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  1. I usually show arrive about 45 minutes prior to tee time.
  2. When I go play a round of golf I do not go to the range. I practice putting and do a couple stretching exercises. I do not practice on the range. My practice is on the course.
  3. I am located in Smithfield Va. Just moved back to Va. from The Villages, Fl. Was there for eight years.
  4. I personally like spiked shoes even though I have a pair of spitless I feel more confident with spikes from a slipping standpoint. I have always gotten FootJoy shoes as I find them very comfortable, and I can put them on right out of the box.
  5. I am 75 years old and started playing when I was 7. I believe I have had eight sets of clubs over the years. The last three sets I have used have been Callaway.
  6. According to the USGA greens committee report of 2022 there are 2,300 golf courses in the U.S. that have 18 holes over 7,000 yards. Something needs to be done to change the mindset that courses need to longer. They are not finically sustainable unless they are only considering a more affluent golfer. I do not have that kind of budget. I belive that increasing the size of the ball will help. They can still modify dimple patterns to make them straighter. It has been done in the past. Thanks and have a very nice day.
  7. According to the USGA Green Section report of 2022 there are 2,307 courses (17%) in the U.S. that can play over 7,000 yards.
  8. Thats great for the pros who play the course for one week How about the other golfers that play the other weeks.
  9. I agree with you. But if we allow to let ball manufactures to keep increasing distance more and more courses will be forced to close. It was rare to see courses over 7,000 yards from the tips now there are hundreds. If the balls are made slightly larger for everyone even the elite players than everyone will still be playing the same only courses will not need to be 8,000 yards. Just my view of what I see happening. Have a nice evening.
  10. I liked reading your comment. But, I am looking at it through the eyes of owners, staff and players. To accommodate longer balls courses must be made longer. This requires more land at additional costs. The construction of the course will need more materials to make the holes there will also be a need for additional cost to maintain the course and the equipment plus more maintenance crew. All of this require higher green fees which will eventually cause a lot of courses to close due to lake of play. Everyone needs to look at both sides not just the golfer's desire to hit long balls. I am also not agreeing or disagreeing with the new rule. I am just suggesting another way to attack the need to reduce golf costs. Have a great day
  11. I barely hit a great drive 200 yds. So no I would not hit it that far left or right. Maybe I will score the same with my buddies if they have to hit it farther than me but they stay in the deeper rough. There are several PGA events that are played on public courses. You may be able to afford to play on public, semi-private or private courses but the vast majority of those playing golf can only afford public courses. If they add must keep adding length to accommodate longer balls more will close due to higher green fees due to increased taxes by the owners and increased operating costs. Just my viewpoint. There are probably more out there. Enjoyed talking to you.
  12. I understand that. What I am thinking about is increasing the diameter of the ball so everyone will be able to use the same ball. The pro's will not be able to hit it as far as they do now. Driving par fours will be a lot more risky. If something is not done courses will not be cost effective to build and maintain. The ones that will be built the fees will be so high the lower income and medium income families will not be able to play. If you have plenty of income it will not matter, and you will not care how much is spent to build it or what the fees are. I am not sure but I will bet there are more courses closing than are being built due to cost for the owners and the players.
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