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  1. DO you get a chance to sightsee during your 'off' times?
  2. I was thinking about it this morning as I was watching the news - and there was NO mention of it being Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day. Shame on you TV News.
  3. Date 12/05/2022 Course Name Scepter Osprey/Falcon Gross Score 90 Course Handicap 18 Gross Strokes over/under par 18 Net Score to Par 0 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 195 One of our 9's opened up today after 4 months - the greens on our Falcon course were completely redone. Played the front decently with a 42. The back - which had the new greens were much slower and ended up with a 48. p.s. the new greens are my excuse and I'm sticking with that excuse for the 48.
  4. And that would be the only time I'd ever watch a Hallmark Movie
  5. Snow?? Say what!! Many of us here are doing the opposite - getting out of snow and into warm weather. Have fun in Finland
  6. Something simple that reinforces what an instructor has you working on. As an example; after a lesson with her instructor my wife was given a simple drill to eliminate her tendency to chicken wing it. He used a golf ball bucket in the lesson but recommended a soccer sized ball which ended up being a $5. solution from Walmart. Of course he could have sold it as a golf training aid with fancy packaging and detailed instructions for $39. 99 (black Friday special) . I've purchased a number of training aids most sit in the garage gathering dust, simply because they sounded good but didn't necessarily fix the swing issues.
  7. This should probably be in a new thread called 'painfull and $$$ holiday travel' We drove back to Ohio the week before Thanksgiving. Left early Saturday morning and got to our Ohio Condo late Sunday afternoon. Not to bad - but it was interesting to see the vast difference in gas prices as we drove through Florida, Georgia, Tennessee , Kentucky and finally into Ohio. Sometimes the price varied by .60/gal between exits in the same community. It was my grandson's birthday (2 yrs old) party on Monday. The week was pretty smooth including running several long distance errands (hence the drive vs. fly). On the way back: we left early Saturday morning (we time it to get through major cities early in the am). Overall first day not too bad except for the almost bumper to bumper traffic at 70+ mph. We stayed at a different hotel in Dalton Ga. because the regular hotel we stay at jacked up it's price from $130 to $200 (veteran rate). Nice going Best Western, we'll be sure never to stay there again even if their price is competitive. Atlanta bypass early Sunday morning was a breeze - then we got to within 50 miles of Gainesville. At that point our navigation was predicting a 4:00 arrival time home - well just before the traffic became more stop then go. The stop and go was all the way to Tampa. We finally arrived at 7:00 in pouring rain. So much for holiday travel - next time Facetime will work just fine thank you.
  8. I always charge mine immediately after 18. The morning of my next round, I turn it while I'm having coffee on to double check my charge. If it's within 1-2 days I don't see any discharge. If it's a week, I do see a slight discharge so a quick top off and it's good to go.
  9. This was an awesome event - thank you @Golfspy_TCB for all your work in the background putting this together. Can a Grinch Classic be on the horizon
  10. I play the Pro Plus in white - great ball for the (5 doz) price. But black??? I think it'd be distracting especially off the tee.
  11. Black golf balls? A bridge too far?? What say you. https://www.vicegolf.com/us/vice-golf-pro-plus-black
  12. Love the apron oh and the deep fried bird!
  13. What time should we be at your place
  14. I'd pass up a roast (or any beef) real fast for Turkey - especially dark meat. And BTW there are never enough Turkey leftovers.
  15. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone has a great day!
  16. Thx - I now remember his earlier post - guess I had a senior moment!
  17. Paul, what happened to your old one
  18. Hmm - I did have a 'battery problem" once but it turned out to be operator error - I wasn't putting the clip on properly. Earlier this year my wife had an issue with the interface between the watch and the app. They sent her a new watch and no issues after. I'm not doubting that you've had issues - just saying there are lots of very satisfied customers out there and they (Shotscope) have a very responsive CS department. I'm starting my 3 yd year this winter and with an average yearly play of very 150 rounds on the V3 - it's held up solidly.
  19. Foz Here are pics of my scorecard. My course handicap at Scepter is now 17 (Par 72). I haven't caught up on all my emails along with instructions for submission. Note: Long 2 day drive and then grandson's party today - just got back. Phew I'm beat.
  20. One other comment - when we played Barnboogle - my rental clubs were brand new Titleist. Maybe because I was a lefty? Not sure but the Pro shop was definitely first class.
  21. Plenty of ICON's both here and at our Ohio place. Nice looking carts - if you can swing it I'd definitely pop for the lithiums. I'm always checking water levels. And if cost is a factor ask the maintenance side of the cart dealers for the cost of replacing 4 - 12V wet cells. They can vary from location to location - but I'd put it at an average of $1,300 for replacing all 4. Note: I get about 5-6 years out of them
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