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  1. Again are you going to quit if the ball goes a little shorter, or are you going to learn how to hit it better.
  2. I played Firestone S about 2 weeks before the WSOG around 1990 the rough was 6 inches and took weeks to grow, it does not happen in 2 weeks. I caddied one year at the WSOG the average golfer could not hit it out of the rough, is that what you want on your vacation to a tour stop resort like this week at Copperhead.
  3. Apparently you know nothing about the rules, There IS NO CAP on the ball, there is a standard and it is based upon certain conditions. Previously the ODS was something like 289 yds at a certain swing speed, that was changed to the current ODS of 317 yds at 120 mph swing speed, exceed that swing speed and the ball goes farther. All you need to do is look at the WLD and see how far they hit it, and understand that will be tour pros as the keep getting stronger, larger and better unless something is done to reign the ball in. The USGA has determined that biomechanics has a limit of around 145 mph, whether anyone can reach that is debatable but come on 130 is definitely in reach,
  4. If you have a greens keeping background, you would know how silly your ideas are. Takes weeks to grow out the rough, more water, and chemicals, Making a course unplayable for anyone else, all to get to one week a year. Making smaller greens is not about just letting the edges grow in bunkers need moved etc. The issue is not today, but 5 or 10 years from now, when there may be players who can fly it 400, what do you do when players are hitting it that far and chipping to anything less than 500 yds as a par 4, you fix the ball then? The ball should have been fixed decades ago, the USGA changed the swing speed but did little to fix the overall distance standard that was the new limit.. I dont believe in the end the manufactures will go for this, no ball no rule, but I do believe the USGA/RA are serious about protecting the game, keeping it sustainable and affordable, longer courses deeper rough are not sustainable solutions and not good for the game for the rest of us. I think the push back from the MFC's will force them to reign it ALL legal balls, but come on what 20 hdcp will notice his or her 200yd bunt goes 10 yds shorter, most players dont hit it solid enough often enough to know. Are you gonna quit or just move up a few yards
  5. First I dont get all the whining about this, JT and Spieth et al are dead wrong. 20 yards off the tee will do nothing to change the pro game, one more club into holes will do little. But the change will do a whole lot to protect the overall health of the game. Golf is at a cross roads, and has been, yes it has grown because of covid, but the environmental impact of golf courses has constantly been under attack. Land water and chemical use is critical to the health of the game, if it is perceived to be using too much of these resources (add in fuel for mowers) the backlash could kill the game. It is this sustainability factor that has brought us here, You can not keep lengthening courses (even if you just look at those used for pro and college events, which is 100's in the US alone) The cost in acquiring land if available and in many areas it is not would make these courses too expensive to survive. Do you want to play somewhere like Copperhead, for 6 or 700 to cover the increased cost? Pebble 2 grand, see my point. And growing the rough is not a solution, it still costs water and chemicals that are sometimes scarce, and takes weeks, do you want to spend your hard earned money to play a course getting ready for a tour event where you lose a ball every time you miss the fairway or a green. I think not. Ohio did this in 2006 for the Ohio Open, one ball, shorter the players still scored well, look it up, sure there was some adjustment, but is there not every week. But mark my words, if the USGA/RA dont get the ball manufacturers on board this is either dead, or everyone will be playing the slightly shorter ball (did anyone notice the last change in ball specifications, no they did not) Because something has to be done to protect the game in general, sure nobody wants to lose a few yards off the tee, but is it worth a few yards ( that is easier to adjust the courses for) than to kill the game. Both financially and due to increased environmental oversight. Already I have seen several local courses purchased by the tax payer and turned into wildlife areas, Without some adjustment in equipment (and the ball is the easiest,) the game will lose in the end. classic courses will no longer be seen, And others will be lengthened even if they are not relevant to the pro game, because the PROS play 8000 8500 yard courses. Nicklaus invented the Cayman ball, and a shorter course, it did not take off, but it was visionary when it came to land and resource use. By doing nothing the USGA/RA is insuring the death of the game, mark my words.
  6. It does not have to be, At least locally there are several courses that offer memberships for less than 500 bucks, Equipment prices are nuts, but come on that 600 driver, buy the one the produced 2 , 3 years ago and the performance is almost the same. You can play golf and not break the bank if you do some homework
  7. Date 03/01/2023 Course Name Legends of Massillon Gross Score 75 Course Handicap 1 Gross Strokes over/under par 3 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 74 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 226
  8. Date 02/26/2023 Course Name zoar Gross Score 79 Course Handicap 1 Gross Strokes over/under par 7 Net Score to Par 6 Net Score 78 Net Birdies or better 2 Longest Drive 225
  9. This is a joke right, watch the videos at the top and they are not making the move they recommend, (but then they never show the actual takeaway because they are not doing what they say) There is a drill where you lift the club up in front of you, set the wrists and turn back this is similar but just moving. So other than an attempt to sell videos, nothing really new.
  10. Date 02/20/2023 Course Name Spring Valler Gross Score 74 Course Handicap 3 Gross Strokes over/under par 2 Net Score to Par -1 Net Score 71 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 235
  11. Hard answer it all depends, Hit it hard if adrenalin is a factor, if you have room short, and wind helping. Hit it easy if you have room deep, are not feeling able to ramp up or the wind in your face. Next factor is where is the worse trouble, if it is left hit it easy, if it is right hit it hard, (or visa versa if you are left handed)
  12. First the clubs WILL NOT GET FLATTER the lie is dialed in at the hosel. If you had your clubs adjusted originally to a flatter lie because they are longer then you might have to have them bent more upright, if you shorten them, if you did not, then you might get better ground contact where the heal is not digging, if that is not a problem then your lie is good now, then do not change anything without experimenting by choking up, if you see the toe dragging then you know what adjustment is needed. Other than that, shorter club could be faster, could have better contact, but I have always gone longer, carried a 52 inch driver until the USGA Nazi's took that away and still carry a 48. but I am back to stock in my irons etc.
  13. Yep, have a robot and prefer to walk
  14. Dave Pelz recommends on real long putts, to stand taller and use your chipping motion.
  15. Oncore and Snell make balls that are as good or better than the name brand, and have 2 for 1 sales so you can stock up for far less.
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