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  1. At most courses, the course computer will reflect the tee handicaps when one enters their index. This is where, typically, I find the one to two stroke variance between the regular and senior tees. My assumption is that the rating and slope factors used reflects distance and other factors. Again, that is my assumption, I could be wrong.
  2. In theory, underscore in theory, I agree. Honest handicaps applied to an effective or adequate system should produce results where tee position materially do not or should not matter. Unfortunately, personally, that does not seem to be the case. Typically, handicaps at most courses, my index reflects a one to two stroke difference in handicap between the regular tees and the senior tees. However, again typically, I shoot anywhere from three to four shot better from the senior tees (its all about distance or my lack thereof). Accordingly, when I post scores from the regular tees, I feel like I am creating an inappropriate handicap for use in senior outings and events. Conversely, if I do not post regular tee scores: one, I would not be posting all my scores as required, and two, creating an inadequate handicap for team events from the regular tees that would impact my partners. Therefore, I no longer play in any outings, leagues or tournaments mandating regular tee play. I limit my play to senior events and casual play with my buds. As an aside, I'm in my old office today with computer access, so let me say HI to all my Spy buds. I really do miss you.
  3. In my old office today to help out with some projects initiated before I retired. Now that I find myself "off the grid" so to speak, I thought I would take this opportunity to say Hi to my spy buds. I do miss my daily contact with my spy buds. I truly hope everything is going well with everyone. I honestly can say that I am now living my dream, I love working at the golf shop. Until my next opportunity to post, I do wish everyone the best-play will and enjoy the time with your golf buds.
  4. I'm leaving the office now and want to thank everyone for their well wishes, suggestions and comments. Darn, I'm going to miss this place. The next time, I'm asked to come in for any reason I will check in. I have purchased a laptop and now need to find out what to do with it and how to do it I wish all my MSG friends the best and hope to be back sometime on a regular basis. Until then, enjoy the game, appreciate that you can and do play the game and your fellow golfers. I don't know if its because the game attracts good people or creates good people, but it is my experience that the vast majority of golfers are good people.
  5. It's been a while since I have posted. On January 1. I became a retired Virginia Gentleman. My participation on this site was available through the use of my office computer that I no longer have daily access. Due to my computer illiteracy, without its use, one could say that I am "off the grid". Occasionally, such as today, I am asked to come in to assist in projects that I was involved. So I thought I would take this opportunity to say hi and to let you know how much I will miss my daily discussions with my MGS friends. The bad news is that I am "off the grid", the good news is that my retirement plans have been realized. Specifically, my desire to do something associated with golf during my retirement. I now work part time at a local Annapolis golf shop called Dukes Golf. To say that I enjoy the experience would be an understatement, the interactions with fellow golfers is better than I expected and I am learning a lot about golf equipment. The one thing I have come to know is how much I don't know.
  6. It does remind me of the one about the guy that told his buds that he would not be able to play in their normal Saturday morning foursome because his wife demanded that he stay home. While he was a bit later than usual, he did show up to play. His buds asked why are you here, we thought that you wife wanted you home. He replied " well ya see it is our anniversary. The wife and I got up had some breakfast and then the wife said- tie me to the bed and then do whatever you want. So here I am.
  7. A couple of Canadian buds came to the US on a snowbird golf trip. Unfortunately, one of them took ill and had to be admitted into a hospital. Upon leaving his room after treating him, a nurse reported to a fellow nurse. That Canadian patient has Swan tattooed on his pecker. Well, the other nurse couldn't resist going in to see. A while later, she comes out and says: That tattoo doesn't say Swan, it says Saskatchewan.
  8. I would love to walk the course, but my health issues will not let me. It is upsetting to me that I call the course even to see if its CPO. However, on those occasions when I am given a handicap flag, I often hear my buds say, "I'll ride with Wahoo". To those that walk the course, I genuinely say enjoy it but more importantly be glad that you can. And ask that you understand that there of those of us that truly love and enjoy the game but must recognize our limitations.
  9. Like others, I want to congratulate GolfSpy Stroker and GolfSpy MPR for their selection as our new moderators and to genuinely thank them for assuming those roles. Know that your service to this site is appreciated. I also would like to thank GolfSpy_CG2 and GolfSpy Studque for their efforts to review the applicants and select our new moderators as I'm sure it was not an easy task. We were sure that you would approach the task with due diligence and select the best individuals to fill the role. You did a great job and did not let us down.
  10. That reminds me of the story of the guy that would ask the Pharmacist to cut his Viagra into quarters. The Pharmacist stated that it would weaken its potency. The guy replied--I'm just trying not to piss on my shoes. Using Viagra is a lot like going to Disney World-one must wait an hour for a 3 minute ride. Many nursing homes give their male residents a nightly Viagra-it keeps them from rolling out of bed.
  11. Can you imagine if Brady and Rodgers played under the same rules as Johnny U. or Bart Starr, I'm guessing both would be retired by now. Watching a pro game is like going to some sort of flag day. Sometimes, I think the winning team should give the game ball to the officials.
  12. Remember, the game is called football so it only seems appropriate that the ball be kicked occasionally. In other locales, soccer is called football. I can just visualize some of the residents of those locales asking: so tell me, why is that called football?
  13. When one quits in a perceived "cold turkey" manner, perhaps in the back of their mind, they know they can return if they wish. Believe me, when your doctors won't let you play for almost a year and creates fear that you may never play again, the concept of "cold turkey" is not an option. In my case, due to age and health concerns, my opportunity to play is limited (excessive heat and CPO will do it). But when I quit trying, it will be because I have become a "cold turkey", in a manner of speaking.
  14. If one would like an alternative descriptive term for "worm burner", may I suggest "snake raper".
  15. That "Old Fart" badge is clearly me. But I like to think I would wear it well.
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