot incase I was in a spot where grass or something got in the way and hit 137 again. Keep in mind this was with the green stick in the final max swings. So bottom line the speed is fast and its coming in full force! Second was I got the PRGR launch monitor in from @SuperSpeed Golf (thank you for shipping
  4. Fitting Update: I went in today to do a fitting my driver as pricing for drivers over in Switzerland are very very pricey and rather then paying double I figured it would be good to get a head start on it all and do a fit so that I could potentially move into a new driver. A few things to take note of is that I only had in stock options as the move is soon and I don't have time order something in. I did feel bad for the fitter as they were busy too and he was great, but they were trying to slam fittings in with only one bay open. I also want to include a bit of background about my swin
  5. Great review and write up! I enjoyed reading it. Glad you had a good chance to put them through their paces and to sort out whether they are right for you and I know the review will be helpful to see whether they want to buy them or not!
  6. Happy for Bryson. Not his biggest fan, but in the end if it works for him and he is finding success then great. Turned it on for the last hour or so and heard Faldo talk about the wedge then out it on mute. He's doing it his way and it's working. Regardless of whether I like it or not I appreciate the effort he's putting in and the way he is transforming his game, bottom line I wish I had him on my fantasy team!
  7. Check out the g410 crossover. Or depending on how the summer goes we could get a round in at some point. I'll be in switzerland, but plan on doing a bit of golfing all around!
  8. @SuperSpeed Golf are you able to go over some of the differences between the Superspeed sticks we are using and the SuperSpeed C that I've noticed go up on your youtube channel? I know its counter balanced, but who would you recommend that for vs the ones we are using? Or is it simply another option you are offering? Thanks!
  9. Jumpy I would guess is either too much loft or even too little at impact. Thanks for the feedback though good to hear your thoughts and I'm sure many of us will find them useful!
  10. I think I'm going to end up being happy with holding tight at the deadline. Not a ton of huge names or big stars, but have had some good players step up at key times with some solid but sleeper type players. If Day stays healthy (big if), Spieth puts together 4 rounds and ricky breaks out I'll be set... I know a lot to hope for, but that's what this is for isn't it? Starting to think I really need to stop taking Ricky on my teams, such high hopes but has a hard time breaking through.
  11. Ok I've been on hold for hours trying to get some flight stuff sorted out and figured I'd do up a quick graph for everyone. To show the numbers from Dominant only swings so far. White - first driver swing before protocol Orange - driver swing after protocol Green/blue/red dominant handed swings Non Dom may come depending on how much further I'll be on hold!
  12. July 1st Week 4 Protocol 1 Update: Jamie Danbrook Another week down and some gains and some slower days. The overall feeling for me is that I am gaining on my base, but I can only reach my peaks on certain days. The floor is being raised and the ceiling is about the same as it has been. That being said my off hand swings continue to improve and feel more strong. This week of course there was focus on being as fast as I can be, but there was also focus on technique and making sure I am staying relatively in position. I found with some swings my back swing was getting abnormally long which
  13. I'll get a video or two and post it later today! I may have mentioned it before, but I can swing fast just not sure about contact with the ball. Been too scared to try yet. That being said I would also like to change my grip off hand before. I found my hands getting sore normal grip so I went to 10 finger grip. At some point I'll do a little 9 right handed... Hopefully alone and with very very wide fairways.
  14. Nice review and thanks for sharing! I know you mentioned that you hit all over the face which I would say is more normal for a lot of us, but did you notice any different sound or feel when you have? I have tried it in a shop, but only briefly and felt a bit uncomfortable in the position it led me to when the ball was centered, likely due to length. However the feel was fine, I don't love the white hot insert and prefer something a bit firmer, however I know a few ppl who have got it into their hands and have really loved it. Again awesome review and looking forward to hearing h
  15. I can't say I've noticed much. I only watch a few different channels and they have seemed pretty consistent over the years with little gains here and there. Granted some of them can really hit the ball so not surprised to see big numbers. With that all being said I believe in general goes are being more well informed and understand distances better so many of ours have picked up. I know when I joined here my 150 was my 7 iron and now it's usually a 9 or 8 so I've picked up a club just with well everything. Being fitted, golf ball and better ball striking. Last point is on course di
  16. Congrats and good that you got to go through the process and get something that works for you! Can't wait to see some pictures when they arrive. Thanks for letting us take part and the update!
  17. So cool. Good luck to all those who apply and this one I will be following very closely as it's something that I would definitely purchase. Looking forward to some stellar reviews!
  18. You will know more then I will, but much with my last post I think it's essential to warm up the body before this and golf or really any other physical activity. Especially as we get older, I know over the past few years I definitely feel my body not quite being able to do what I use to and need that extra time to warm up for any activity I do. I can feel stresses on my body (especially knees and back) and work hard to be more active on daily life to keep up that mobility and flexibility. I've even gotten into a routine of doing their dynamic warm up on off days.
  19. Nothing with my lower back and the only discomfort I've felt has been with off hand swings. The warm up before is very important and will help prevent any of those issues.
  20. A interesting article about back swing for any of those interested. https://golf.com/instruction/driving/faster-backswing-driver-hit-ball-longer/
  21. Extended plateau for me. This for me is a longer goal. I plan on continuing this for a long time and using it to really push my game forward. Plus I am still driving the ball well and not seeing any negatives yet.
  22. Awesome to hear! Glad to new sticks are working out so far too!
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