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  1. You may be correct in your assessment of the shaft manufacturer. During the 20+ years I have played golf with my buddy, he has never broken another shaft.
  2. Please disregard my post as the manufacturer was probably Stroke-Lab not LA shafts
  3. I have gone through a lot of putters in my golf life (currently have 4 putters in the rotation) and I'm "tempted" to get another one. My problem with putting has nothing to do with the putter, it is the six inches between the ears that is my major problem. When I begin to have a confidence problem, I rotate to another putter in the quiver and the problem with putting is solved for a few months. To me it has very little to do with the actual putter club and more to do with one's mind. Don't waste your money on such an expensive putter, get some mental help! Or, have a few less expensive putters in your putter rotation when you need to look at something different while putting, helping to put your mind at ease. Heck, I purchased a customized putter last year with custom colors, weights and shaft and it's in rotation with the other putters in my quiver.
  4. Most of the golf courses in our area have a senior tee. When we play, we have a rule that when you turn 70 years of age you have earned the right to play from the gold or silver tees depending on the colors used by the course we are playing. We have one player that when he turned 80, earned the right to play from the red tee box. As the members of our golf group grow older, we are excited to take advantage of the advantages of becoming older provides.
  5. Tornado Tees are the best by "par"! Many of the long drive players use them in competitions. They are flexible and last a long, long time!
  6. I am a self-taught golfer and have studied the game of golf a lot over the past 50 years! In the beginning I was very frustrated with golf but I was determined to master the game (not possible). I became an excellent golfer with study and practice! At age 70 I am able to shoot my age with regularity. My first real lesson was a couple of years ago at Golf Tec. A golfing buddy encouraged me to go to Golf Tec for a lesson and he gave me a referral card with an incentive to give it a try. My instructor is an accomplished player and a good friend. The tools Golf Tec uses to help with their instruction are excellent. To be able to see one's golf swing and note the areas to improve was a revelation to me. I was able to see and understand some adjustments I needed to make to improve my game. My game has improved and I am very happy with the help I received at Golf Tec! I have been back several times - money well spent!
  7. A few years back, I went to Club Champion for a driver fitting. I hit a variety of clubs with different shafts and shaft weights. It was very apparent the heavier weighted shafts performed a lot better for me than the lightweight shafts! The lighter shafts were much more difficult to hit with consistency. Regarding club swing weights, I think it was Jack N. who observed that a telephone pole can be swing weighted to a D-3. There are so many variables, grip weight, clubhead weight and shaft weighting. It is worth the money to get properly fitted to your golf clubs with a club fitting professional!!!
  8. For me, being fitted with the proper shaft is the most important factor in regard to distance and accuracy! Why don't we hear more discussions regarding shafts?
  9. I play the many different courses in the Northern Utah area. There are nice variety of courses to play. I love to play the mountain courses, the views are outstanding. The valley courses are also very nice with nice views of the mountains. I find that playing a variety of courses is a lot more fun and satisfying than play just a couple of courses!
  10. It appears to me that the golf ball manufacturers have taken note of your 2019 golf ball analysis and have made improvements in their ball quality/manufacturing processes. MGS is having a positive impact on the quality of new ball offerings - THANK YOU!
  11. Welcome to the forums T McKinnon :)


    We are glad to have you at MGS. Go start your first message!


    There are thousands of golfers waiting to get to know you.


    MyGolfSpy Staff

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