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  1. Looks like a bunch of good golfers in the group, but of varying ages and swing speeds. If most of y’all are committed to playing your own ball then I would say be equally committed to playing whatever tees each golfer wants. If you end up making too many birdies and are having too much fun you can always move back a set of tees during the next round. Speaking of birdies, I’m happy to get an optional birdie or skins pool going for those interested. Probably should agree on a few things as a group such as whether to “Play it down & putt it out” or “Roll it in the fairway & inside the leather is good” Playing on new courses with people you don’t know well can be stressful. I know it is for me. My hope is that we can be relaxed, have fun and try to be chill out there. Looking forward to seeing and being with all y’all in a few days!
  2. Just curious, what tees or yardages do y’all normally play from? I normally play from the Blue tees at 6200 yards. @Brother Dave normally plays from the Gold tees at 5300 yards.
  3. Completed my Progress Check after finishing the Foundation workout program. Below are my results from the initial baseline and from my progress check. Gained 8 MPH with driver after the Foundation program and increased my eSpeed by 12 MPH. Will start the recommended Full Speed Spectrum program in a few days.
  4. Session 16 completed: A couple of personal bests then I ran out of gas.
  5. For those of you struggling with ball contact after swing speed training I can only imagine how frustrating that would be. Hopefully you get things dialed back in. My experience is the opposite. Swing speed training has given my game a needed boost. Hitting the tee ball great. Hitting my irons flush. Handicap going back down. Had several personal bests again today with a big jump using the 45g weight. +5mph today. The last few sessions I’ve warmed up by doing an Orange Whip GFX program using the Lightspeed club. Then followed immediately by the Stack System workout.
  6. My on course performance has definitely improved. Driver is longer for sure, but so are my other clubs. Irons are about a half club longer right now.
  7. 11th session of the Foundation program complete. Got a few single speed personal bests today. Glad to see my Stack speeding coming back up too.
  8. My friend David who is joining me on the trip to Pinehurst has registered for the forum! His forum name is brotherdave.
  9. Beacon Ridge only takes tee time reservations a week ahead. So I booked a tee time at Legacy Golf Links for a foursome on Friday, June 9th at 1:27PM. Right now the players will be myself (Jordy Evans), my friend David Widincamp, Jwc5149, and Siamese Moose. If any of you don’t want to play then the first alternate will be Tom the Golf Nut. There are more tee times immediately after ours if anyone else is interested in playing. Green fees with cart are $89 per player.
  10. Southern Pines has no availability either until even later that day. I’ll keep trying.
  11. Mid pines has no availability on Friday June 9th until later that afternoon. I’m going to check with some of the other courses.
  12. I will call tomorrow to talk to someone at Talamore about tee times at their partner courses and let y’all know what I find out. If any of the folks from MyGolfSpy have any insight or interest let us know.
  13. Was thinking about maybe Mid Pines or Tobacco Road. But we are open to suggestions.
  14. Anyone else getting in early on Friday that wants to play with me and my friend David on Friday afternoon?
  15. What’s the process for setting up and playing a round of golf on Friday afternoon?
  16. For those of you following along with this thread that might be on the fence about swing speed training I’m here to tell you that it works. Not only am I seeing my drives going further, but all of my other clubs are going further too. The results on the course are noticeable. Today in our Men’s group I had 6 birdies and pulled 41 points against my quota of 33. I waited a few years before taking the plunge and all I can say is that I wish that I had done it sooner.
  17. 8th session completed this morning. A few personal bests. Starting to see the results on course with longer drives and about 1/2 club longer with my irons.
  18. Been playing the MaxFli Tour Ball and the Bridgestone Tour BRX as my gamer balls for the past couple of years. Generally switch to the MaxFli as the weather gets warmer. Just ordered a 4 dozen pack of the 2023 Tour version and a dozen of the new MaxFli Tour S balls to try.
  19. Sixth session of the Foundation workout program completed. A few personal bests in my workout today, but my Stack speed seems to be going backwards after good early progress.
  20. The estimated distance is pretty generous based on the assumptions that are inherent in their calculation. Temperature, elevation, launch conditions, etc. I probably don’t swing with maximum intent on the course either. What I’ve seen so far on the course is that my best drives are going further than before and my worst drives are also further. I’m encouraged and will continue with the program.
  21. First session of the Foundation workout completed today. A little quicker than my baseline.
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