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  1. That is a sexy repair tool, DivotHead. I've seen those online before but I've never been able to justify the price. But it's pretty much the perfect combo now with the putter. Hmmm. Tempting.
  2. Dang, y'all quick on the trigger with your Stage 2s. I will be working on mine today and maybe tomorrow if I don't finish it. Well done partners!
  3. ​Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 ​Official MGS Forum Review by BDubya23 Performance at the Practice Green Accuracy – Are you able to consistently hit your target? As long as I can find the middle of my putter on my shots, the target is easy to hit. The ball comes off soft and has a nice feel to it. But if you do not strike the center, you might be in trouble. Distance Control – How does the club compare to other products strictly from a distance perspective? ​Compared to my current Odyssey O-Works #1, the distance held true with both pieces of equipment. That is until mishits c
  4. ​​​Stage One: Who Am I? ​​​​Hello, guys and gals. I am a new member to the MyGolfSpy community and I was welcomed with opened arms, so thank each and every one of you for that. Also, a special thanks to the MGS staff for allowing me this opportunity to put my reviewing skills to the test. I will attempt to tell you a little bit about myself and a whole lot about the Bettinardi Studio Stock #8. ​My friends call me BD, I have been playing the lovely game of golf for about 13 years now. It hasn't been until recently that I have really gotten into it and have been playing a
  5. I have the G and it's so good, at least for me. I will say the driver is one of my strong points and I love my G. Unfortunately I didn't compare it to the G30. Wish I would have now.
  6. Do you use this with your phone or some sort of camera?
  7. I don't do much reading at all, but I did read the little red book at the end of last year and it was good. I need to pick up other golf related reads, I just can never tell myself to sit down and read.
  8. Welcome, from Missouri. Good looking setup, how do you like the SM6 wedges?
  9. This is going to be a fun review, OG
  10. I'm all for music as long as it isn't crazy loud and distracting to not only you, but others on the course. But, it also depends on what kind of golf I'm playing. If I'm doing something competitive and taking it a bit more serious, I think the music might be a no go. However, if I'm out just drinking some beers and having a good time playing golf, play whatever you like.
  11. Yeah I hear ya. Always a fan of Phil. Been reading that Hideki and Fleetwood are a couple of good picks to put your money on as well.
  12. MGS is the one and only.
  13. And I thought mine looked good with just a black shaft. That blacked out head is looking great
  14. I don't recall any 100+ hole outs, at least that I can remember. I've had a few from around 40-50 yards. It feels good but probably not near as exciting as something from double that distance
  15. Feel is probably the top priority for me, followed by cost then looks. I really could probably put those in any order. I like a soft feeling putter that catches my eye, nothing too bold. I've never paid a ridiculous amount for one either, and I don't ever see that changing. I will try and find a cheaper alternative.
  16. The wife and I have been hooked on Shameless.
  17. BDubya23

    Ping G400

    Remember when I said I wanted a chameleon shaft? Ping made it come true. Design your own shaft https://forum.mygolfspy.com/index.php?/topic/20263-Design-your-own-shaft
  18. Welcome from Missouri and another fellow lefty
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