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  1. Hope you enjoyed Torrey North one of my favorites, I always recommend Coronado just because it is so pretty on the bay and it’s affordable. A little farther North about an hour journey at Pechanga is great. Rancho Bernardo Inn is nice with great food. La Costa & Aviara are nice in Carlsbad but not cheap. Maderas is the same - very nice but expensive. Lots of great private courses.
  2. Seems the 5 wood is expendable based on your data. As far as wedge gap is concerned I’d bend your 108 yard cub a degree or 2 to tighten that gap unless your 9 iron is too tight to the pitching Wedge then I might add a degree of loft to the wedge. I’m not a great feel player so I’ve tinkered with wedges to meet my needs - I carry 4 including a 58 that is pretty good out of the sand & on flop shots - you might benefit from one of those.
  3. I thought the X would be my ball average about 106 mph swing speed these days as I get older & slower- I found the XS went farther & stopped faster for me. I sometimes spin it back 15’ & go off the green - the biggest drawback
  4. I got fitted many years ago by the first of it’s kind company- they didn’t charge then because they would make money selling custom clubs- long out of business but not before the told me everything about you is standard except swing speed (118 with driver) so get X shafts & buy what you like. Ive bought many drivers, fairway woods & wedges in the intervening 25+ years. But am still playing old ping zing 2 irons. I’m thinking of getting fitted for irons this winter but expect the same results as if I went out & bought used Mizuno JPX forged with a stiff shaft.
  5. Lots of familiar tales here. My current fairway woods are a 5&7 ping G400 with stiff shafts the 7 is at 21 degrees - the same loft as my first 5 wood 30+ years ago. The 5 wood is cranked down to 16 degrees about what my original 3 woods were. I can still reach the short par 5’s in 2 and can hit the 5 wood about 250 off the tee 240 of the deck. To gain 10 yards with a 3 wood I’ll snap hook it out of play about every 4th or 5th swing. - not worth it too hard to hit straight & screaming low hooks really aren’t the best shots for me.
  6. Let us know how it works my tour edge 3 wood hit it a mile or a vicious hook OB but certainly had pop to it. I’ve given up & gone with a ping g 400 5 wood adjusted to 16 degrees & love it. It’s performing beautifully rght now it is about a 245 yard club for me if I smash it off the deck.
  7. Good suggestions so far but I would add more difficult tighter courses to your Southern rotation. Find the beast courses in your South area & play them from farther back than you are comfortable. Your higher scores will still be an honest reflection of your ability. As a side benefit you will have more success competing in the south all achieved honestly. I’m long & wild myself with misses both ways I can still reach short par 5’s and play to a 9 but strange tight courses humble me regularly. In addition try to find a close to 200 yard club that you can hit straight off the tee - hybrid or fairway to take doubles & triples out of play.
  8. Rebound or trampoline effect is a small component of distance or feel. As indicated design that allows you to hit the “sweet spot” consistently is more important than metallurgy. The feel of forged irons is however a real phenomenon and for highly skilled players can make a difference in performance. I’m not sure where that level starts but it has to be near scratch. For those of us less skilled players less feel & more forgiveness is likely to lower scores. My old forged clubs from the 70’s & earlier gave more feedback on Mis-hits in the form of shorter off line shots & more vibration as did the old persimmon woods.
  9. I’m playing 30 year old irons, 10 year old hybrid, wedges & Putter but Drivers always needs to be within a couple of years old - a G400 LS with an X std Ping shaft but it took buying & selling 2 to get one that stays in play consistently. I got measured in the ancient time of monitoring, I’m std lie,loft, length so off the rack with a stiffer shaft works for me. When I retire in 4 or 5 years I’ll do a whole set fitting until then I’ll probably keep what is in the bag with maybe a driver & hybrid update. Don’t hesitate on the driver - I’m hitting mine as far as I did 30 years ago.
  10. Dean North San Diego County older Rife mallet the impact mallet
  11. I would love to tell you I have this covered but daughters clubs & future son in laws clubs + my junk have overflowed the 36x78x18 metal storage cabinet in the garage. At least new balls are still on the top shelf. They should be out of my place in a couple of months & reorganization might fix me up again. Doesn’t everyone need 2 extra sets?
  12. Dean Escondido CA I use a TecTecTec basic model love to use a rangefinder (optics snob) but have no faith in my current model
  13. If you are playing a competitive round or betting more than casually your mental toughness should be tuned in to allow you to not be bothered and stay focused. On the other hand trying to get in as many holes as you can just playing after work rude players deliberately playing slowly, hitting extra balls etc. really get under my skin. To the point that I'll hit it as closely as I possibly can after they clear a green or get just beyond range.......not the most mature approach but rude deserves a little return of the same. Beginners and the elderly excepted of course.
  14. I currently use a tec tec tec on the course and a Leica 1600 in the woods. I've owned Leupold, Bushnell, Nikon, and used Vortex, Swarovski,Sig, Zeiss, and others. I'm a little bit of an optics nerd and would love to review it.
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