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  1. The ones in Florida have 22" wheels that cost more than the truck.
  2. Having used SC200, PRGR, Golfzon SIm (driving range feature) and been on a trackman a couple of times, My feedback on portable and upscale monitors is the information is relative: Meaning if you're looking to increase swing speed they're very capable of assessing changes. For club distance measurement there's nothing like real world data captured in ARRCOS and Shotscope. Launch monitors might provide initial distance and dispersion measures but to get reliable info you'd have to factor in several variables. I use a combination of PRGR monitor for improving my swing speed and Shotscope for determining club distances. That combination is under $500. and well meets my needs, especially since products like Shotscope provide you with 'Performance Averages (meaning they knock out the highs and lows). Even though you can manually do this in Trackman data - it's still somewhat event driven. I would not rely on launch monitors to create a club distance chart - well perhaps as a starting point - but not something I would ultimately rely on.
  3. Mine looks terrible - went from 18.6 in April to a 21.6 In September. I attribute the difference to hamstring issues and the #$^#@%$@@$%#$E@ rough at our club this past summer. Hamstring is mostly healed and I'm playing back in Florida, Only played twice - first time 88 second time 81. - So here's hoping that Index starts dropping again.
  4. Oh man that's terrible. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery.
  5. Do tell us more - you can't let us hanging like that
  6. My take is a bit different. I'm more heavily swayed by our 'Official Testers' who represent real life both in performance and economics. So I don't really pay attention or am concerned about bias. For me the 'Most Wanted' is what comes out of our members input. For instance several years ago I purchased a Precision Pro LRF based on feedback from our forum members. It was featured in the 'Most Wanted' category but in the stepchild category of 'Value' LRF's. This device has performed exceptionally well and the company receives accolades from our members on customer service. Bushnell which was rated at the top - their customer service not so well. So if there is a bias I equate it brand recognition/perception vs. buying MGS' stamp of approval.
  7. I believe that (unbiased and $)- especially since some of the large companies also don't supply equipment for official testing. However, how about the small companies? How do they impact or influence the testing/recommendations?
  8. Definitely do this. I have very few missed shots during a round - generally it's putting and always my fault.
  9. This ^. . I ordered a LH adapter from Golfworks and took the adapter and shaft to GG and they installed it. @DStarAs to your shaft question - it doesn't matter.
  10. Wow that's quite an achievement - full bird!. I think a golf vacation would be a great way to celebrate your achievement.
  11. I think it'd be a bit frustrating for golfers who have ordered and not received stuff in 2021, to see 2022 products coming out. I have a friend who's been waiting for a 425 driver for several months. Even though Ping is on a longer product into cycle - if it was my driver, I'd be furious to see sneak pics of a new Ping driver before I got my 'old' one.
  12. And a 4some of birthdays! Have a great one guys.
  13. I stand corrected - thanks for posting this approach.
  14. And when they miss a putt they smile vs. slamming down their putters like Sergio or Rhambo.
  15. FYI I did find that it acquires a course that you regularly play quicker then a new one. The other thing I've done is 'unsubscribed' to courses in my area that I don't play. Not sure if that speeds up the gps acquisition and also if that frees up memory in the watch.
  16. Yes the tags are tied to the club, as an example a lob wedge tag is a lob wedge, you indicate the type of club in the setup. I believe (I'm speculating here) the only way you could get a comparison of a particular type of club would be to use one of the extra tags. For instance one L tag would be your old Lob Wedge and the new wedge you could use the X1 tag. Alternatively, if you just swapped them out and were using the old tag, when you go to the Performance tab directly to the right is a 'funnel' shape, you can click on that to see stats by last round, last 5, etc. and then you can see the difference - but obviously more difficult to assess the difference.
  17. I agree with the above comments - except for the PGA athleticism. I've never been to a PGA tournament and seen them up close so can't comment. We regularly go to LPGA tournaments like the Marathon Classic and this year were fortunate to get to the Solheim Cup. I'm amazed how well they hit the ball for their physical shape - which speaks to their skills - Nelly is a prime example. Also they seem to be a bit more thoughtful in club selection off the tee compared to what I see on TV for PGA events where the guys always seem to pull out a driver to bomb it. We were on the first tee at the Solheim and saw some ladies using a driver, others using woods, hybrids or irons. When it comes to the Networks like GC, they do seem to get second fiddle. As @2puttbogey said I'd much rather watch them then KF or Champions events. p.s. The BMW Championship is on this weekend.
  18. I'll echo Rev's comments = although he's a youngster compared to me. I'm in my 70's and was a part of the Official test in 2020. With my short attention span I tend to be on and off with programs like this. 1: Is there a 'short program' that can/should be utilized to maintain swing speed? 2. A question I posed back in 2020 during the official test: my driver (410 with a 55g shaft/Mcc+4 grip) weights quite a bit more than the heaviest 'blue stick'. Should I be focused on improving swing speed with that stick alone?
  19. Most courses aren't left hand friendly.
  20. My wife's experience with an independent fitter out of Macedonia, Ohio: She went through a whole bag fitting with the fitter who spent a lot of time trying different options - end result were new irons and hybrids. Told her her Driver and wedges were perfect - even though both were a few years old. Very satisfied and saved me a bunch of money.
  21. Holy cow I thought we were fast at 240 Mbps
  22. Foot spray or impact tape will show where you're hitting the ball. I assume this is an indoor sim? I just saw an article about Titleist's new ball for indoor sim's - because (supposedly) indoor sim's don't capture spin accurately .
  23. How about convincing them that Tennis is a lot more fun then golf and they can spend quality time with their mother.
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