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  1. Played 2 competition rounds one at my home course West Lothian and another at Crieff. Saturday was a day to forget, hitting the ball well but bounces and lies I was getting found really frustrating. Bunkered 6 times, at the 9th middled my drive to find it was sitting in an old divot wedged between the front edge and the replaced divot. Heading for buffer until lost a ball at the last and 3 putted. I really enjoyed Sunday at Crieff, 23'C/73'F, light breeze and beautiful countryside (5 miles from Gleneagles, 2014 Ryder Cup). Really ripping my driver but nothing else working. Played to my h/c going out, back 9 a bit of a car crash with my putter. 5 x 3 putts. Finished with 32 stableford points. Summary handicap up 1 x 0.1. How did everyone else get on?
  2. The support sound pretty s*** to me. When I dealt with Bushnell when my course wasn't mapped correctly on my Neo Ion, after a week of ping pong emails I sent them a google map for FMB. Their reply was no use "We'll send you an app and you can map it for us." Pretty poor
  3. Being in Scotland with its temperate climate, you can't beat walking the course in shorts and a tee shirt, which usually happens for about 2 weeks in the year in the Summer. This year in Scotland is an exception we have had very little rain for the last 8 weeks. When I take my vacation it is always to sunnier climates like Spain, Crete, Malta and the clubs go to. One thing I don't like in the drier weather is not having receptive greens at the moment you have to drop the ball short and run it on. Saying that I usually score better in Spring and Autumn when the courses still have some run and you can fire the ball at the pin.
  4. Seriously pay people to pay quickly! In a competition 3 ball I take about 3 hrs 45 mins to go round. I can just imagine it kicking off in the Club House that we cost the group behind $45 because we were too slow.
  5. I'm new to the forum so if this is discussed else where them please excuse me. In competition rounds at my local course which: plays 6200yds Tee is fully booked from 7:30am to 11am 3 balls max Buggies by medical exception Lose a hole and you let the group behind play thru My normal round is 3hrs 45mins, 4 hrs max. What is your average round time? And what do you think can be changed to improve it? I stayed in San Diego for 5 weeks last year and played at Rancho Bernardo one Sunday. Couldn't complete the round teed off at 2pm with an older couple who were only playing 9 holes and by 7pm had played 14 holes and lost the will.
  6. Not really what you asked for but my experience. 10 years ago I had the same issues for 90 yds and in where I had no distance control or swing control. Often I would find I concentrated on length of swing and decelerated. I ended up simplifying it to full and half swing on my wedges. I setup with my feet at 45' to target this limits my back swing. I started with 56' wedge which was giving me 60yds and gap up to 100 yds. 52' = 70Yds PW= 80 yds 9i = 90yds When i get to 90 yds this overlaps with my 60' wedge full so depending on the conditions and the lie and my striking confidence I will alternate between them. Below 60 yds it becomes more of a feel shot and I will general alternate between 52' and 56' depending on the terrain between the ball and hole. If short sided then 60' or open 56' wedges
  7. Let me try and fly this one. How about anybody over 12 years old that dresses like Rickie Fowler.
  8. With participation dropping there should be a relaxed dress code. But dark socks with shorts for me the fashion Police should chase you down.
  9. Occasionally buy a dozen new balls tend to be Pro V1x, Chrome Soft X or Srixon XV and these will normally last the summer season of competition. I don't have a set routine i.e. new ball at the start of a competition, usually play with it until I lose it or it gets a bad mark on it. For bounce games I will use old balls and tend not to be too fussy on what I play with. This year I'm would guess about £80 by the end of the summer maybe another dozen so £120. October to March it is again balls that I have found throughout the summer.
  10. I'm really surprise at how many are using both GPS and Laser Range Finders. I get "slagged" by my pals for using both. I'm a bit of a Technophile and I have a Skycaddie Touch, Garmin Approach G3, Bushnell Neo Ion Watch, Shot Scope v2 and a Nikon Coolshot. On competition days I usually play with the Skycaddie and the Nikon Coolshot. The Skycaddie mounted on my electric trolley so I'm checking the distance and hazard carries as I arrive at my ball. GPS in general have an advantage when you have a lot of blind shots, elevated greens, etc. The handhelds GPS will give you a view of the hole with hazards and in some cases green contours. The handhelds in general tend to have more options, like scorecard view, club distances, elevation. The 2 watches I use when I'm carrying my clubs, I find this less fuss. Again I like to already have the distance in my head when I arrive at my ball. The LRF is used when I'm unsure if the pin is back front or centre to give me exact yardage. At my home course the greens are quite small and at the moment you can't stop the ball on them if you fly them to the green so I'm not really using it. When I playing away from home the LRF is more useful GPS won't give you yardages to unmapped obstructions or exact yardages on large greens so you could be 10 yds out. Finally on back to GPS, Skycaddie market themselves as the number 1 due to them mapping the courses by walking them. And my experience is that they are the most accurate and up to date of the 4 GPS devices I have. The other 3 use commercially available satellite maps. On green centre they can vary by a couple of yards but on front and back as much as 5 yds difference. Also the maps used can be 4 or 5 years old. At my course they have removed and changed a lot of bunkers Skycaddie has updated this but the other 3 haven't
  11. I always use to be Pro V1 but since I was fitted for a new driver in December and the fitters comment that I would get better distance I have changed to the x class of ball and if I buy any it is Chrome Soft X. Which I'm sure give me more distance than the Pro V1. Saying that I play a lot of practise rounds and for these I would tend to use what I have in my bag but I tend to limit what I carry to dual core ionomer type balls or similar (e.g. Srixon AD333, Callaway Supersoft, NXT). If I find Top Flite, Ultras and the like I will just leave in the fairway for someone to pick up.
  12. I've played quite a bit in the States and I don't understand why electric trolleys aren't used more widely. In Scotland it is unusual for people to use carts. At my home club we have a total of 6 and these are mainly used by visitors and surprisingly the younger members (under 30s). Even the seniors you see out playing i.e. post 70 year olds walk. There is a group of 20 of them that play every day at 10am. I very rarely use a cart and have an electric trolley for competition days and use a carry bag when I go out after work.
  13. Latest firmware (4th July 2018) update now gives a time read out.
  14. I've only done this through the post round editing, I don't think you can do it during a round (which I wouldn't want anyway). For me it would be good if you could set the P.Avg range for each club in the dashboard. I'm assuming at the moment they use statistical analysis with std deviation to work out P.Avg. With a limited sample size this totally distorts the numbers. If you are adding post round positional data they need to add a club view similar to the tee shot view so you can see the outliers and edit them
  15. I never thought I would say this in Scotland but our courses urgently need some rain. Most course in Scotland have watering systems for the greens and tees but due to our temperate climate don't need to water the fairways.We have had one of our driest springs and very little rain in June with temperatures peaking into the 90'F This makes for some challenging conditions. Played 10 holes last night on my home course (West Lothian Golf Club), 2nd hole, pulled my 2nd shot 10 yds to the left of the 2nd, chipped on rolled off the other side, chip on rolled off the other side, tried to flop on, off the other side. Carded an 8. 4th hole, need to drive up the left or you can end up running off right into heavy rough. Hit a drive up left and then spent 5 minutes looking for the ball to find I'd hit the ball 354yds (avg carry for me is about 220yds) 8th is an elevated green that you need to over club i.e I usually take yardage to the back and add 5 yds. Flew the green it pitched on the bank at the back and rolled back down through the green and ended up at the bottom of the hill 50 yds short. Be interested, if we don't get any rain to see how the Pros get on at the Scottish Open and The Open in the coming weeks, both courses are about 1hr 30mins drive from West Lothian which is park land and the links must be bone hard.
  16. What are your golf targets for the season? Mine are: 1. Try and win a club competition 2. Qualify for the finals of Golf in Scotland http://www.golfinscotlandseriesevents.co.uk/ 3. Get my handicap moving in the right direction 4. Life time goal is to get to cat 1 (nearest I've got is 6.9) Status so far 1 from 4 1. Came 2nd in Division 1 of May medal 2. Only competed in 1 of 4 events with 30 stableford points 3. Started 8.3 down to 7.9 4. See 3 above. I'm now 57 so get there I think I need more time on the course before it is too late! Retire?
  17. About me. 57 year old very keen golfer that's played competitive golf for 17 years. During the summer playing at least 4 rounds a week with A CONGU handicap of 7.8. I have worked in the Electronics industry for 35 years designing and developing Integrated Circuits for Smart Phones, GPS devices, Digital TV, etc. I'm a bit of a technophile with my 1st experience of GPS rangefinders going back to the Skycaddie 2.5 in 2008. I now own Skycaddie Touch, Garmin Approach G3, Bushnell Neo Ion so I have a pretty good idea of the capability on the market. Having just bought a new set of Srixon Z565 irons and hitting them longer than my old AP1s, I specifically bought the Shot Scope v2 to help me gain confidence with distance on each club and this review is based on 27 rounds over the last 6 weeks Purchasing: Ordering on-line was easy and efficient, but there always seems to be deals on where you get 10, 15% discount by entering a discount code. I ended up paying £205 with a 10% discount. Box arrived 2 days later. Packaging was robust. Physical appearance of watch: Comparing it to the Bushnell Neo it is larger and a bit more cumbersome, which I would assume is to accommodate the RFID electronics. The micor-USB connector is on the back which can be a little awkward to insert the cable. Aesthetically it does look a bit bulky. Getting Started: 1st task is to connect to my PC and get the courses downloaded. The cable that came with the watch didn't seem to be a good fit in to the micro-USB port and kept disconnecting from the PC. I ended up using the one from my Skycaddie. The app downloaded and flagged that a software updated was required prior to course download which took about 15 minutes. The app interface was clear and intuitive. Next was setting up the RFID tags in the clubs, this was straight forward except for my putter which has Superstroke Countercore grip so I couldn't screw in the tag directly. Instructions read off for my 1st round. 1st niggle is that when not in GPS or tracking mode i.e. Standby you get no time readout just a big V2 in the middle of the screen. On Course Use: I play a lot of golf in the evenings, get to the course at about 6pm and play until the light or the weather deteriorates. So I carry and use spikeless shoes so I can park and get on the 1st tee in under 5 minutes. In order for the watch to have found the satellites and initialised this means I have to enable as soon as I get out the car for it to be ready on the 1st tee. I'm long sited and effectively require separate prescriptions for distance and reading. For golf I only wear distance glasses but found the display clear and easy to read. Time font was a bit small but manageable with my old eyesight and no worse that other rangefinders. GPS measurements, I had my trustee Skycaddie with me and the differences on most holes were insignificant to green centre but to front and back and hazards they could vary. One extreme is the hazard not being there or to the front being a couple of yards out. This also came up in putting stats when I was doing my post analysis. i.e it would think I was off the green for a putt when I was a yard on. The recording pin position and number of putts is something you get use to and there isn't any other way to record this so click and on you go. Next niggle, lost ball, the user manual does not cover the menu function or hazards so i muddle through. On checking back on the website the online version doesn't cover them either you need to go into some of the Q&A areas of the website. Round finished time to Sync. I have an iPhone 6, Bluetooth connectivity was really easy, enable the watch, bring up the app, connect, sync. Comparing this to the Skycaddie which I've always found to be unreliable. Data Analysis: The App gives basic high level info but for the detailed analysis you need to log into the website, I use both PC and iPad for this. Logging in you get a detailed view of the round/rounds you have played with a satellite view of every shot recorded. The RFID tag detection can be a little unreliable so occasionally it will not id a club or shot for me this is 2 or 3 strokes a round. The user manual does state that taking a few practise swings may help this but I usually take one practice then hit. While the round is fresh in memory it is best to go and edit this. I usually go into the round at the 1st hole and just check the data by cycling through the round, then save. It asks you for what tee you played off before you save. I found editing a round on PC easy but on the iPad painful due to the precision (zoom) of the maps and the size of my finger. As mentioned above I bought this so I can analyse how far and well I hit individual clubs, the data analysis does not have the flexibility to do this which is abit of a pain. The performance/tee shots is as close as it gets which gives me a good breakdown mainly of my driver with distance and dispersion and fairways hit but it doesn't do it as a general club performance menu. In the Tee Shots menu you can select individual shots and go to the round that generated it. This allows you identify outliers and correct I would also like to be able to control which shots are disregarded in the P.Avg and Avg settings. I hit my PW 130 yds my stats at the moment say my longest and average are 133yds and my P.Avg is 67. The short games analysis I like and find useful but can be distorted by lack of accuracy in the course map. It would also be useful if there was a way to add prevailing wind and ground conditions on post round data. At the moment down wind on bone dry fairways I'm hitting drives 320 yds come the winter it will be 180 yds on the same hole. Miscellaneous I had a few teething problems with the watch in my 1st few rounds where 2 rounds were not recorded at all. This seems to have resolved itself. After all the reviews online, I had high expectations for the product and was really frustrated by the loss of data and it not doing what I wanted it to do. Support has been good without excelling. Summary (6 out 10) A product that has potential but needs to polish the offering. Hardware can be unreliable and needs ruggedised. Software analysis can be the big differentiator but needs to be more feature rich. It is only usable on the golf course i.e. can't use it as a watch like other GPS watches Will I keep using it, yes and probably move on the Bushnell Neo Ion.
  18. 1. Alf 2. West Lothian, Scotland, UK 3. h/c 8 4. Shot Scope My Unofficial Shot Scope Review https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/24433-unofficial-shot-scope-v2-review/?do=findComment&comment=434790
  19. First name: Alf Home State/Province/Country: West Lothian, Scotland UK ​Do you use performance tracking? No Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? Bushnell Neo Ion
  20. At that time of year you can play until 10pm as long as it is not "dreich". You can tee off at 5:30pm and still get round the local parkland courses after work. Ones that I have played and are normally in good condition Prestonfield Liberton Ratho Park Royal Musselburgh I'm about 15 miles outside Edinburgh playing at http://www.westlothiangc.com/which is always worth a play. Not too challenging at 6200yds
  21. Hi All First post on the Forum so be gentle. 8 h/c playing out of West Lothian GC in Scotland Current setup is Epic Driver and 3w Srixon z565 irons 3-AW Cleveland RTX 1 wedges 56' and 60' Rosa Daytona Putter After an injury carrying season last year looking to get my handicap moving in the right direction this year, holy grail is Cat 1 for me before my 57 year body gives out.
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