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  1. It also knocks out outliers anyway. If you want to know your playing distances you should be looking at "P-average" not "Average". P-average throws out outliers and tries to give a more accurate impression of what you should be expecting the club to do on a full shot.
  2. Hi All. First off, apologies that this is a lot later than I had intended, life sometimes has its ways of getting in the way, and it has done so to great effect over the last number of months. (Photos will be added to this post later) I need to say a huge Thank you to Skytrak golf for loaning me a unit for use in my Ben Hogan Ft. Worth review for this site previously, and this will now comprise my thoughts on the unit itself. I intend to stage this the same as we would for our other reviews, so there will be a Stage One introduction, a Stage Two with the full report and then
  3. I'm not sure I'd say that. Half the golfing world is still on winter break. They are releasing new Firmware currently, I'm on the Beta program and they've publicly released the more recent set of updates and just provided a new Beta firmware which helps with battery life, speed of GPS signal location and some of the new rules of golf (built in search timer). I use it every single round still and I think, of it's kind, it's still the best distance and shot tracking system on the market at present (personal opinion).
  4. Another ER2 stalwart here. Took me forever to decide on a replacement to my original putter, went with the ER2 after extensive testing of just about everything and at this moment in time I don't think you'd even be able to rip it out of my cold, dead hands, I'd still be hanging on to it...
  5. Thanks for the shout-out @GB13 My bits of advice: Get a notepad and on the last page write your full target goal, be that making scratch or the PGA Tour, whatever, you are going to refer back to this repeatedly when setting your short-term goals, but you're going to close the book on that for the time being and not be solely focused on that, we now need achievable targets to remain motivated. Set simple targets for your improvement, not easy but something you could expect to achieve in a month, for example, with regular and focused practice. This is how we're going to improv
  6. I don't have an official handicap, I've not taken membership anywhere as I prefer a nomadic approach to where I play my golf. I've been playing to about a 6 for the last year. So far, over the Christmas period, I've just played 5 straight rounds under par for an average 2.75 under par, but that is aided by the fact all of those rounds are on what I would consider "easy" courses, that I also know really well. I think anywhere between 6-10 is probably about fair in terms of actual performance level were I to play competitions at better standard courses that I don't know...
  7. Ooh, only just noticed this thread. Can I have UK, Broke 70 (Can be checked via ShotScope where I'm in the MyGolfSpy leaderboards) and Tester '18, please?
  8. I'm just going to keep gently ticking on this. These are still working for me. I've now shot four consecutive under-par rounds (admittedly on easier courses that I know quite well) and it's been based mostly on iron shots in the current weather. I really have few complaints about these, for what they are. That said, in a few weeks I'm going to try to get my hands on a demo set of a couple of different irons and do a fresh comparison.
  9. Yes, there is... Image for proof of MyGolfSpy leaderboard existence only, of course
  10. It would if their GPS location was off by even a small amount so the recorded location doesn't match the map overlay perfectly...
  11. And it looks like the "Beta" firmware is now available to all
  12. The Beta firmware so far is great, seems to pick up location faster and gives you a more "reassuring" screen as to what it's doing and that it hasn't just locked up and achieved nothing while it is looking for signal. Being able to play a back-9 on reciprocating or multiple-9s courses is great too. It seems to be better at picking up your putting location more quickly too, though that may just be my perception. That's been the one area I've had questions in the past, where I tend to be over my putt and take it fairly quickly and I've had to edit putt and flag locations more than any oth
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