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  1. I use mine primarily off the tee. I’ll pull it when my landing zone for the driver is too tight based on the Decade golf system.
  2. Houston, TX / 10 No line Pro V1 - Black line: CRW
  3. Looks like a lot of offset for the Icons, and I mean that in a bad way.
  4. crw

    Evenflow anyone?

    I have a quick/aggressive transition as well. I have an EF Black 75 in 6.5 in my 13* fairway and it’s tolerable, but not my favorite. I have a HZRDUS Black 65 in 6.5 in my driver and prefer its profile.
  5. Z-grip Cord, midsize, installed logo down.
  6. I might try them if they were $30, but otherwise I’m not interested.
  7. The fitting aspect helps. I don’t think there is really that big of a difference in quality among the OEM’s. It’s more of a matter of what fits you best. I had the 0811X Gen 1 and it produced too much spin for me, even with my 9 turned down to 7.5*. I’ve heard/read the Gen 2 X model was much better for those that need a lower spin head, but I went with the F9 for $250 this year so I can’t speak on the current PXG lineup.
  8. I know this is a few months old now, but not all OEM’s operate that way. TM made me go through a retailer a few years back when I had a head crack at the welds, but Cobra and PXG both handled the same problem for me directly.
  9. I prefer late afternoons. The typical round for me is 9 holes after work/school with my son. I prefer to play on week days too and save the weekends for things my wife enjoys doing as she’s not a golfer.
  10. Yes, it has to look good. Not just at address, but in general.
  11. I’ve played 44.5” for a few years. I just changed to a Cobra F9 at 45” and swapped the 2g weight for an 8g to get it up to D4. I like it so far. I have trouble with the 45.5-46” and my impact locations really start to spread and include more heel side misses.
  12. crw


    We need pictures!
  13. I had the Gen 1 0811X 9* and wasn’t that impressed. I paid about the same for it back in 2018. Supposedly the Gen2 are a little better, but nothing to really get too excited about.
  14. I bought them off the hero’s program at $127 a club in 2018. They are definitely worth the hero’s pricing, but do nothing extra to justify full pricing. I do like that they are a filled hollow body blade style head, but with varying blade sizes and offset. I like the way the TM P790’s and similar designs from other brands look, but I don’t want the blade size and offset that come with them.
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