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  1. I am more accurate with the driving iron on average but that is because I have a tendency to hook hybrids. I think I've had a terrible mis-hit 1 time this year with my driving iron. Last year and early this year I had a ton of terrible mis-hits with my hybrid. It might be the specific hybrid I had, but I've had bad experiences in the past so I tend to avoid them most of the time.
  2. I think given your skill (based on your listed index) it is going to be head category (lower spinning options) and loft. I just went through a fitting Saturday on GCQuad. I'm a little slower at the moment (around 117 mph) but with a very aggressive transition, and ended up in TSi4 8* head turned down to 7.25*. That got me averaging under 2500 rpms with the TP5x golf ball. The SIM line wasn't low spin enough. The next closest out of what I had time to try were the Epic MAX LS and Cobra Radspeed.
  3. I’m using the New Level utility and have been happy with it. I had the P790 UDI last year and they perform similarly for me. The New Level has a slightly wider sole, but they narrow the head as it approaches the top line so it doesn’t look wide at address. https://www.newlevelgolf.com/online-store/NLU-01-Utility-Irons-p227515327
  4. Odyssey Stroke Lab Seven putter, 34”, used - $175 shipped Titleist TSi4 9* driver with RDX Black 70 TX shaft and Lamkin UTX standard grip, shaft tipped 1” and playing at 45”, used. Head has a mark on the clear coat in the high toe area. - $OLD Arccos Sensors. 13 standard and 1 putter. Used. Will require a new subscription. $OLD to @RDel90 Trade interests - New/like new Vokey wedges, low spinning urethane balls, midsize golf pride grips, cabretta gloves.
  5. I use a Mitchell Signature and haven’t seen this issue. Though I don’t build for others so I don’t have a massive volume of work under my belt. If the scoring lines in the club are level you can use them as a reference to insure the club is mounted into the machine properly. I guess the top clamp could allow for some margin for error in the loft (not lie), but I haven’t seen that either. Though, I’m not afraid of marring my clubs and clamp down tight every time. I’ve even gone so far as to bend clubs numerous times going back and forth from the shop to the range at my club testing different lofts/lies for me across different clubs/offset and different shafts. When I put the club back in the machine I always got the same numbers I had when I bent it. I don’t trust the OEM’s to get specs right, as I’ve never had a set arrive that was 100% to spec. But I don’t blame the equipment, I blame the staff. Either they are rushed to get equipment out or they are lazy. The tolerances provided by some OEM’s are for C.Y.A purposes.
  6. If the loft/lie machine is properly secured and installed on a level surface there should be no "tolerance". An angle is an angle. If a loft/lie machine is off it's user error. Either from being installed incorrectly or not securing the club in the machine correctly.
  7. I tried it and didn't find it to be bad performing shaft, but I like stiff/heavy/low torque shafts. However, I did return it because of the epoxy issues that happened with both shafts I received from them. The second I just returned for a refund, which they said would be no problem. Then I never got a refund. I eventually had to file a claim on my credit card to get my money back. I would say stay as far away from this company as possible.
  8. One who is looking for the coverage. I think @Berg Rymancovered the why better than I could have. Like I said, I'm not opposed to him playing, but I think someone(s) are losing out because of it. Maybe the coverage this brings to the school and their program will pay dividends for others in the long run, but to act like that's not what is going on is disingenuous at best.
  9. No, I don’t think the coach would have put a better player in that spot. The guy shot an 83 his first round out. There have to be literally thousands of potential college athletes without a spot that could out perform him. He’s there because of who he is.
  10. This thread and all the media coverage is the limelight. It wouldn’t have mattered what school he played at, being a former NBA player will keep him in coverage for the foreseeable future. Probably right up until he’s done playing.
  11. I'm not opposed to him playing, but I feel like there is some young potential player that is losing out so this guy can stay in the limelight.
  12. TSi4 9* w/RDX Black 70TX - $549.00 TSi3 15* w/RDX Black 80TX - $299.00 TSi3 19* w/RDX Black 90 6.5 - $279.00 T100s (2021) 4-PW w/TI X100 - $1477.00 Vokey SM8 Wedges (50/54/58) w/TI S400 - $554.97 Scotty Newport 2 - $399.99 $3,558.96 for 14 clubs with upgraded shafts in the irons/wedges. The TX in the 70/80 are no upcharge options.
  13. It's a stupid rule - a solution in search of a problem. I'm not sure what else to say about it.
  14. Don’t go for shots you can’t execute 8/10 times and you should break 100.
  15. At 125 meters/136 yards for a 7i it’s likely club head speed. Maybe try a hybrid around 24-25* to see if it performs better for you.
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