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  1. Both my son and I have had multiple make/model golf shoes with BOA laces and the BOA system has always outlived the lifespan of the shoes. I've had zero issues.
  2. It could be the loft, and low and left usually comes with too low of spin. It could be the counter balanced CK Pro Orange shaft, but isn’t the stock Ping shaft at least somewhat counter balanced. Compare swing weights to make sure there isn’t a big discrepancy there. The lie angles should be close at the A1 setting (59* in the Ping and 58.5* in the TS3). But if the shaft lengths are different, the effective lie will make it setup at address and potentially play differently.
  3. At that age I'd start with a very cheap/basic kids set, like the Wilson Juniors Ultra set (around $150). Who knows if the kid will even want to stick with it. That's what I did with my son and after 6 months to a year when he decided he liked the game I moved up to US Kids. He spent a few years in different size US Kids sets, then moved to Flynn-Golf (which I think is a step up from US Kids), then onto adult clubs. He's now 14 in a set of full sized men's clubs and is a low single digit index who shot 74 in his last tournament. So I don't believe starting with the cheap Wilson set hurt him or somehow kept him from playing/progressing.
  4. That’s typically incorrect. Higher spin generally means lower launch and lower peak height. An exception would be comparing someone with more of a textbook/good swing versus someone who flips and presents too much loft at impact.
  5. I tried JumboMax JMX Ultralite X-Large (+3/8") grips on my driver and a single iron to test them out. I found that the ball didn't curve much, if any. However, I really struggled to hit to my intended targets and ended up a 2-way miss. Either a straight push or a straight pull. I'm sure the push was from the size of the grip and the pull was my subconscious trying to correct, only to end up over correcting. I also hated how heavy the club head felt afterwards. The grips are way too light. I didn't weight mine, but there is no way mine was 50 grams. I went from a 52 gram Golf Pride with a swing weight of D5 for the club I tried it on, to the allegedly 50 gram JMX with a D8 swing weight. Anyway, they weren't for me.
  6. I have not, sorry. Here’s the local guys from Golf Digests 2018-20 list: TEXAS 4.) Jim Hardy (14), Plane Truth Golf at BlackHorse G.C., Cypress 9.) Mike McGetrick, Mike McGetrick Golf Academy, Humble 10.) Kevin Kirk, The Woodlands C.C. 16.) Jim Murphy, Sugar Creek C.C., Sugar Land 27.) Derek Hooper, Royal Oaks C.C., Houston 28.) EJ Kim, Axis Golf Academy, Montgomery 30.) Deb Vangellow, Riverbend C.C., Sugar Land 31.) Doug Strawbridge, GolfTEC Upper Kirby, Houston 34.) Charlie Epps, Mike McGetrick Golf Academy, Humble 35.) Robert Scott, Royal Oaks C.C., Houston 37.) Marty Fleckman, Marty Fleckman Golf at BlackHorse G.C., Cypress 38.) Mark Steinbauer, Bentwater Yacht & C.C., Montgomery 44.) Scott Hause, Westwood G.C., Houston https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.golfdigest.com/story/best-teachers-state-ranking/amp
  7. Technology, especially launch monitors, is the future of the game. This is just one study from a training academy that showed technology, in this case Trackman, made a measurable difference in improvement. The participants got better and did so faster. https://blog.trackmangolf.com/effects-trackman-training-development-elite-junior-golfers/ Stat measurement is another big piece of the puzzle and thanks to the formulas and technology allowing for strokes gained stats and Shot Link, golfers can really learn where to focus their efforts.
  8. Axis Golf Academy has some very talented instructors. They are currently working out of Blackhorse. They seem to focus on junior golfers though, and I don’t know if they still teach adults too. Brian Smith at Cypress Lakes is really good too. He worked under Butch Harmon when he was learning and was a player too. He Monday qualified for the Houston Open in 2003 and 2004. Kevin Kirk at the Woodlands CC has coached multiple PGA Tour players. Though, I have no clue how easy/difficult it is to get some lessons from him.
  9. I tried them. I believe it was the medium size. Either way, it was a size considerably bigger than normal midsize grips. I felt like I couldn’t really curve the ball, but my path started shifting. So I’d see pushes and pulls, but nothing straight. Like my brain was trying to figure it out and it caused overcompensations. I also didn’t like how light they were. My clubs SW increased to D8 and felt off to me.
  10. I play without them all the time. I have no issues with corded grips, but if I play tour velvet grips and sweat too much I feel the club slipping. I destroy grips pretty quickly too. I also can’t wear my wedding ring when playing golf or lifting weights. It’s silicone, but I still take it off.
  11. Sure. When I started I was at 106 mph max with the driver was fit into an 80 gram driver shaft. It slowed down my inappropriately fast backswing and aggressive transition. It helped keep me in play until I got better. It was a fitting and it helped, so roll with it. There is nothing wrong with giving up a little distance if it means considerably less trouble off the tee.
  12. I don’t think it is necessary. If you put the same shaft in a bladed wedge and a cb wedge I think in the majority of cases any difference would be negligible and come down to differences from swing to swing. I think most people who think they are benefiting from a CB wedge are actually benefiting from the lighter weight shaft that comes in most of those designs. Of course you are going to swing a CB wedge with a 115 gram shaft a little faster than a bladed wedge with a 130 gram shaft. The results are going to be more ball speed, more spin, and more distance. That doesn’t necessarily mean more consistency. But I also believe 99% of golfers could play blades in mid-shorter irons (7-PW) with the right shaft and loft for their swing speed to the same standard they could any other club design.
  13. Just toss the ball to the hole. The club is just an extension of your hands/arms. There is no technique thoughts to worry about and it allows for external/target focus. Here's just one example:
  14. I've used them numerous times without issue. There is some concern with the performance of used balls that have been sitting in bodies of water for extended periods of time, but I don't think you'll encounter many balls, if any, like that if you purchase the "Mint"/5A grade. I've never had any mint balls obviously underperform. I have seen some balls labeled 4A that look to me like they should have been 2A or 3A, so I stick with 5A grade if I buy from them.
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