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  1. Jeff Houston Texas Pro V1x and MG 98 Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  2. Every shot except drive and putts and often on tee box to measure distance to hazards and trees. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. I'm more on the pro side, a lot of wedges, a few through the bag, and 10-15 with the driver. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. I use a hzrdus yellow in a rogue driver I'm playing now and it's working fine. In theory they are good for negative angle of attack which I am. It's quite smooth in this head though not so much in other heads I've tried. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  5. Jeff, Texas 13 hdcp Ping I25 graphite stiff 7 iron = 150 yards with ping I25 irons. Old style loft Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  6. I find the slowest rounds include newer players who aren't familiar with speed up rules. The starter should remind each group in a cart to not go to each ball, but to drop off one player and cart to the second. Remind all to play ready golf. Remind groups to limit searches to three minutes and to play provisionals if there is ANY chance the initial shot is lost or OB. This could also be posted in cars and at each tee box. The two poor golfers in one cart moving to each shot and waiting seems to be the biggest slow play issue I normally encounter. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  7. Tour SNSR Contour Pro Stage Two- Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter Grip Sorry for the delay. I really thought I’d have some quality time for this evaluation and in my mind, that meant some months though in retrospect, we are talking a golf grip here, not a full line of clubs to evaluate. So, I apologize for any delay in getting this done. I’ve been using this grip now, exclusively, since I received it. I wanted to have significant rounds under my belt to be able to provide data for comparison. However, since receiving this grip, I have gotten a new job which greatly limits the number of rounds a week I play, down to one. There was also some putting practice time in the intervening time getting ready for tournament rounds. So, I do feel like I can make a decision, for myself, about this grip based on what I’ve experienced so far. I was able to get in 7 rounds, three of which were competitive tournament rounds. Average putts per round were 34, more or less the same as my previous grip/putter. Two of the tournament rounds did skew this score a bit higher with this small data set. The greens were slick as glass and very very fast with large undulations. These are the most difficult greens for me to score well on and had 38 putts for each of those rounds. I don’t fault the putter grip for this, but my choice of a heavier putter but I wanted to use this one and for the grip evaluation. I prefer to use a lighter putter on super fast greens, but oh well. Looks ( 9 out of 10 points) I like the gray and yellow of this grip. I like the way it looks on the putter. I’m more of a solid color person though when evaluating my other favorite grips. I like a uniform look and the dual colors, while appealing, are not my favorite. Not perfect for me, but close enough. Will you, the reader like it? <shrug> that’s anyone’s guess based on individual preferences. Feel ( 18 out of 20 points) I love the feel of this grip. It has everything I look for in a grip. It’s soft enough to provide feedback on my strike. I love a pistol grip so this met that requirement. For me, this grip helped position my hands in the exact position I like them to be in for quality putter stroke. The grip is a cushiony feeling for your hands without being too soft. The one thing that detracted from a perfect score for me was that this SNSR grip is just a bit too large for me. I prefer a standard pistol grip and this is a bit larger than standard. While I have no idea why Golf Pride chose this size, I imagine that going to a larger size grip was to be “in vogue” with the current trend of large size putter grips and their popularity. Performance characteristics ( 27 out of 30 points) Since I installed the grip myself, it was installed correctly and the alignment on my putter head was perfect when my hands were on the grip. This is of primary concern to me when using/selecting a putter. The head and alignment feature must be perpendicular to the hole when my hands are on the grip without any special modifications to my hands gripping the grip in order to use the putter. I am mostly a feel putter, and this grip did not let me down. My hands fall into natural position with the SNSR grip. There’s plenty of room for both thumbs on the top of the grip. The flatness of the top is what I’m used to and what I look for when positioning my thumbs correctly. My line is found quickly and easily and I don’t have to anything then to putt the ball. If the read is good, the ball goes in the hole. Interestingly, I had become known among golfing friends as 6” Jeff because I would consistently leave my putts 6” short of the hole. It was quite the joke as you can imagine. I can state that the 6” short has been solved with this grip. I am now, in the rounds used, consistently tap in distance beyond the hole. This is a huge plus over my other preferred putter/grip combination as you can imagine. Durability (10 out of 10 points) I see no reason this grip will not outlast most others. Quality materials and quality manufacture. In my 300+ putts with it, there is no wear apparent anywhere on the putter grip. Miscellaneous (5 out of 10 points) Not much “miscellaneous” about a putter grip. There are no little details like on a club that could be off to discuss. Printing was perfect on the grip and it was perfect, no flaws whatsoever. However, I was a bit put-off from my receipt of it. I received a beat-up, non-descript box, with a putter grip in it. No paperwork, no logos on the box, no identification of who or what sent it, just a putter grip in a box. Picky? Maybe. Play it or Regrip it? ( 18 out of 20 points) I will Play It. I will purchase additional and use them on my alternate putters. I didn’t give it a perfect score because of the size issue. There’s a 90% chance that it will be my go-to-grip going forward. While the size is not perfect for me, the shape is. Additionally, there are very few options in standard size pistol grips that are readily available so knowing what this one is and does will sway me towards trying anything online without being able to see it locally. Final Score (87 out of 100 points) Not much more to say. Not perfect, but a really good putter grip. I would recommend it for those who use pistol grip putter grips and who need a quality grip for feel putting.
  8. Stage 1 Tour SNSR Contour ProFirst, sorry for the delay in posting. A new job has consumed most of my time the last two weeks then I lost the word version and had to redo. Hello All and thanks for reading my review. I’ll be reviewing the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter Grip (104cc – 90g) for you. My normal putter grip is a standard size grip, usually known as the Pingman grip. I like smaller grips rather than larger grips. About me I began playing golf 48 years ago…wow that seems like a long time ago…at the age of 13 when I played in my first tournament. I had whacked the ball around the yard at my grandparents house and my grandfather was an avid golfer who always had a couple of sets sitting in the garage. I had played one or two rounds with he and my uncles at a local course before going to this tournament. I used a set of his old clubs and competed for two days against other junior high boys. I won the tournament with a 133 and 117. Yeah, we weren’t very good. However, this gave me the bug and I’ve loved golf every since those days. During these days we lived in Indiana so there wasn’t a lot of year round golf. Through the years, there have been times when I was a very avid golfer, playing many times per week and times when I didn’t have the time to play much due to work and kids. During high school, we moved to Louisiana and I just stayed here in the south. Now, the kids are gone out on their own, money is more plentiful and until very recently, time to play golf was in great supply. Until last week, I’d been unemployed for 17 months and consequently, played at least three times per week. I currently carry an 11 handicap in non-tournament play and a 13 for tournament play. I play frequently in the Golf Channel Amateur Tour out of Houston TX where I have lived for the last 20 years. I’ve been as low as a 3 in the past and am reasonably satisfied where I am now. I’d like to be better but I don’t put in the practice time. I’m a club hoarder like many of you. I currently have five iron sets, 12 drivers and about 40 putters. I generally stay with one set of irons but swap out the other stuff from time to time when one misbehaves and needs to be punished. My game strengths have always been my length (I’m 6’4, 240), but as I’m getting older, my strength now is course management. I can still hit it long enough, but trying for 300 yd drives has gone out the window, so to say. Control is most important in all aspects of my game. I like to think I’m a reasonably good putter. First Impressions I like the more subdued colors of this grip. The black and gray with just a splash of yellow is more pleasing to me that the older red and blue. I chose the 104 because as mentioned above, I like smaller grips. I like the softness of the grip and particularly like the flat front which allows me to get both of my thumbs on the flat portion of the grip. I chose my Ping to use this grip on. It’s been a fairly consistent putter for me though it’s been out of the bag for a few months. I’ve evaluated my putting pre-grip change by going through my last 15 rounds of golf dating back to last October 18 which were also played using a Ping putter (Fetch) with a standard PP grip. These rounds were played on seven different courses. Average score of 88 with several poor high scores of 97,97,91,91,92 and just one “good” score of 80. Average putts per round for these 15 rounds was 34.7 with one horrible outing of 42 putts and the best round of 30 putts. The scores and number of putts do not coincide except the 42 putts did result in a 91 score. A 31 putt round was achieved on a score of 91 and one of the 97 scores had 33 putts. I mention all of this because I intend to track improvement or not of the putting stat with the new grip. While you may be chuckling reading this, improvement would be a key factor for me to actually change to this (or any) putter grip on a permanent basis. Thanks for reading and I look forward to using this new grip and reporting back to you for the stage 2. JDHolmes
  9. 1.5 years now, I was laid off due to an impending merger no one outside of upper management knew about. We have been frugal and my wife has a good job,more than enough to pay the Bill's we have. Being 59 I put in 100's of resumes, did many interviews but have had no luck. I mark it up to my age and companies preferring 30 somethings who will work for less. In the meantime, I played a minimum of 3 times per week, often 4. I enjoyed golf and renovated 3 rooms in the house. I also opened a handyman business that keeps me in golf money. I'm still casually looking for a job, but being productive in other ways, renovating rooms 4 and 5 now. I'm down to two rounds a week due to poor winter weather, but spring is here in Texas so the golf will increase again. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  10. My strategy, in most cases, is to play safe and hit it where the trouble NOT. And I usually calculate that on best shot, not average shot. EX: if theres trouble at 270, I hit 3 wood because a good driver puts me in trouble. If sand is 135 (heavy 9 iron) i hit 8 and may be over but not in the sand. Hit my clubs to their known distances. Tee shots, I try and leave my best shot, 85 yards with sand wedge which is high and stops quickly. I'll hit what I need to to get to that distance on par 4s and second shots on par 5s (if not close enough to make the green in 2). I layup in a safe spot rather than go for the gusto and try and hit the hero shot. 9 out of 10 times, I'm in trouble trying to hit the great shot. 2 putts are better than 3. I lag rather than go at the stick on long putts. If im short sided, I hit to the big part of the green rather than at the stick. So, as you read, and as I type, I try and be great at course management. I generally win money for top 3, closest to hole, and skins in the tournaments I play. I'm not a great golfer, just an older guy who loves the game. I play to an 11. Maybe I'd be better if I took more chances. I know I'm worse when I have not followed my "plan". Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  11. Jeff, Texas GP Tour wrap SNSR 104 Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  12. Sketchers Gogolf shoes are great. I've used them for the last two years waking +/- 100 rounds. Comfortable, walkable, supportive. I have some back issues relating to previous surgery and changing heel heights in shoes creates pain. Consequently, I need golf shoes that are very similar to my daily shoes. Sketchers are the only ones that work for me and I've tried every brand. Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  13. Jeff, Texas 11 hdcp, 98 swing speed Currently play Ping G, 9 degree I'd like to test the 410 plus Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  14. Jeff Texas Ping G, 9.0, project x lz 5.5 Fit for Epic, not fit for this one Sent from my SM-G950U using MyGolfSpy mobile app
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