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  1. I picked up a sixer of the MTB Black myself after getting the test dozen earlier this year. I've also converted a few friends. They just perform. That said, I didn't love the Red, either the sheen on the ball or the feel, especially in the short game, compared to the Black. Different strokes...
  2. Thanks. Also just checked the Hogan site and you can now order demos again (at least for the KBS Tour V Stiff & X) if anyone is interested. Not sure how long that will last though...
  3. hartrick11

    KBS Shaft Help

    I know that similar info exists already but a lot of what I have seen is older so hoping to get the latest and greatest if possible. Does anyone have a recent KBS Shaft Chart that includes all their new offerings?
  4. I'm going to pull the trigger on irons soon and hoping to demo some Ft Worths (assuming they become available sometime soon - I'm getting itchy!) to keep them in the mix against Cobras (wavering between Forged Tec, Forged Tour or a blended set including CBs which would be a more forgiving version of what you put together). Since you game both Forged Tec and the king pro CB, where would you rank the Hogan's forgiveness & feel compared to those two?
  5. Of course I stopped at the driving range last night and demoed a forged tour after your comments, and sure enough it felt amazing. Now I am dreaming about next year when they (hopefully) release a DBM version of these bad boys!
  6. Thank you for the insight. If I'm being honest with myself just a full set of Forged Tec Black should be the move rather than over-thinking things (until my credit card has been charged I am going to over-think things).
  7. New irons after finally getting fit for the first time, just need to put away enough first. Likely Cobra Forged Tec Blacks but toying with other options in my head (King Pro flow set, Ft. Worth Black & P760...)
  8. Chisag, did you ever consider blending the FTB and King Pro CBs vs getting a full set of FTB)? I know the King Pro is a flow CB/MB set, but I was thinking about making it a bit more forgiving combo. I assume since you can get order a whole set of CBs that the sales desk would accommodate something like this, right? The lofts are a little out of whack when you blend them since the FTBs are so strong, so here is what I would have to put together for an 8 piece set. Obviously the numbers stamped on the soles would be weird, but I don't know that I care - I would also specify the exact lengths on the order sheet since those would also be a bit out of whack. I could always just get the whole set of FTBs, but the loft gaps are just sticking in my head as issues even though they may not be an issue at all (Let's be honest they probably aren't based on the comments already mentioned, and I need to get better at 3/4 shots anyway...). My other consideration is the Hogan Ft Worth Blacks, but I'm waiting on a demo to become available (and for the Stage 2 reviews to come in) since my fitter didn't have any of those to play with. FTB 5 Iron, 1* strong, (22*) FTB 6 Iron, standard (26*) FTB 7 Iron, standard (30*) FTB 8 Iron, 1* strong (34*) King Pro CB 8 Iron (38*) King Pro CB 9 Iron (42*) King Pro CB PW (46*) King Pro CB GW (50*) Any feedback would be much appreciated!
  9. Thanks, that makes sense logically. I just need to get comfortable enough to pull the trigger on the set in order to test all of the clubs for gapping purposes (the TrueSpec fitting was using 6i heads only). This last comment is probably best suited for a different thread, but thought I would throw it out there for anyone who is on the fence for a fitting - what was even more eye-opening than the modern club heads was how comically bad my current shafts are for my game. Wish I got a fitting 3 years ago when I bought the last set!
  10. Agree these look awesome. Can anyone comment on the durability of these? If they can hold up like a hoofer it seems like a no brainer. Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  11. I had my first full fitting yesterday and my dispersion data was actually best on the Cobra Forged Tecs and then the 790s, with the more blade-like irons pacing well behind, which is just one more story confirming your point. Had I not been reading this and other threads on mgs the last few months I would’ve been less open to these new types of clubs. One thing that makes me a little bit nervous though is the loft gaps that go from 2 degrees in the strong irons to 5 degrees in the 8-w. What are your thoughts on that chisag? Sent from my iPad using MyGolfSpy
  12. You've got me THIS close to pulling the trigger on a set of these! Very curious to see your stage 2 comments on the misses since my handicap aligns with yours and I'd imagine the "misses" percentage is close too.
  13. Wondering what spies use for colder weather golf vests when you want to keep your arms free. I have always worn long sleeves and/or jackets, but looking to make a switch and it seems a little tougher than I thought it would be to find the right weight/warmth/material/price combo.
  14. From a fellow Sox fan transplanted to San Diego (via MA about 7 yrs ago and never leaving if I can help it), nice intro! I highly recommend Barona Creek btw, especially now that its cooling off out there. Not sure if they still have this deal but in past years if you tee off post- 11:00 which is their winter-time "twilight" the greens fee drops substantially (I think like $80 vs $160). Very interesting layout with some elevation changes and possibly the best greens that are open to the public in San Diego (outside of Torrey around tournament times of course). I've never seen it too crowded either, so you can get through in 4 hrs easily.
  15. I took your advise and emailed them. Looks like "black versions of the HI are not in our plans at this time" Oh well
  16. Any idea if the HI will eventually come in black like the irons? Would make for one hell of a combo set...
  17. How does the length measure from heel to toe on these compared to the other irons you guys use? Assume this is a compact head in every way, as opposed to some of the players' distance irons that have a thin top line but are really long from heel to toe?
  18. Got it, thanks guys! I had been skipping right to the last page looking for new posts rather than down page 1. I am most curious to see how these rate on forgiveness and wear&tear. But I have a fitting next month for new irons and these are sure to be in the mix, especially at such a competitive price point.
  19. Newb question, but where can we find it? Also, what does "stage 2 reserved" mean - just that it has been sent into MGS for review? I keep checking this thread daily, love the start so far and can't get enough content on these bad boys!
  20. Like the black irons - curious to see the Ft Worths in action soon.
  21. Interesting one! I just got a new driver (experimented with a few different shaft options but was not fit for it) and it isn't performing up to my old one's standards up til now (still early), so I'm curious about the potential results here. Patrick California Cobra F8+ / Project X Hzrdus Black 6.5 No
  22. Wedges sold, price drop on F6
  23. Agree here. Or if the hosel was clean and the back just said Titleist. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  24. I probably go through that in 30 minutes and know I am working too fast. 15 mins is insane! Is the general rule of thumb to go through a full shot routine on every swing? Not sure I can fit that into my lunch break! Guess I could hit a smaller bucket more meaningfully...
  25. This has already been covered, but I just want to echo that this is a fantastic post and I couldn't agree more. I am pretty new here but chisag seems like one of the most informative, thoughtful posters on here. I finally signed up for an iron fitting after wasting god knows how much buying and selling random clubs over the years. Can't wait to see the outcome - seems like as a mid- single digit capper, the whole club universe might be a fit for my game.
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