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  1. First the clubs WILL NOT GET FLATTER the lie is dialed in at the hosel. If you had your clubs adjusted originally to a flatter lie because they are longer then you might have to have them bent more upright, if you shorten them, if you did not, then you might get better ground contact where the heal is not digging, if that is not a problem then your lie is good now, then do not change anything without experimenting by choking up, if you see the toe dragging then you know what adjustment is needed. Other than that, shorter club could be faster, could have better contact, but I have always gone longer, carried a 52 inch driver until the USGA Nazi's took that away and still carry a 48. but I am back to stock in my irons etc.
  2. Yep, have a robot and prefer to walk
  3. Dave Pelz recommends on real long putts, to stand taller and use your chipping motion.
  4. Oncore and Snell make balls that are as good or better than the name brand, and have 2 for 1 sales so you can stock up for far less.
  5. The temporary solutions mentioned are fine, but seek help with your technique, I have had tennis elbow at times but because my technique is usually sound it does not last. If you hit down too steeply you are digging into the turf and creating shock, which will wear on your ligaments and joints, or if you thin the ball too often you will also cause a shock to the joints.
  6. I like the shot scope, the tags work without having to tap them on anything, just pull the club and hit the ball the V2 watch is $99 and comes with the tags and gps so you can use it for yardages and track you game
  7. Get a motor caddie, there are many makes and price points so for a little more than a high end push cart you can get one that does the work for you. Even a pricier remote control or follow caddy will pay for itself in saved cart fees and again, no pushing a cart up the hills
  8. First name Jeff City & State Barberton OH Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds Approx walk 54 holes a week Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one I have a Hillbilly motocaddy so I would be very qualified to test this caddie That's it. We'll be selecting the testers in the next 7 to 10 days. So check back here to see if you have been chosen. 14 12 Quote
  9. Barberton OH 95 Oncore, Elixer, Snell Red, Tour X, I have played one I found, shot 64 (ok from one set of tees up from my normal game)
  10. Jeff, Ohio FJ short sleeve and misc others Two day tournament, 40 deg, steady drizzle rain for all 36 holes
  11. Anybody else try this, I was truly disappointed. The process is simple, in fact far to simple, who knows exactly what their subjective tempo is. And how much this makes a difference. I have a slow back swing, at least my results are better with one, and an aggressive forward swing. I have a Zepp sensor so I know my real tempo, and I use a Sports Sciences radar so I know my swing speed range, so give me the option of putting in my exact tempo. The results were even more disappointing, only two driver results were shown, no where was the loft recommendation nor shaft recommendation listed. And after navigating around the site, the two driver recommendations were reversed. Originally it listed the Srixon 765 as the longest, then, it listed the 565 as the longest. These are both 2017 models, so are those models better than the 2018 versions? And there was supposedly a 12 yard range between the two, so after looking around I am confused, I wonder if other drivers fit in between these two and I wonder if I wasted my $7 on useless information.
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