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  1. Awesome! Thanks for talking about Sub 70 and what we're doing. If you need anything for the event or otherwise just let me know.
  2. Thanks for the write up and feedback @berkeleybob! If you ever need anything or have any questions just let us know. We can always change orders after they were placed as long as they haven't gone to assembly yet. We definitely want to make sure the customer gets exactly what they want. It sounds like the 699U v2 is working well though anyway which is great to hear! Thanks again.
  3. The toe weights are 6 grams. We don't have any other weight options though...and I'm not even sure of any kind of third part of aftermarket option that might work. If you wanted to go heavier you could try some lead tape and see where that gets you though. If it's just flat out toe strikes, and there's no path issue, then it's possible the clubs just need to be slightly longer and strikes would get more centered
  4. Oowee. That is some rust! I had a set that got that far along after I got caught in a downpour in Pinehurst, threw my clubs directly into my travel bag afterwards, and then didn't get them out of the travel bag until 2-3 days later . Looking good to me though.
  5. Thanks! It's fun for us to be involved. We love responding to questions and getting any thoughts/feedback we can from actual golfers. I was actually a reader and message board member here before I got involved with Sub 70 haha
  6. No problem! And yeah I would imagine we'll have at least a graphite senior option and most likely a graphite regular as well. Thanks!
  7. Good morning! Yeah a 749 iron model is in production. I believe that will be an April or May release. I don't have anything else to share on that at this point but it'll be similar to our 739 model that we had years ago but with some improvements. Graphite demo for the 749? I'm not sure yet. There may be a graphite senior and/or regular flex option. We've done that for some models in the past.
  8. Thanks for the message. I know we are working on getting demos put together. They may roll out at different times depending on order volume and head inventory...we just want to make sure customer orders get fulfilled before pulling heads to build the demos. The 699 v2 demo should be doable shortly. The 699 Pro v2 may be slightly behind but I know it's a priority to get those together. As far as whether these would be a good fit based on swing speed. I swing driver around 108...6 iron is typically around 90. I'm a low single digit and could definitely game the new 699 v2 models and am considering ordering a set myself. While the higher swing speed players may not NEED this type of club, there are still some noteworthy advantages depending on what you are looking for. I play the 659 TC now and only get maybe half a club more distance out of the new 699s than the 659s. Someone who swings their 6 iron under 85mph is going to see a bigger distance gain between the two options due to the increased launch and efficiency/ball speeds on shots that are slightly mishit. That being said, the new 699s are much more forgiving. From my experience the mishits on the new 699 irons are only going to lose 3-7 yards of carry distance as opposed to my 659s which I can lose anywhere from 10-15+ yards depending on the club. The left to right dispersion has been a lot better for me too. I can move the new 699 models either direction but they are far less likely to go WAY left or WAY right. Ultimately I think it boils down to what the player needs and there will be plenty of people who swing their driver at 105+ mph that still have far more consistency with the new 699s then they would with a forged players iron
  9. This is fantastic @GolfSpy_APH. Thank you for sharing these!
  10. Speaking from personal experience...I don't know if the actual delivery drivers are scanning packages early and in bulk so that they can just run them up to the door and move on to the next one or what, but I've had deliveries from UPS and USPS do the same thing. It says delivered and then shows up hours later or even the next day. It's pretty strange and I don't remember it happening years ago. Glad it got there though and I hope you enjoy whatever you got!
  11. That is true. We have generally asked people to try and have them heading back our way in 10-14 days...but there's really no firm timeline on it and we're happy to extend it if people think they need more time to get what they need from the demo process
  12. Diamond Tour and Sub 70 are under the same umbrella but they operate differently. Sub 70 is not a "clone assembler"...although that sounds like a slightly terrifying but interesting future job.
  13. Awesome! Thanks for signing up. Yeah we'll either have the full fitting cart setup or at the very least a bunch of demos and different options for people to hit beforehand. I'm sure we'll have the 659s there for everybody.
  14. Shameless marketing but if anyone lives in the Chicago area and wants to come out for a good day of golf, food, drinks, prizes, giveaways, etc., we are having an outing at Prairie Landing on 8/5. More info can be found at https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-golf-outing.html
  15. Thanks @ejgaudette! All very good points. If you get fit locally we can certainly build something using those specs. We should have or be able to get whatever you need from a grip, shaft and specs (loft/lie, swing weight, etc) standpoint. We would just use a head that is a similar model to whatever you hit best. We have 10 iron models at the moment, two hybrids (soon to be three), two wedges (soon to be four), 10 putters, two drivers, etc...so there is likely an option in the Sub 70 lineup similar to any popular option out there at this point. We can always discuss over the phone, by email or through our website chat system as well. We'll do everything we can to get you exactly what you need. If you ever have any questions just let us know. Thank you!
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