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  1. I am heading to Arizona next month for a golf weekend and would love some advice on courses. Looks like we are going to do Seville on Friday and Stadium course Saturday, but Sunday morning before we leave town we’re looking to book one more. We’ve narrowed it down to Gainey Ranch Talking Stick We Ko Pa Troon North Sun ridge canyon The price difference between the cheapest and most expensive of those is less than $100 so we are just looking to play the best course we can. Anyone out there that can speak to the differences or pros/cons of those? Thanks in advance! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Final price drop, let's find these irons a home!
  3. hartrick11

    Ping G410

    I'm going to try this one out next week. I have 3 weeks left on my 90 day period at Golf Mart with the Cobra utility I recently bought (haven't exactly been setting the world on fire with this), so I'm wondering if the 410 crossover can kick it out of the bag.
  4. Been a wet winter in so-cal but the rain usually ends when we turn to spring, and we might not see more than 2-3 days of rain until October so I'm going to sit this one out and let those who have to deal with much worse weather provide better insight than I could.
  5. For San Diego there is enough competition from teeoff.com and JC golf for the non-private courses, as well as Torrey Pines & Balboa if you are a resident. Maybe they have more of a monopoly on different golf markets (we are definitely spoiled with options here) to make the fee savings worth it, but that would be a hard pass from me, and I would imagine anyone in this area that works M-F. Why not expand the free round benefit for the + membership option?
  6. I'm no equipment junkie (I guess this is relative, my wife would beg to differ) so may be missing something, but I don't think I've seen DT4 stainless forged irons/wedges before. What are the benefits of using that as the club material vs a more traditional (1025 carbon steel for example) that you tend to see marketed elsewhere? I won't be in the market for irons for hopefully a long time but would definitely consider these wedges if the reviews/demos are positive. They look great and you can't beat the cost. I really love the growth of boutique brands like this and hope this model proves successful.
  7. I agree too, although this is a little depressing having just done my first fitting a few months ago and then buying a new set of irons that I justified by telling myself I would keep them as-is for at least 5 years...
  8. I played there once a few years ago, and loved the location, conditions and the fact that all the holes have ocean views. It's about 90 minutes from me, and pretty pricey so I haven't really been tempted to go back. If I'm nit-picking, I did find some of the holes to be a little circus-like, and generally enjoy subtle niceties rather than the gaudy luxury that you find there. To each their own though!
  9. +1 for the new releases in March. That means my last dozen is going to have to last a while which might be tough with how I’m spraying it lately... would love to see the reds get a duller cover closer to the look of the blacks Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. +1 for the new releases in March. That means my last dozen is going to have to last a while which might be tough with how I’m spraying it lately... would love to see the reds get a duller cover closer to the look of the blacks Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. Limped home to an 88 on Sunday and my handicap keeps trending higher as I kick out good scores from summer. I am finally trying to address my flipping & leaning back tendency on my downswing that leads to epic, hole-killing hooks, and the results just haven't been there yet. Early in the round my newer swing thoughts are working, but my setup/positioning is bad, for example I pured my 7 iron approach on the first hole but instead of my normal pronounced draw, this one started right of the target and just eased back a bit. A great ball flight that I would be ecstatic to use consistently, but missed the green because I aimed there, not trusting the new swing yet (and didn't get up & down). Then as the round goes on old tendencies come up and I start missing left again. #dreadedtwowaymiss GHIN has moved up from 5.7 this summer to trending 8.6. I need to fix this issue in 2019 because once I have kids the number of rounds I play will be dropping substantially and I'll have no hope, but man is it frustrating in the meantime...
  12. I do love it already, it is an effortless rocket launcher. The $-tapers are straightening me out nicely too. I'm looking at the utility trouper in olive. I almost pulled the trigger on Black Friday but couldn't with all the other purchases. I do share a bank account with my wife after all...
  13. I completed my all black bag with my Forged Tec 4i and King Utility Black 2-3 that arrived last week. Now I really need to pump the breaks on my purchases after >$1k on all my new iron goodies, but Jones bags look so tempting - if I make a purchase come summertime I think that will be the ticket! I also received a late Christmas gift from #MyGolfSanta in the raffle yesterday - a Cleveland RTX 4 56*. Thanks guys! Once I sell my old set I'll be sure to make my 2019 donation.
  14. I think this is the key. If they weren't marketing it like it was a forgiving club it would be less of an issue. I only used the 5 and 8 iron demo for two weeks, and I think my 7 handicap would be the type of golfer they are trying to expand their demographic to based on the marketing. I had a positive experience, really loved the looks and feel, and performance, at least in limited practice, wasn't as drastic of a drop off as what Dpatt has outlined, but the long irons especially are not aligned with their marketing of offering any sort of game improvement IMO.
  15. Love this idea, and as I just shelled out money for new clubs I think I am going to try to copy it. Thanks!
  16. I worked my way down from below a 6 GHIN this year from over 9 at the end of last year (has since moved back up to 7...). My main goal is to get below 5 next year. I should be able to play over 30 rounds with a similar amount of range sessions, and hope to lower my handicap by meeting these 3 specific goals. 1. More than 40% GIR (been around 33-35%) 2. More than 50% FIR (this is the main reason I've gone backwards last few months, need to re-find my driver) 3. Average less than 33 putts (need to maintain this, as my putting is a primary reason I am a single digit golfer with how I spray it!) Bonus Goal: Figure out how to hit a fade consistently!
  17. Golf is my only hobby other than work and family time. It's pretty damn time consuming after all, but for me that is a feature, not a bug!
  18. I had the same thoughts on P760s at my fitting. They look better in person than on the web, and performed very well. Ultimately my love of the dbm finish on the new Cobra CBs won out though.
  19. These are compared to my iE1s. The Pings are a progressive set, so the longer the iron the greater the difference in club head size. Lighting was tough at the range and my photog skills aren't great, so these aren't the greatest representations, but hopefully helpful.
  20. Sure I will grab a few more later today and upload them Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  21. Received my Cobra King Forged CB set this past Saturday, 5-GW with the black $ Tapers. My first non-Ebay set, and I am completely over the moon. It's a shame that you can't really find reviews for the CBs yet. Because the stock set is a flow set, all you see is the 7 iron MB being tested. I would encourage anyone in the market for a players iron to consider these, and I think they should appeal to a larger audience than they are seemingly marketed to. I've attached a couple of pics and my experience with them so far in case anyone finds helpful. I am currently a 7 GHIN but that is mostly on the back of my driver and game around the greens vs having really strong iron play. I took them out on Torrey Pines South yesterday morning, a little bit nervous to try out my first players irons, especially in the longer irons which are not typically my specialty. As the rough gets closer to tournament condition for the Farmers Open next month, the course is an absolute menace. Poor driving led to an 85 as I put myself in a couple of impossible situations, but the irons performed even better than I could've expected. A couple of darts on 8 and 11 led to birdies, with 11 needing a 193 yard 5 iron into a 15 mph wind that I have never played well with my Ping iE1s, and 8 requiring a 145 yd 9 iron uphill that stuck at exactly pin high 10 ft left of the hole. The feel of these is incredible, similar to the Hogan Ft Worth blacks, but the forgiveness (at least for my first full spin through a bucket and one round of golf) is more on par with the AP2 & Forged Tour that I was also testing, and a real step up in this department compared to the similar-looking 2016 King Pros. A couple of thinned shots lost surprisingly no distance, at least from the number I was thinking pre-shot. Finally, I was able to muscle them through the rough just as easily as my previous gamers (i.e. not very easily, but the irons weren't the issue there ). In summary, they have a small profile, both in the top line and in the heel-to-toe length, but pack in a relatively large amount of forgiveness and keep the incredible feel of 5x forged irons. And last, but certainly not least, they are drop-dead gorgeous. If anyone has questions or would like to see different pics let me know.
  22. I ended up ordering the Cobra King Forged set in 5-GW (all CB) with a Forged Tec 4i, and I'm going to also get either a King utility 2-3 or a 3i in Forged Tec in order to get the hook machine hybrid out of my bag. Between the wider soles, more shaft options, and the ability to blend the set with similar looking clubs, the Cobras won out barely. I did really enjoy my Hogan demo experience though (feel wise I think they were ahead of the Cobras, although it was very close). Hopefully they keep gaining traction and are able to expand their offerings in the future. Those black Equalizer wedges sure are tempting...
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