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  1. Thanks @ejgaudette! All very good points. If you get fit locally we can certainly build something using those specs. We should have or be able to get whatever you need from a grip, shaft and specs (loft/lie, swing weight, etc) standpoint. We would just use a head that is a similar model to whatever you hit best. We have 10 iron models at the moment, two hybrids (soon to be three), two wedges (soon to be four), 10 putters, two drivers, etc...so there is likely an option in the Sub 70 lineup similar to any popular option out there at this point. We can always discuss over the phone, by email or through our website chat system as well. We'll do everything we can to get you exactly what you need. If you ever have any questions just let us know. Thank you!
  2. I believe they're planned for June at the moment
  3. I will absolutely let Kevin know the next time I see him. Thanks for coming out and visiting us!
  4. We do have a fitting cart in Creedmoor, NC just north of Durham as well. You may be able to set something up over there if necessary. You can find the fitting cart locations at https://www.golfsub70.com/sub-70-fitting-cart-locations/ Jason is VERY good at getting the right options/specs out to people even when it's over the phone though so hopefully you're good to go. If not, we'll help figure it out. Thanks!
  5. That's awesome. Congratulations! The bag setup might be a little different but it all comes down to whatever works. I've played with plenty of really high level players that rarely hit driver...all just comes down to what works best for you.
  6. Definitely. Reach out to Cody. Typically when a new product comes out we wait a little bit before getting it into the demo program. With inventory shortages/delays this year due to COVID, we just want to make sure we can fulfill orders before pulling heads to build demo sets. That being said, he may be able to get a couple out to you or at least give you an idea of when they might be available through the demo program. Thank you!
  7. No problem at all. Thank you!
  8. Feel free to email Cody.Varga@GolfSub70.com on any demo questions. He handles pretty much everything demo related and may know when certain options will be available again etc. Thanks!
  9. We could have submitted them but both the 939X and Pro models have been tested already. We didn't want to resubmit the same products and sacrifice inventory that could get out to a customer instead. The Pro model was named Best Value https://mygolfspy.com/2019-most-wanted-fairway-wood/ If we had a new model available we would have submitted it...I'm sure our new fairways will be in the 2022 testing.
  10. If you have any questions on shaft options just let us know!
  11. If you give us a call we'll be more than happy to go through everything and try to make a recommendation. Our customer support team does that kind of stuff all day and can offer their insights
  12. I think most people have seen a 300-400rpm reduction in backspin with the Pro model
  13. I really can't offer much on that front. I haven't personally compared it to any other specific OEM drivers. We do a lot of testing and I'm sure someone at some point ran numbers against some other options...but I haven't seen anything on that. We'll let customers and third parties validate the performance. I wouldn't expect you to take me seriously if I told you it is very forgiving. Obviously I'm a little biased. Our 849D model will be the more forgiving option of the two though. This one is going to be lower launching and more fade biased.
  14. Thanks! We should have a much bigger batch available in early July.
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