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  1. 50* Callaway Steelhead XR 54* Titleist Vokey SM6,M grind 8 58* Titleist Vokey SM6 S grind 10 I like the 58* for high lob shots around the green and full 70 yards fairways shots. It's great for flop shots My 54* sand wedge is my go to club for tight lies or short firm grass. It a beast from the sand The 50* I got rid of my Vokey for a matching club of my Steelhead Irons with a steel wedge flex shaft. I hit it better then my Vokey from 90 yards when hitting a full shot and use it for off the green runners.
  2. I love new clubs I'm a buyer of new two years old drivers and fairway woods. I just bought a new Callaway Rogue driver this year. I'd love trying new tech for once.
  3. I love my Oddessy Sabortooth BUT i never tried a Evnroll . I judge a putter on four foot putts you need to make 9 out of 10 from that range and the one miss is because it was a big down hill bender
  4. Scott Thompsons Station TN Pro V I have bought this ball before They had a deal on the Gamer ($35 ) for two dozen in warm weather the Prov is a better ball on hard greens but in cool weather I like the gamer better. I get better carry and higher launch with not much roll out. Top Rock has had a bad rap over the years but this ball is truly a GAMER
  5. Scott Thompsons station TN Callaway XR Speed 10.5 10 92 TSi2
  6. Scott Thompsons Station TN 5 foot mat about a 10 on stimpmeter in my garage Never owned one 10-11
  7. Scott / SpringHill Tennessee 4 or 5 times a week on a flat mat for 10 minutes 1 or 2 The visual feedback and I can do it indoors
  8. Scott Thompsons Station .Tennessee 10 Callaway XR SteelHead 5 thur Gap / Volkey Wedges T 200
  9. Scott Tennessee 10 25^ 28^.callaway & sometimes a reshafted cobra 34*
  10. Scott Tennessee 10 Callaway XR Steelhead 138
  11. Scott Tennessee Garmin watch It;s best thing to happen in golf since metal woods , Before it was always a guess even with stakes and sprinkler heads . I believe the right yardage can save you 4 to 5 storks a round. I work at KingsCreek Golf Course and play when ever the weather allows.
  12. Scott Tennessee garment range finder watch I love anything to help me play better Ranger finder are more important then the latest or greatest driver or Irons
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