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  1. Barberton OH 95 Oncore, Elixer, Snell Red, Tour X, I have played one I found, shot 64 (ok from one set of tees up from my normal game)
  2. Jeff, Ohio FJ short sleeve and misc others Two day tournament, 40 deg, steady drizzle rain for all 36 holes
  3. Anybody else try this, I was truly disappointed. The process is simple, in fact far to simple, who knows exactly what their subjective tempo is. And how much this makes a difference. I have a slow back swing, at least my results are better with one, and an aggressive forward swing. I have a Zepp sensor so I know my real tempo, and I use a Sports Sciences radar so I know my swing speed range, so give me the option of putting in my exact tempo. The results were even more disappointing, only two driver results were shown, no where was the loft recommendation nor shaft recommendation listed. And after navigating around the site, the two driver recommendations were reversed. Originally it listed the Srixon 765 as the longest, then, it listed the 565 as the longest. These are both 2017 models, so are those models better than the 2018 versions? And there was supposedly a 12 yard range between the two, so after looking around I am confused, I wonder if other drivers fit in between these two and I wonder if I wasted my $7 on useless information.
  4. Jeff Jenkins Ohio Callaway XR 95 to 101 or so measured on my Sports sensor radar
  5. Jeff Jenkins Akron Ohio 3 hdcp Taylormade Speedblade R flex Ping I 500
  6. Jeff, Akron Ohio I am a 3 hdcp at 57 years I play 6 through wedge, Taylormade Speedblade R flex My other wedges are Hopkins in a 48, 54 and 58 Standard grips
  7. Right across the river from what many see as golf Mecca, The River Club is anything but a copy of the National. Many courses in the area share the terrain of the National, large elevation changes etc, not so at the River. Much flatter, with nice rolling land, covered with a large lake, and wetlands, The River is a great departure and an excellent challenge. The River Club is semi-private club, with other than Masters Week affordable green fees. The course is a Fazio family design with many of the crazy green complexes and slopes Fazio is known for. Position is key to scoring, so many places it is imperative to be below the hole, none more so than the par 5 ninth. The green is insane, a ridge runs front to back through the middle, being on the wrong side of this ridge creates a nearly impossible chip or putt . The greens themselves, even in winter overseed are fast and firm. The fairways are also overseeded so that the course even in winter is in great condition. The club also sports 3 cottages for rent, allowing you to stay right on property and play. They will also book other courses for you if you do not want a steady diet of The River Club, but condition wise you can not go wrong.
  8. Team A loses the hole, Match play rules state that the player must accurately tell their opponent strokes taken and handicap strokes effect that, The rules also state it is the players responsibility to know their correct handicaps and what holes strokes are applied. Just because A partner says he did not know for sure does not absolve them of knowing what is correct. rule 6.2 and rule 30 and Rule 2
  9. My name is Jeff, and yes I have played Firestone, I like the North better than the tournament South course. For several years I wrote course reviews for Examiner.com (they closed the site on me) and have played courses in several states and countries for free, by being an examiner, including Jamaica and Costa Rica. I also ran the Championship Golf Association, an amateur golf tournament series locally. My handle is Albatrossx3, And yes I have been fortunate enough to have made 3 of them in my lifetime, as well as 3 ace's. Not counting the first shot I ever hit on a golf course, ok it was not from a tee, and I was maybe 5 at the time, but is did bound in the hole. I play a Callaway XR driver Stiff Flex Adams 3 and 5 woods and 4 hybrid R flex Taylormade Speedblade Irons R flex And Custom Hopkins wedges, 48, 52 and 58 Deg. Right Handed.
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