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  1. For me its not about getting out there and playing 5 times a week in a mediocre fashion. So I go play twice a week and practice for the other three. I enjoy practising not as much as actually playing , but the 2 times I do go play are much more satisfying. I'm not in any one place to be a member , so I play where I can and usually play with the weekend type golfer who curses every second shot. I've been through that and practice has me to where I REALLY appreciate the work I put in. The other thing many weekend golfers go out and buy the latest equipment thinking they'll play better golf , but you need to be fitted and the only way to get fitted properly is to have a consistent swing, so they would be way better off getting lessons. So it all boils down to , I like to play but play well. Pete I really wish they hadn't canned the amateur tour.Thanks to [ractice, I'm almost to a point of a club change. First a driver fitting then irons.
  2. I'll have to make allowances in the budget for Balls this year since my wife retired! Her boss was good friends with the Titlist rep and I'm down to my last 4 dozen ProV1's. I keep trying to insist on keeping good relations with her ex co-workers. They often had leftover monogrammed balls from events left over! Pete
  3. I live on a slope so had a cement retaining wall in the back yard from the previous owner that was starting to lean. So I had a guy come in with heavy equipment to take it out.He warned me about possible damage to the foundation but I had no choice as the wall was too dangerous. Sure enough in the spring I had to places where I had hairline cracks with water coming in. I had no accumulation because it all went out the floor drain but everything on the floor was doused! I called a contractor but he said he couldn't fix it from the inside as the cracks were too small for an epoxy fix. I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose. I waited till spring thaw stopped and dried out the wall completely then put a heater on the part I was going to fix just so it soaks up the concoction I was about to apply a bit better. The concoction was Portland cement with a latex binder but very very thin. I apply it to the crack then quickly add more cement about a teaspoon ,apply it again and repeat till the last coat was like toothpaste! My back yard drains the neighbours above me, so plenty of water passes by my foundation! That repair was in 1988. Still bone dry! So the old saying " Anytime you want things done right , do it yourself" Pete
  4. Here in Quebec City , weather for the next several days is looking real good. Golf courses here are set to open following Covid guidelines on May 20, OK that and the fact that the snow finally melted last week! LOL They are announcing 68 on Wednesday and uo to 77 for Friday! ( Whew a scorcher!) Pete
  5. I've had my Taylormade's for way too long and was in the market for new clubs! The Hogans look really nice and undoubtedly should be great performers! 12 Handicap Taylormade HL rocket blades I would like to test the combo set.
  6. I have the Arcos system and it skips many shots. We are supposed to put the phone in our pocket but I have it on my belt , but I cut out a piece where the mic is! The problem is too often I put the phone back in the case with the mic on the wrong side! Which reminds me , I'll have to run diagnostics on them before the season starts next week! But in Arcos favor is they they know my game missed shots and email me without me asking to offer possible solutions! So the support is good! Pete
  7. LMAO ,trying to improve my social skills, I noticed this thread and thought I had a good joke to tell, well this is the exact same joke! I'll read some more before I post another duplicate! Pete
  8. Just have to carry a new piece of equipment in the bag though! They won't be putting the rakes for the traps out! So I found a little 4ft rake! Perfect! Pete
  9. Golf courses finally set to open on May 20 here in QUebec City, They finally realized the the best place for social distancing was on a golf course! Especially since the leave the flag in rule! Pete
  10. Personally I do biking for exercise! I've decided to make my own personal golf transporter. It should be ready in about 6 weeks. (parts delivery is slow these days! I'll post the result back here! Might even take orders along with my very own golf spy review! Lol . Pete
  11. I also found this company that offers several models and start around $2650 (CAN) , what I like is the fact your can just put it in the trunk of your car! Weight seems to be around 100-120 lbs but I'm guessing you can remove the golf bag attachment and pillar! Pete
  12. Has anyone tried this. They have the ones that look like skateboards but this is more practical as I think the lighter weight would allow picking it up and putting it in your vehicle! They are cheaper as well as this goes for around $3500 (canadian). Pete Thanks Pete
  13. Are the balls colored , cuz if they're white I'll have trouble finding them in the snow and will have to wait till May to find them! LOL Its nice to have the feedback from golfing peers though. Keep up the great testing. Pete
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