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  1. TheWahoo

    Golf While You Rehab

    I was just a drunk, I was not an alcoholic; alcoholics go to the meetings.
  2. TheWahoo

    Chicago PD role

    Before the arrival of the Ravens, Baltimore had a CFL team, the Stallions. My wife and I were season ticket holders. During that same period, a TV show, "Homicide, Life on the Streets", was filmed in Baltimore. A scene in the show was filmed at a Stallions game. So the wife and I got to be "faces in the crowd" so to speak. That's the only occasion where I have even been near the filming of a TV show, and I suspect, it will be my only occasion. I did work the media center at a recent PGA event. I did assist the media reporters and commentators and I passed a mike around during pressers, but I never made it on camera.
  3. TheWahoo

    Chicago PD role

    If I'm with my buds when one of your commercials is aired, would you mind it I said "hey, I know that guy". I don't suspect that you will ever work for the AARP, you are not helping their brokering of Supplemental plans through United Health. It would be like that former Verizon guy that now does Sprint commercials.
  4. TheWahoo

    Chicago PD role

    Yes, but luck is defined as when preparation meets opportunity. So, you were prepared, recognized an opportunity and took it. I often see Humana commercials on the TV. So , should I be looking for you or is it a voice over gig.
  5. TheWahoo

    Chicago PD role

    That's fantastic, Congratulations. I have three Chicago shows (PD, Fire & Med) set in my DVR, so I am looking forward to your appearance. Sometimes, those shows crossover. What are the chances that your character could crossover to the other shows, as well. That would be great. My wife is a trauma nurse, so when we watch Chicago Med, it can be difficult because she can't resist letting me know that a literary license has been used.
  6. TheWahoo

    Whats your best joke?

    Sometimes, I find it good, helpful and safer that I am a digital illiterate and do not use social media. The wife of a friend, forwarded him a selfie of herself, with the question : "Does this dress make my butt look bigger?" My bud, responded: Noo It seems that his autocorrecting feature changed it to : Moo
  7. During my consulting days, the medical director of a client was the personal physician to Calvin Peete. I had the opportunity and genuine pleasure of a round of golf with the director and Calvin. The director was not a very good golfer, but he sure looked good with all the stuff that Calvin gave him. On a side note: A couple of weeks or so ago, I saw a report on the Golf Channel, that Calvin was on the short list to be selected to the Golf Hall of Fame. I find it extremely disappointing and upsetting that he was not selected. Before Tiger, Calvin was the most successful African-American golfer to have played on the PGA Tour. He was a Ryder Cup member in 1983 and 1985, he won the Vardon Trophy in 1984, and was the Players Champion in 1985. Most assuredly, he is worthy of the Lifetime Achievement category.
  8. TheWahoo

    Rant Thread

    In a similar context, commute daily over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge during the summer. When reaching the top of the bridge, often people will slow down to take pictures. Its like some people have never seen water or ships before. There are some electronic signs before the toll booths on the east bound span. I have suggested that they make a sign that reads "this bridge is not a scenic overlook". When exiting the west bound span, if there are bikini clad ladies on boats heading back to Sandy Point, that I can understand.
  9. TheWahoo

    Is PAR more of a problem than just shooting it?

    From my perspective, "par" is just a number that is what you perceived it to be or need it to be. That is to say, my game is a matter of "personal pars". Typically, they relate to what the scorecard may label a Par 4. On occasions, a scorecard Par 3, due to length. For example, if a scorecard Par 4 relates to a hole where I know I cannot reach it in two strokes, for me, it becomes a "personal Par 5". If I score a 5, I feel like I made par, if I happen to score a 4, that's a personal birdie for me. Even, using "personal pars" my objective is not to make a bogie. A scorecard that reflects a total par of 72, could be a personal total of 82. That's not to say that I am not going to score an 82 and most times I don't, but it is a better personal goal and a means to evaluated my game.
  10. TheWahoo

    Happy 243rd US NAVY

    To all my Navy buds, permit me to wish that you will always have "fair winds and following seas".
  11. TheWahoo

    Why have so many left this great game?

    While I understand your perspective, I do think that GB13 makes a valid point. At my age, one thing that I have come to realize is that "you are not dead, until you are dead." I have also discovered that as I age I must accommodate the circumstances that come with age. While some my perceive golf to be dying, it is not dead yet. As long as there are still people on the course, it is still breathing, in a manner of speaking. Like CB13 suggests, it is accommodating its changing circumstances to assure that it keeps breathing. If it can keep breathing, who knows what changing circumstances may bring in the future.
  12. TheWahoo

    Whats your best joke?

    A man and his blonde wife operated a cattle ranch and their bull died. Having only $500 available to purchase another, he told his blonde wife, "I will go to the market and see if I can find one for that price. If I can I will send you a telegram." He found a bull for $499, having $1 remaining he goes to telegraph office and discovers that it costs $1 per word. So he was trying to figure out how to tell his wife to bring the truck and trailer. Finally, he tells the telegraph operator to just send the word, "comfortable". Skeptical, the telegraph operator asks "How will she know to come with the trailer." The man replies: "My wife is a blonde so she reads very slowly: "Come for ta bull".
  13. TheWahoo

    Why have so many left this great game?

    While maybe not 50 years ago, but 40 years ago, I can remember when people would join a private club in order to get access to tee times. I can remember a local muni would start taking tee times for the weekend the Monday prior at 8:00am. If one could get through by 8:15 the best tee times were taken. But I'm not sure it is just golf that is impacted in our current digital age. When I was a youngster, I'd meet my buds for some sort of a pick-up game. Now it seems that youngsters would prefer to text their buds and use social media. It would not surprise me that in some point in the future, video golf will be more popular than actually going to a course.
  14. TheWahoo

    Why have so many left this great game?

    Personally, you have hit the point. This year I entered my seventh decade on this planet and, additionally, have some health concerns. As a result, while I have not completely left the game, I do not play as often as I had. I find that extremely hot days are difficult. With all the rain lately, courses are applying "cart path only". While I certainly understand their need to do so, it does make it difficult for me. What is the real shame is that darn I love them senior tees.
  15. TheWahoo

    Need Suggestions for Husbands Present

    A significant portion of my golf stuff was purchased by the wife as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present. My wife loves to purchase my golf stuff because she knows I love golf stuff; it makes things easy for her. (In my case, its jewelry or some little figures called Hummels.) Fortunately, there is a locally owned and operated golf shop where I know the owners and staff and they know me, so when the wife goes there, they watch out for me. Does your husband have a favorite source for equipment where the proprietors maybe able to help you. If your husband says that he is going to the golf shop, perhaps, just tag along with him. If all else fails, there is always the golf shop gift certificate. Where does your husband play golf or would wish to play. Perhaps, purchase some golf rounds, many courses actually sell "player cards" at discounted fees. A purchase that my wife made years ago was a "Zero Restriction" rain suit and it has come in handy multiple times. Does your husband have rain wear? However, be careful. Years ago, a friend of mine told his wife he wanted a 3 wood. His wife goes to the golf shop, asks to purchase a 3 wood and my bud shows up at the course with a "Patty Berg" 3 wood. Just let me say, that if your husband is a genuine golf addict, what ever you do he will appreciate even if it is not perfect. He will appreciate your support.