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  1. Life has been hectic and not be on here much but I do love fantasy football ... count me in
  2. I gave up on this club and sold it for a pretty significant loss after maybe 10-15 shots with it. I think I learned another valuable lesson about golf, practice and learn and dont expect an "illegal" club to fix things
  3. I am in . just got re signed in to Fantrax and i am excited for 2021
  4. my current bag and my sig line are not current any more.. have Taylormade for driver and 3 w . Cobra for hybrid, callaway for irons , mix of callaway and vokey for wedges and just put a scotty phantom putter in the bag. also have a Hogan wedge I throw in .
  5. Super Speed Round Up - Jbmullin I want to first off apologize to the community for not being prompt on this review , it might seem silly but I take this responsibility seriously and due to an injury from over training (running not golf) I was basically limping for a couple months and work , life, covid concerns with kids all got in the way. Not making excuses for my absence but I do feel I owe one. I want to again thank Super Speed and MGS for this great opportunity , it was a massive win for my golf swing and game, some control issues but I had those before, but seeing improved distance was a win. A bit about my game .. its never where I want it or expect it to be , but I am more positive now than before. Jody Mullin - YouTube - link to my you tube page where I have posted my reviews and wrap ups. I typically average 220-230 off the tee on a good day.. my longest this last summer was 263 yards and had about 10 -15 more in the 245 plus range.. I know its in me to "hit bombs" just working on the consistency. My miss is left.. and not just a little left... a lot left. I have been taking lessons as well and working on shafts and head settings etc to find the right setups. Along with longer drives I was seeing shorter irons into greens and man what a difference that makes when you can go driver 7 or 9 and not driver 5 or hybrid .. made 4 birdies this year .. ive never made more than 2 before in a summer. From a fitness stand point.. other than the hip issue , I am by my evaluation exceptionally fit.. I run over 100 kms per week every week and do HIIT training 4-6 days a week. Training for a marathon prior to COVID. FIRST IMPRESSIONS : Out of the box , the sticks themselves were good quality, only issue I had was the grips, not great in my opinion. somewhat slick and found I needed to use gloves when I would get further into the protocol. Out of the box not much really special , plan jane , not real bells or whistles. I don't recall seeing the protocols or guide in the box and would be a good add , maybe the protocols and a tracking book or something. Grading: Physical Product: 15/20 not much here really , the sticks are color coded and easy to distinguish , only issue I have is the grips , would like to see something more quality. PROGRAM: 14/20 This one is a tough one to score higher, its a great program and I seen a lot of benefit from it. We had a great start up call and set us up for moving into the testing protocol and the chat group had lots of chatter.. I will say this is a massive time commitment and something you really need to be committed to. I actually found it becoming a burden in the end and something I was not looking forward to as it took so much time and moving back and forth , knees , opposite sides. you need to be warmed up and have to be loose or you will for sure hurt yourself. Part of the issue for me , I live in a place where we get 4-5 months a year of golf.. by the time October rolls around its usually near 0 degrees and risk of snow at anytime and then stays cold and winter until March.. it sucks. So I would rather be golfing every chance I get. I fully plan on committing to starting the swing protocols again this winter now that there are no courses or ranges open. Performance: 34/40 Hard to argue with the results of this protocol and program. I started off in the "Turtle" catagory and in the end was seeing my driver speeds up 12+ mph into the mid 90's or higher sometimes .. now like I have stated above.. accuracy literally went sideways... way left sideways .. so its a work in cooperation between the speed and accuracy. Performance on the course, well this was one of the best seasons I have ever had and am looking forward to next season already. When drivers were playable, it was short iron in and not 3/5 wood/Hybrid/Iron. It makes such a massive difference to scoring. These are not magic wands and you wont add speed or distance with out putting in the work, but if you do you will be pleased with the results. Misc: 6/10 Was not sure what I was expecting .. bells , whistles .. or other , but was really expecting a bit more when I opened the box, 3 sticks and not much else. Would really like to have the protocols included and perhaps a documentation book or something for speed tracking. I printed off the directions and pages from the website but for the cost of the program.. include them in the box. The grips could be better , really not great quality. KEEP OR REGIFT: 9/10 These are keepers for me, I am looking forward to restarting the protocols this winter and see where I net out next spring when winter goes away for 3-4 weeks.... CONCLUSION: This program is worth the price and time it takes .. like most things in life , it takes work to be successful. You will not open the box , swing a few times and be hitting bombs. The warm up is extensive and you cant do this cold. If you put in the time you will see the benefits of your work. There are a lot of movements and I was somewhat confused by the benefits of the "swinging from the knees" but in the end follow the process and be happy with the results. FINAL SCORE : 78/100 Jody Mullin - YouTube - follow along on my progress on my Youtube page , as I mentioned , I plan on working from start to finish again this off season and will keep posting updates. Apologies for being so late with this post, and again a massive thank you to Superspeed and MGS for this great opportunity.
  6. I inquired about one from TXG as they have some coming in and they have a waiting list apparently, 1000 Canadian bucks.. I’m on the waiting list for now but can’t see myself spending that much money on this Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. thanks for clarifying.. was having the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat moment after going from the Ace to 13th over all in a matter of 1 minute
  8. I do on occasion go left .. way left. I have been experimenting with the TM loft sleeve alot on the range trying to find optimum settings and funny enough I found the most success with this setting. I have recently after a couple poor driving rounds moved the set up back to the standard set up and just trying to sort it out again.
  9. I had a laugh that the descriptions as well.. its the same for all the new line.. I use the reg Mavriks as well and they work very well for me , tried them vs the max and had similar thoughts on size comparison. these look massive on the sole.
  10. couple videos on youtube from Callaway regarding the tech in the b21 vs the mavrik. Interesting , I jumped in early on Mavrik and after some initial success just could not get it under control, went to the sim and been mostly happy with it since. I am curious to give this a try at least and see what the performance is vs my current sim driver. I did not want to be interested in these but if they can help me hit more fairways I am interested in the driver for sure. I am loving the mavrik irons still.
  11. I think on Monday's live TXG video, not everyone that was picked has replied to Matt's request for info. they have assigned a deadline and not sure if they will re draw or what might happen.
  12. Late getting posted on this but quick update on progress. Lefty golfer, slow swing group yellow, green blue sticks, Finding that I have certainly hit a speed plateau, yellow being the lightest I'm hitting 102/103 mph avg , hit 105 mph once weeks ago and have not topped that since, green, I have hit 100mph on the step swing and close on the "normal" but again mostly a flatline the last few weeks. Blue I have seen some progress with as my "heavy weight" but not seeing any big step changes like prior to this stage but still happy with what I am seeing on the monitor, just need to find the fairway more on the course. Wrapped up stage 2 and now moving on to the next stage. WHERE AM I Improved Distance : absolutely check mark yes Improved Speed : absolutely check mark yes Accuracy -- ahh.. not so much but I was not that great before with a slower swing speed but I have had moments of sheer brilliance but the last couple rounds.. not so much. But the operator of the club is likely as much to blame as anything. Confidence: when its on its on.. as i have said in past posts the difference in scoring I have seen this summer being able to go driver /7 iron/ instead of driver/3/5 wood/ has made golf more enjoyable. I still need a lot of work on my game and driver confidence still wanes but its getting better. Not being the shortest off the tee box builds confidence. TXG did a video regarding swing speed where the term removing the governor was used and that is something this program has helped me try and do. Cant thank Superspeed Golf and My Golf Spy enough for this great opportunity, it has been a significant game changer for me as a slower swing golfer. Formal Stage 2 wrap up coming soon.,
  13. found the invite and got logged in and answer polls.
  14. went looking for an invite and cant find one. Is this on fantrax still ?
  15. TXG is the go to now. Don’t see any one doing anything better. No fluff like “ I played a 17 handicap with a pro flight “ crap. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. Jbmullin


    And in typical leafs fashion.. they are out.. I think 40 years of suffering is enough.. I’m tempted to jump ship ... release the Kraken. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. Week 6 in the books and continue to see the plateau speeds. Not complaining because I am happy with the results. I golfed a couple times this past week and had my worst driving performance of the year.. not sure I hit one fairway.. distance was good but lots of shots from the rough. coincided with my worse score of the year as well.. Drive for show putt for dough .. if you cant hit the fairway it really adds to the putting woes. Couple weeks left in stage 2 and looking forward to the next stage. hoping to break the stall and push through.
  18. Im back in , looking forward to this
  19. Dang it maybe so, I can’t access the spreadsheet to update speeds from my phone so I’ll have to check tomorrow when I update it. I’m sure your right, My mistake Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  20. Slow swing speed category - yellow/green/blue speed sticks. Last week of level 2 wrapped up and seeing similar numbers as the last few weeks , not complaining but hoping the next level a can get over the hurdle. Been golfing a lot and really seeing some significant gains with most clubs not just driver, but the driver is making me happy. Reaching 235-240 more frequently and put one out in “position A” on the 18th hole yesterday at 261 yards, second longest drive to date. The longer drives are really taking the long irons/fairway/hybrid out of my hands, I had 2 birdies in my round yesterday and one this morning. Going driver- 7 iron or shorter makes such a massive difference. Using arccos I can see my club usage and due to lack of use it allowed me the opportunity to add in another wedge and a rescue as I’ve take out my 3 wood and 3 hybrid. Distance off the tee is making golf more enjoyable, massive thanks to MGS and super speed. As always let me know is there is anything that you want to see or know . Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. Another week of testing wrapped up and continuing to see small gains through the protocol and on the course. Speeds seem to be holding steady / stalled around 103mph with the yellow stick, and reaching 100 occasionally with the green. I have started to become somewhat concerned with the poor form that is creeping into my swing on courses the last few weeks. Really trying not to overthink the drive but it’s getting tougher as I really want to mash the accelerator but that is leading to wayward shots. Just another wrinkle in the game. Still keen and excited for the progress made up to date and think the real benefit will he in the winter for me when there is no golf for months. Edit to add some data from Arccos, noticed in the blog post a lot of folks were asking about results or gains made from the super speed testing. Fairways hit is a significant improvement for me, even after complaining above that I am struggling with form. GIR is up from last year , I believe I was just under 25% , the leaving it short is something I keep focusing on. My round yesterday I hit 39% GIR but left 72% short. I keep trying to pull one more club. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. After feeling ignored for the last few days by Krank customer service I finally got a reply and they are sending me a stiff shaft to replace the wet noodle senior flex they sent me. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  23. looking forward to hearing more about the performance of the TPT shafts. Was looking around to see if there was anywhere around me that has them and there is only one place in Canada apparently, TXG , that has them.
  24. I just got one and have not installed it, I am a lefty and put right hand low and i have tried holding it in that grip and I am unsure about the feel so I have been hesitant. I finally was able to track down a lefty ER2 Evnroll putter at 34" and thinking I might put it on there for a trial and not put it on my gamer for now.
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